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Chapter 533: Trying to Fraud Our Brother Again

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“Anyway, no matter what her attitude is, our Brother doesnt like her!”

“Do you know that the Sun family is planning to hold an international fashion show competition this time Brother will definitely have to go on stage and obtain more fashion resources! He will ascend!”

“I think that Shi Jin went overseas this time to fight for a role in Superhero.

Havent you guys heard There are many starlets fighting for this role!”

“How is that possible She may be beautiful, but her temperament doesnt match up, right”

Chu Lings fans had always spared no effort in stepping on Shi Jin, not to mention that Sun Yijing was behind this.

The International Fashion Show competition was approaching.

In this competition, apart from Wu Haoyang and Gu Zehan, there were ten other designers from other countries who were nominated for the finals.

Everyone had a fair and peaceful competition.

No one was like Wu Haoyang, biting Gu Zehan like a mad dog.

This wasnt entirely a metaphor.

In fact, Wu Haoyang was really a mad dog released by Sun Yijing.

In the past international fashion shows, there had never been a designer like Wu Haoyang who chose to compete with Gu Zehan in Paris, whether it was the venue or the time, and even booked all the models.

However, Gu Zehan no longer cared about him.

“Chu Ling will be appearing in Wu Haoyangs final performance!”

“Shi Jin will appear as Brians main model!”

As soon as the two pieces of news came out, Chu Lings fans started arguing.

“Are you trying to scam our brother again”

“Why is Shi Jin everywhere”

“Damn it, let our Brother go!”

“I think some women just wont give up their evil intentions.

Brother already has a girlfriend, yet she still wants to be a mistress!”

“Women who want to be mistresses must be muddled!”

‘When the fans of so called top-tiered celebrities hurt people, they could distort the truth.

Gu Zehan got his assistant to edit Shi Jins performance in Paris into a video and release it.

He also released Chen Yizes various blockbuster photos.

Did Chu Ling think Shi Jin was someone who could be easily bullied

When the video of Shi Jins runway show was released, Chu Lings fans were dumbfounded.

They did not expect that Shi Jin had already gone on several big shows.

Her fashion and photos were top-notch, and she had even received the support of the famous photographer, Chen Yize.

On the other hand, Chu Ling, who had also gone for a long time, did not appear on stage, nor did he have any videos.

There were quite a number of photos of him standing among the male models.

However, for some reason, he, a top celebrity, was very timid among the male models and was not

eye-catching at all.

Even Gu Zehan, the designer, was more impressive than him.

Chu Lings fans didnt apologize when they were slapped in the face.

They just treated it as if nothing had happened.

This was their usual tactic.

They would remain silent in front of things that didnt benefit them, but if Shi Jin was the one being slandered and scolded, everyone would know about it.

However, in the eyes of passersby, Chu Lings popularity was getting worse by the day.

Although the passersby didnt say anything, they could see everything.


On this trip to Paris, Sun Yijing had ended in a huge failure, but she was not satisfied.

‘When she returned to the capital, the pressure from her family made her feel uneasy.

‘The Sun family was a big family.

For now, Sun Yijings father had the power.

Sun Yijing was indeed the daughter of a rich family who wouldnt let others have their way.

However, she had many cousins.

If she was careless, she would be replaced by these cousins who were eyeing her covetously.

She couldnt even win against the down-and-out Second Young Master of the Li Family, so she naturally received a lot of gossip.

Chu Ling sat beside her and comforted her gently.

Sun Yijing looked at him.

“Chu Ling, this time, you have to go on the runway and do your best to mobilize your fans to promote the show.”

“Thats for sure.

My manager has already contacted the big fans.

They will spare no effort in promoting it.”

“Lwont hide it from you either.

This time, Wu Haoyang must be the champion of the show.

Ill continue to contact the judges.”

Chu Ling knew that Sun Yijing was going to bribe the judges.

Actually, it wasnt really bribery.

It was just like many other awards in the entertainment industry.

The award given by the judges not only depended on the artists ability and acting skills, but also balanced the relationships between the production companies and management companies.

Many awards seemed to be decided by works, but in reality, they were obtained by various companies.

It was the same for the designers grand prizes.

Sun Yijing had made up her mind to compete with Gu Zehan for resources and the market.

She pushed Wu Haoyang out and naturally spared no effort.

“If theres anything you need me to do, just tell me.” Chu Ling knew that when he was with Sun Yijing, he couldnt just be an artist.

“Lets use your popularity to stabilize the situation for now.” Sun Yijing wasnt just an artist.

She had a lot of responsibilities.

Soon, Sun Yijing met with four of the five judges.

One of them was really too lazy to participate in this battle.

He refused to meet anyone or listen to any company, so he ended up at peace.

Sun Yijing had already won over most of the judges, so she didnt care about the only one.

Gu Zehans assistant heard about this.

“Brian, Sun Yijing has already contacted the judges.

I heard that the Sun family spent a lot of money to win the championship.” The assistant was worried.

“What do we do now”

Gu Zehan was an innocent and romantic person.

This was also the main reason why his designs were able to maintain a high standard.

However, when it came to business, it was his weakness.

He hated scheming, so he hated doing homework behind the scenes.

The entire company maintained this kind of atmosphere.

Usually, they could rely on their talents to conquer the world.

However, when it came to a despicable person like Sun Yijing, he felt a little powerless.

Gu Zehan was sewing the clothes of the main model of the show.

He said lazily, “What can we do Even if the judges want to collect money, they cant all be blind, right”

“We cant just sit here and do nothing, can we”

“So what do you suggest we do”

The assistant: “..”

He really did not know what to do.

Should he learn from Sun Yijing and bribe the judges

Gu Zehan could not do such a thing, nor could he.

Moreover, the judges were already in Sun Yijings pocket.

It would be too late to do something like this.

“Dont worry.

The world can differentiate talent.” Gu Zehan was not too worried.

He had participated in many competitions, big and small.

He knew that whether he won the award or not, there were many calculations and factors..

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