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Chapter 532: Regret That She Didnt Learn Medicine

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She was soon confirmed to play the role.

The Hollywood opportunity that the local starlets were fighting for was easily won by Shi Jin.

However, for Hollywood, this was a very small matter.


Gu Jingyuan arrived in Paris.

‘When Shi Jin heard the news of his arrival, she knew that he had accurate information about the bacteria.

Gu Jingyuan asked her and Gu Zehan to dinner.

“Brother, are you here to celebrate the success of my show” Gu Zehan complimented himself as soon as he sat down.

“Well, yes.” Gu Jingyuan was gentle and calm.

“But thats not the main reason.”

Gu Zehan: What happened to brotherhood

Shi Jin asked, “Brother, did you find anything at the hospital”


Weve discovered that bacteria like that have caused a lot of children to get sick in Africa.

Thats why we urgently need a vaccine to counter the bacteria.

Im here to do some research.

The bacteria cant be brought back.

Ill have to do some research here.”

“Do you need my help”

“Not for now.

Ill call you whenever I need you.”

Gu Zehan: I regret not learning medicine and being unable to interrupt.

“Theard that your show went very smoothly this time” Gu Jingyuan was a very considerate big brother.

He quickly changed the topic to something that everyone could accept.

“Thats right.

Shi Jin has helped me a lot.

What do you think is going through her mind Shes always going on her own path.

If it werent for her, I would only have a bunch of designs and no show.

It would have been very difficult to re-establish myself.”

Gu Jingyuan also felt that his sister was indeed extraordinary.

However, she was still his younger sister after all.

Other than feeling proud of her, he did not probe further.

“Not only did Shi Jin help you, she also helped me before.”

“Tell me about it, Big Brother.”

Gu Jingyuan roughly told him about his ears and Li Juekais leg injury.

Gu Zehan could not help but applaud.

“Thats really impressive.

Big brother, I have to say this about you.

Why cant you do what little sister can”

“shut up.” Gu Jingyuan slapped the back of his head.

Shi Jin smiled.

“Previously, Eldest Brother was mainly researching modern medical techniques, while I was researching ancient Chinese medicine techniques.

This is not the same category.

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Its normal for Eldest Brother to not understand some things.”

“Sigh, why is my sister so good with words” Gu Zehan could not help reaching out to stroke her hair.

It was clearly a cold face, but in his eyes, Shi Jin was adorable.

After that meeting, Shi Jin was relieved to see Gu Jingyuan.

Sun Yijing wanted to destroy the entire Li family.

However, from the looks of it nowy, it was no different from a fools dream.

In the days to come, it was hard to say who among the Four Great Clans would take that spot.


Shi Jin and Gu Zehan returned to the country quietly and did not alert the fans.

Therefore when they arrived at the capital at eight in the morning, there were very few people in the airport.

Shi Jin and Gu Zehan chatted as they walked out of the airport.

Gu Zehan naturally reached out to stroke Shi Jins hair.

Just as he reached out, he felt the cold air around him.

He shuddered and looked up.

Indeed, he saw Fu Xiuyuan standing there with a straight body and a calm expression.

His outstretched hand could no longer stroke her.

He tilted his head to look at Shi Jin.

He saw his younger sister, who had a calm expression on her face and looked like she was still half-asleep, suddenly look like a leaf that had drunk its fill of rainwater.

She perked up and ran towards Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuans lips curled into a gentle smile.

Before she could get close, he opened his arms.

When she came over, he held her tightly in his arms.

This scene made Gu Zehan, a bachelor who was only interested in clothes, suddenly feel like dating.

Song Fan came to help with the luggage and said, “Designer Gu, Ill send you back.”

“Your Master Fu isnt working at this hour” Gu Zehan pointed at the time on his watch.

Song Fan said, “Master Fu has already arranged for the next two days.

How can he go to work”

He looked at Gu Zehan as if he had never been in a relationship before.

Gu Zehan felt guilty and coughed lightly.

He pushed his luggage and followed Song Fan into his car.

Then he saw Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan getting into another car.

“Hey, I was going to say we should all have lunch together this afternoon.”

Song Fan: This designer has never been in a relationship before!


Shi Jin stayed beside Fu Xiuyuan.

The moment she got into the car, she was drowned in his kiss.

After not seeing each other for more than ten days, Fu Xiuyuans time seemed to have stopped, as if an entire century had passed.

Only in this small hidden space could he pour out all his longing.

Shi Jin threaded her hands into his black hair.

She felt like a long time had passed.

Next, she had to go to America to film that movie.

It might take more than a month.

It seemed like she had to find a chance to talk to Fu Xiuyuan.

It was not until that night that Shi Jin had the time to tell him about it.

Fu Xiuyuans expression was dark.

“A month” His voice was not only hoarse, but also very dark.

Looking at his expression, Shi Jin felt that she was inconsiderate.

She agreed without thinking.

Now that she had come to inform Fu Xiuyuan, it was obvious that she was forcing him to agree.

At the thought of this, she kissed his lips tenderly.

“Shi Jin.” Fu Xiuyuans voice became even more hoarse.

“I really cant do anything to you.”

As long as she gave him a look or a gentle act of weakness, he would be utterly defeated.


After Chu Ling returned, he brought a few big-name fashion resources with him.

Relying on the fact that the local consultation wasnt advanced enough, Sun Yijing made a big deal out of Wu Haoyangs show and Chu Lings popularity in the fashion industry.

However, in reality, Chu Ling didnt receive any favor from them.

Outsiders like him, who had no muscles and were always wearing makeup, were not popular overseas.

Sun Yijing had used her money to get these fashion resources, but the fans were very receptive to this.

This meant that their Brother was still popular.

Not only that, he was still at the top, everyone else could only look up to him.

“Luckily, Brother isnt with Shi Jin.

Only a rich girl like Sun Yijing is worthy of Brother!”

“Thats right.

Even if Brother doesnt belong to us, he can only belong to the daughter of a rich family with both looks and talent.”

“Theard that Shi Jin went overseas as well..

Could it be… that shes still coveting our Brother”

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