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Chapter 535: Why Shouldnt I

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“Its indeed a little too early to celebrate.

We should come after we win the championship,” shi Jin replied.

Sun Yijing smiled.

She didnt know if she should say that Shi Jin was really naive or stupid.

She was still dreaming of becoming the champion

Sun Yijing said, “Sure, Ill come and participate when you win the championship.

However, if Wu Haoyang wins the championship, Shi Jin, you dont have to stand on ceremony.

Come and join our celebration with Gu Zehan.

Oh, I forgot.

It might be inconvenient for you to come.

Otherwise, if the outside

world finds out, theyll think that youre here to chase after Chu Ling.”

There was a hint of arrogance in her words.

That was true.

If not for the fact that being with Chu Ling was a blow to Shi Jin, why would she have chosen to date Chu Ling

Like many ignorant fans, she always had the wrong impression of Shi Jin.

She really thought that Shi Jin treated Chu Ling as a treasure and would chase after him relentlessly.

The comers of Shi Jins lips curled up into a smile.

“Miss Sun, perhaps all of you think that Chu Ling is very valuable.

However, Im sorry, but thats just a waste of time.

If you stay with him for too long, you will inevitably be affected.

I dont dare to get close to him.

Miss Sun, you have to be careful too.”

Shi Jin said this so seriously that Sun Yijing couldnt help, but take it to heart.

When she left, she thought about it carefully.

Although Chu Lings popularity had fallen, he still had a reputation as a top celebrity.

Why would he bring her down

At the thought of this, Sun Yijing felt that Shi Jin was only jealous of what she couldnt have.1


All of the designers costumes had been displayed on stage and the awards ceremony was held that night.

All the designers stood in front of the stage.

Shi Jin had changed into casual clothes and was watching the stage.

Fu Xiuyuans plan was actually very risky, but somehow, she believed that he would succeed.

However, before the final results were out, even if she trusted Fu Xiuyuan, Shi Jin could not help worrying.

‘As the organizer of the show and the biggest investor of the show, Sun Yijing was invited to speak on stage.

“Its our honor to be able to hold this international fashion show in our country.

Its also an opportunity for us to develop.

This represents the development of Country Ss fashion industry.

It has already entered the top of the world and will be able to develop well in the future.

“The judges we invited today are all renowned experts in the industry.

They have always adhered to the principle of fair development and work hard to find new talents for this industry…”

The assistant sat beside Gu Zehan and shrugged.

“Shes starting to put gold on the judges faces.

Shes creating conditions for Wu Haoyang to win an award.”

“Who cares Listen to her.”

“The judges are already sofair, do we still need her to continue”

After Sun Yijing finished speaking, the award ceremony officially began.

One of the judges was also the one who worked the most with Sun Yijing.

As the representative of the judges, he started to give out awards.

“The person who won the bronze medal is… William from Germany.

Congratulations! His design is unrestrained and passionate…”

The audience applauded.

Sun Yijing stood at the side, her heart as steady as a mountain.

“The person who won the runner-up is Leon Moyev, who has been famous for a long time in France.

He is famous for his romantic and delicate designs…”

Some people below the stage started to feel uneasy, while others started to look forward to it.

“Lwonder if the champion this time will be Wu Haoyang or Gu Zehan.”

“Wu Haoyang is more likely.

After all, hes Sun Yijings cousin.

The Sun family paid a lot for this competition.”

“They have this relationship But I think Gu Zehans design is more impactful.”

“But you forgot that were here to support Chu Ling.”


For our Brother.”

“For our Brother!”

The judge held the microphone and began to announce, “I hereby announce that the winner of the championship is a talented man who has amazed New York, Paris and London time and time again with his talents.

He is a rare talent who has always used his designs to impress everyone.

He is… Brian, Gu


The moment that was said, the audience applauded.

Some people, such as Chu Lings fans, did not applaud, but to Shi Jins fans and many professionals present, this result was well deserved.

Actually, during the two shows in Paris, many professionals had predicted that Gu Zehan would definitely win.

The ability and talent he displayed in those two shows had already beaten Wu Haoyang, There was no need for him to show anything in the finals.

Of course, according to the rules and procedures of the competition, everyone still had to compete in the finals.

However, there was no doubt about the process and outcome.

Sun Yijings expression changed.

How could that be She stared at the judges below the stage, unable to believe that they had given such an outcome.

Chu Ling and Sun Ning were also confused.

Forget about Chu Ling.

To him, the modeling stage was not the main stage.

It was just a support.

It was beneficial to win, but it was not completely meaningless to lose.

However, Sun Ning was different.

She relied on this to make a living.

When she terminated her contract with Gu Zehan and joined Wu

Haoyang, her international ranking fell.

This time, she was counting on this competition to give herself a boost and help her return to her original ranking, even surpassing her original ranking.

However, things didnt go as she wished.

She was destined to have no fate with those rankings.

And even her international ranking will fall further.

“Brian, you actually won the championship!” The assistant was surprised and excited.

“Why Do I not deserve it Why do you sound so surprised”

“You know I dont mean that!”

Below the stage, a smile appeared on Shi Jins lips as she glanced at the top VIP seat.

The judge continued, “We also want to award Wu Haoyang with an Outstanding Design Award.

His performance in this competition was really good.

His design was also very refreshing.

Its well-deserved to award him with the Outstanding Design Award.”

Although the judges came out to help Wu Haoyang and helped him save some pride, for Sun Yijing and Wu Haoyang, this wasnt the result they wanted.

At the end of the competition, Sun Yijings trending searches and strong publicity posts, which she had bought beforehand, worked together and praised Wu Haoyang for winning the Outstanding Design Award.

However, when everyone clicked on it and saw that the actual champion was Gu Zehan, they couldnt help laughing their heads off.

Of course, the industry knew what it meant to be the champion, and how the Outstanding Design Award came about.

That night was destined to be a sleepless night for Sun Yijing.

Gu Zehan, on the other hand, received a lot of orders and cooperation messages.

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