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Chapter 531: Youre Still the Biggest Contributor

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They were about to have good luck anyway, Shi Jin had just taken advantage of the opportunity.

When news of this spread, Brians orders became even more explosive.

The few big shots who wanted to sign a contract with Sun Yijing started to hesitate.

They had prioritized their own interests.

That was why they had abandoned Gu Zehan, whom they had been working with all along, and turned to Sun Yijing to discuss the upcoming collaboration.

However, as the two big

shows ended, Brians reputation and brand value continued to expand.

The benefits that Sun Yijing offered were no longer enough to offset the benefits that Gu Zehan could bring, Especially with Evas free publicity, they saw the unlimited possibilities of Brians future.

No one wants to do bad business.

Coincidentally, Gu Zehan called his assistant and invited them to sit down and discuss it.


Sun Yijing was also afraid that something would happen if she didnt act quickly.

She secretly regretted not signing the contract last night.

As soon as the news about Eva came out, the number of orders from Brian increased.

Now there was probably a change.

She and her assistant started to worry.

They called the bosses before noon.

However, the other party tactfully expressed that it was not convenient now.

Because they were supposed to meet at night, Sun Yijing couldnt pester them, so she could only wait patiently.

However, when she went to meet them that night, the big shots really did not come.

It was only their secretaries who came, and they were extremely perfunctory.

Sun Yijings heart turned cold.

She had spent a lot of money and done a lot of publicity.

Yet she had not managed to secure a single contract!

‘Wu Haoyang and Sun Ning didnt dare to say anything about it.

The design was done by Wu Haoyang, and the main show was done by Sun Ning.

Although they did what they had to do, there were so many variables outside the show that they didnt expect.


Gu Zehanss studio.

At this moment, a banquet was held.

According to domestic rules, Gu Zehan had prepared a red packet for everyone.

Everyone received their red packets and held their glasses of red wine in excitement.

Anla counted the cash in the red packet and said, “I really like your Eastern traditions and etiquette!”

“Talso like Western traditions and etiquette.” Shi Jin clinked glasses with her.

After all, being able to open the red packet and see how much money was inside was a very generous gesture.

“Brian, do we still have a chance to work together” Anla stopped Gu Zehan.

“Ido have an opportuni

Anla threw him a wink, releasing her charm.

“I want to hear it.”

“This time, my design has been nominated for the finals of the International Fashion Show competition.

During the finals, the designers who are nominated will have their works on the same stage.

Anla, Ill book your next schedule.”

“Okay, you got me.”

“So where will the finals be held this time” When no one else was around, Gu Zehan was drinking on the balcony when Shi Jin walked over.

Gu Zehan said, “Take a guess.”

“Could it be in Country $”

“Youre right.” Gu Zehan took a sip of wine.

“Sun Yijing is dedicated to hosting the competition in the country and has done a lot of work.

She has also given support to various aspects in the capital.

In this way, Wu Haoyang can at least get a placing, or even win the championship.

This way, she can still

compete with me for the market.”

“Shes really scheming, but its really impressive for us to force her to this extent.”

Gu Zehan raised his glass at her.

“Youre still the biggest contributor.

I have to toast you.”

“Wake up, think of Fu Xiuyuan.”

At the mention of Fu Xiuyuan, Gu Zehan really sobered up.

His back felt cold.

How would he dare to continue toasting Shi Jin

Shi Jin picked up a glass of red wine and clinked it against his glass.

“To Second Brother.”

She took a long drink, and a distinct blush appeared on her face.

Gu Zehan smiled and stroked her hair.


The assistant received Evas call and passed it to Shi Jin.

“Tm sorry, Shi Jin, that I had to contact you this way.”

“Congratulations, Eva.

You deserve this award.”

“Hahahaha, I have to thank myself for my hard work.” Eva didnt stand on ceremony with her.

“Of course, I still have to thank you.

Otherwise, I wouldnt necessarily be the best actress, but I would definitely be the worst dressed in the world.”

“Thear youve reached a long-term partnership with Brian”

“Oh, other than Brian, what other brand can I afford” Eva said exaggeratedly.

“Im kidding, if I work with Brian for a long time, I think I can get more mysterious Eastern power.

Guess what, I already got the invitation to act in the “Superhero” series.”

Superhero was the most famous movie series in Hollywood.

It was also very popular in Country S.

It received all kinds of box office sales and fans.

There were all kinds of hero characters in Superhero.

Obtaining any one of them could be said to be the guarantee of a ten-year acting career and stable income.

As long as she did not court death, she could stand tall in the film industry for at least ten years.

No wonder Eva was so happy.

“Congratulations, Eva.

You deserve that, too.”

“Guess what, Shi Jin.

I recommended you to act as one of the roles.”


“One of them is a heroine who uses a gun.

Shes a retired policewoman and is very valiant.

She looks exactly like you when you went on stage at the show that night.

This was originally the image of an oriental beauty.

I recommended you, and the director liked it the moment he saw your show.”

It was said that Western society did not care about favors.

In Shi Jins opinion, interpersonal relationships were useful in any world.

Human relationships also involve interests.

Under suitable circumstances, when two people had the same ability, would you prefer to choose a friend you knew or a stranger

The answer was self-evident.

Shi Jin agreed, but did not treat it as something special.

She was no longer the kind of girl who would be excited for a long time just because of an invitation to act in a movie.

A few days later, Shi Jin met Superhero director Jared.

As Jared admired Evas acting skills, he gave her the role of a permanent heroine.

The heroine that Shi Jin was going to act as was a newly added character and did not have many scenes.

He wanted to see if this role could be accepted by the fans.

“Shi Jin, Im giving Eva face, but how many scenes you can keep will depend on your performance.” Jared had a strong desire to control the situation.

He would edit the script at any time and remove the scenes of the unqualified actors.

“Jared, I relied on Eva now.

I wont rely on her forever.”

“Tadmire your courage, young lady.

So let me see your strength, too..”

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