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Chapter 534: I Have An Idea

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However, didnt he still win an award previously

His attitude made the assistant feel relieved.

However, the assistant still gave Shi Jin a call.

‘When Shi Jin received the call, Fu Xiuyuan was beside her.

She turned on the loudspeaker, and Fu Xiuyuan heard the assistants words and Gu Zehans attitude.

After hanging up, Fu Xiuyuan asked, “Is this championship very important”

“Yes, the fashion industry overseas is quite interested in this award.

If we win it, it will help stabilize Second Brothers market.”

“What do you have in mind”

“I think Second Brother was right.

He insisted on himself and didnt need to do that behind the scenes.

However, Sun Yijings actions gave him too much pressure.”

“Thave an idea,” Fu Xiuyuan said.

Shi Jins eyes sparkled.

“I want to hear it.”

After Fu Xiuyuan finished speaking, she couldnt help but laugh.

“No wonder Fus Enterprise is so big, its a top talent in many industries.

Fu Xiuyuan, what is your heart made of”


The International Fashion Show competition officially began.

Because Chu Ling spared no effort in promoting it, it was now widely known.

Everyone knew that Wu Haoyang was not only going to participate in the designer competition, but Chu Ling and Sun Ning were going to be his main models.

It was also no secret that Shi Jin was going on stage.

The video of her appearing on stage was also being admired by many people.

They were looking forward to this day.

Although Wu Haoyang had mixed blood, he still belonged in Country S.

As someone from the same country as Gu Zehan, both of them received a lot of attention.

Passersby werent interested in the fashion industry or the modeling industry.

However, when they heard that this competition was to compete with foreigners, they still felt a huge sense of national honor.

In an instant, the supporters of Wu Haoyang and Chu Ling were divided into teams.

The supporters of Gu Zehan and Shi Jin were also divided into teams.

Before the competition even started, the supporters had already drawn their own positions.

On the day of the competition.

The five judges were already seated at the front row.

In the super VIP room, where the visuals were the best, a few big shots from the fashion industry arrived.

However, no one knew who was in the best seat in the middle.

They only knew that the person in that position must have an extraordinary background.

Only Shi Jin and her team knew that Fu Xiuyuan was in that position.

Below stage, the media bustled, while backstage, ten designers and their models were nervously making their final preparations.

Chu Ling and Sun Ning put on Wu Haoyangs best outfits respectively.

Shi Jin had also changed into the masterpiece that Gu Zehan was most satisfied with and was waiting on the stage.

Chu Ling glanced at Shi Jin and his breathing slowed.

Her skin was smooth and her body proportions were amazing.

Her aura was not inferior to any of the international supermodels.

She was like a princess, no, a queen among mortals.

Her expression was calm and distant.

She was not surprised by the gaze that was thrown at her.


Below the stage, the audience had been waiting for a long time.

The models began their walk.

And the ten designers works started to appear on stage.

Sun Nings appearance caused a small uproar.

As the representative of Country Ss most famous supermodel internationally, her status was evident.

She walked out in a dress designed by Wu Haoyang.

Her signature catwalk did not belong to the strong type.

Instead, it had an oriental softness to it.

She raised her hands slightly and fully displayed her advantage.

Next was Chu Ling, who appeared as an artist.

Chu Ling had an advantage in height and looks, especially in the eyes of his fans.

He was good at everything, and when he was cold, he indeed had the temperament of a supermodel.

However, his supermodel aura was also because there werent many male models present.

When Chu Ling appeared, the audience and fans gave him a round of applause, showing his popularity.

Today, his fans had specially formed a viewing team to support him.

It was as if the venue was not a fashion show, but his personal stage.

The judges began to whisper to one another.

Sun Yijing sat still.

Actually, she had been collecting information on all aspects.

The judges, the fashion industry big shots, and the industry.

She wanted everyone to see that the huge market in $ Nation had a place in the world.

And what she had was not only the market, but also a hugely popular artist like Chu Ling who could open the door to this market.

She had spent so much money to persuade the organizers to hold this show in China just to let everyone see it.

While the show was still ongoing, Chu Ling and Sun Ning received a lot of hot searches, hot comments, and all kinds of still photos.

[Chu Ling, you rock!)

“Brother, fly bravely!”

Sun Yijing was quite satisfied with the current situation.

Until Shi Jin appeared.

She was dressed in a black velvet costume.

The hem of her dress was long and dragged on the ground.

Her upper body was tight, and every inch of her clothes was fitted to her waistline.

Her long legs were exposed, and under the contrast of the black dress, she looked even fairer.

She was like a black swan, high up in the air, cold and ruthless.

She was like a sharp blade that split open the multicolored splendor, or a shooting star that streaked across the eyes of the people in the darkness.

Gu Zehan was best at using such a large area of pure colors to display luxurious designs.

He was also good at using the best material to show off such pure colors.

For someone who couldnt handle the color, it was easy for it to look heavy and depressing, but on Shi Jin, the clothes were shining brightly.

The audience had been silent for a long time, but when Shi Jin appeared, it caused a commotion.

The fans began to raise their support banners in an orderly manner.

However, no one shouted, nor did they turn the scene into Shi Jins personal show like Chu Lings fans.

Everyone silently expressed their support and followed the order of the scene.

This was because many of Shi Jins fans who were present today were actually from the industry.

They had witnessed Shi Jins rise and accompanied her growth.

Now, they had witnessed her pioneering a new field.

Below the stage, the judges began to whisper among themselves.

After Shi Jin left, she returned backstage.

Gu Zehan gave her a thumbs up.

The assistant walked over and smiled.

“Not bad, Shi Jin.

Youre getting better.”

“Its all thanks to everyone.”

As Shi Jin was speaking, Sun Yijing walked over from the front desk.

She had a victorious smile on her face.

She did not know what rank Gu Zehan would get, but Wu Haoyang would definitely get first place today.

“Are you going to start celebrating now, Shi Jin” Sun Yijings words were not vicious, but it wasnt the first time Shi Jin had met her..

How could she not understand her meaning

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