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Chapter 530: Eastern Magic

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“Of course.

Besides, isnt that the truth”

After Chen Yize finished taking pictures for her, he went to take pictures for the other models.

Soon, the show officially began.

This time, Shi Jin gave the first appearance spot to Anla.

Anla stepped onto the stage.

After this period of training, her steps were even more skilled and confident.

She placed her hands on her waist and walked out confidently.

After she walked out, the big screen behind her lit up.

The other models followed her footsteps and walked forward at the same time.

Those with discerning eyes could tell that only the Anla in front was real, and the ones behind were projections.

However, this was the first time such a visual effect was produced.

The effect was shocking.

As far as the eye could see, beautiful dresses appeared one after another.

‘When the second model stepped onto the stage, the scene behind changed.

It became another model wearing different costumes and projected behind her.

In other words, they could only display dozens of dresses in a normal show, while Gu Zehan could display hundreds of dresses in this show!

This was both satisfying and completely worth the price of the ticket.

It was even more touching that his design skills were truly extraordinary.

In such a short time, he could actually design so many perfect dresses and evening gowns.

When Shi Jin appeared on stage, there was an uproar below the stage.

She was wearing a tight black uniform with a prop gun on her pants.

It was neat and clean, and she looked valiant.

‘When she appeared, the other models on the stage behind her were all wearing the same uniform.

In contrast to the gown and dress design earlier, the entire scene was extremely handsome.

Chen Yizes hands were tired from taking photos, but he still felt that it was not enough.

He pressed the shutter tirelessly.

After the show ended, the applause from the audience did not stop.

Brian and Shi Jins names appeared frequently on various social media platforms.

Videos of the show appeared one after another, and the still photos kept refreshing the social platforms.

This time, Gu Zehan managed to stir up a huge market at a small cost.

Wu Haoyangs popularity was far from Gu Zehans.

‘The names of Anla and Julia began to be mentioned frequently.

Even if they were placed next to Austine and Sun Ning, no one would say that they were unworthy.

Brians returm after two years had shocked the international fashion industry once again.

He had also used his abilities to tell everyone that designing and fashion shows were not something that only Westerners could handle.

As long as one had talent, they could stand at the top of the industry.

Sun Yijing started to panic.

Austine and Fiona had been used, and even Sun Ning had been poached, but Wu Haoyangs designs still failed.

How was he going to take over the European and American markets

The big boss of the fashion industry whom she had urgently contacted was now sitting opposite her, chatting and laughing with her.

Sun Yijing gave them a high discount and provided them with a lot of convenience to do business in Country S.

She used this as an excuse to move them.

“Miss Sun, your suggestion is indeed very favorable.

The next time we meet, I think we can discuss the details of the contract while having coffee.”

These big shots had worked with Gu Zehan before, but now that Sun Yijing was involved, they turned to her.

After all, businessmen had to maximize their profits.

Sun Yijing smiled.


Shall we meet for a drink tomorrow night at 8 pm”


‘They reached an agreement.


That night.

The award ceremony for the highest award in French film, the Caesar Award, was in full swing.

The Caesar Awards position in France was equivalent to the Oscar Awards position in the United States and even the entire world.

Eva was nominated for “Wilderness,” but no one thought she would win.

It was a low-budget movie, a small production, and the box office was average.

There were no famous celebrities, and the director was just an ordinary person.

That night, when Eva walked onto the red carpet, the host didnt even talk to her.

Instead, he kept talking to the popular movie stars who were expected to win awards.

‘There were even some people who were discussing how Eva had stolen the limelight and dressed so beautifully.

Eva gritted her teeth as she replayed Shi Jins words in her mind.

That beautiful Eastern face was very sincere when she spoke, but how trustworthy was she

She clenched her fists tightly, hoping to prove her words.

“The winner of the Caesar Film Award for Best Female Lead is—Eva Kirodinovs fromWilderness!”

“Eva, you won the award!” The people around her suddenly became enthusiastic.

Eva opened her eyes and stared at the big screen behind the host.

Her face was fixed on it, and her name was printed on it.

“Eva!” The hosts words jolted her out of her reverie.

Only then did Eva snap out of her daze and walk toward the stage in disbelief.

“Congratulations, Eva, youve won the Best Female Lead award.

Do you have anything to say to everyone”

Eva took the microphone and blurted out, “Thank you for the good luck Brian and Shi Jin brought me.”

Everyone was puzzled.

She knew that she had said it too casually and added, “What I mean is, when Shi Jin gave me this gown previously, she said that she liked my acting skills and believed that I could win an award.

I didnt believe it at that time, but look”

Everyone laughed kindly.

“Oh, of course.

I also want to thank the director, thank the whole crew for their hard work, and thank myself for persevering until now!”

‘The news of Eva winning the award naturally spread like fire.

Her award represented the pinnacle of acting skills for the female lead in France.

‘What she did not know was that this was the beginning of all her glory.

After she won the award, Brian and Shi Jin, who were mentioned in her speech, would naturally receive attention.

Her evening gown also caught everyones attention.

“[heard that wearing Brians brand can bring good luck!”


“Do you guys still remember the photographer called Chen He was already at his lowest point, but now hes back at his peak and starting to work with big shots.”

“In that case, Eva was also a nobody.”

“Theres also Anla, a completely nameless female model who has already received invitations from all the major shows!”

“The brand Brian has Eastern magic!”

All of a sudden, orders regarding the brand Brian increased in all major shopping malls.

Those socialites, celebrities, and models who were going to buy clothes were going to buy them anyway, so why not buy the brand Brian

‘The design of this brand was really good.

Even Eva, who was ordinary looking, could be brought out by Brians designs.

Who wouldnt want beautiful clothing

After Eva, there were a few other artistes who received good news after wearing Brians designs as well.

They were all custom-made clothes from Brians brand that Shi Jin specifically gifted them..

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