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Chapter 53: Even Better if They Went at Each Others Throats

“Next up is Little Sailboat,” announced the host.

Cui Hang was dragged down by Deng Yufei, so his ranking was even lower than hers.

He was gravely defeated by his previous performance so he was desperate to stay on the show.

Chu Ling was his instructor and he suggested that Chu Hang pick a low-ranking contestant to challenge.

Cui Hang kept thinking in his heart that no matter who he picked, he risked elimination.

He thought about picking Shi Jin.

There was no rule against picking a safe zone contestant who had already been challenged.

Since Shi Jin had just finished performing, she was probably physically and mentally exhausted and needed some time to recover.

In that case, he would have greater odds of succeeding!

“I pick Little Stone!” said Cui Hang right away.

The host was caught by surprise.

“Are you sure”

“If its allowed on the show, then I pick her!”

The audience went into an uproar.

The audience sitting right below the stage were all very happy with Shi Jins singing, so they were on her side.

The moment they heard Cui Hangs selection, they could not help feeling contemptuous about him.

Yao Jiahong frowned.

Despite Shi Jins terrible personality, it was so unmanly of Cui Hang to pick on a girl!

The instructors could not help shaking their heads disappointedly.

However, his actions sparked a huge debate among the audience.

Ever since the birth of media, the moment any discourse was sparked, it spread like wildfire at exponential speed.

By the time Cui Hang started to sing, the number of people watching the program exploded and the screen was bursting with comments.

“Now I really dont know what to say.

Is Little Sailboat worse or Little Stone”

“There are always better troublemakers out there!”

“I cant wait for them to fight it out.

Even better if they go at each others throats!” Chu Lings fans were jubilant to see this.

However, there were genuinely fewer people talking bad about Shi Jin now.

Since everyone respected talent, Shi Jins recent performances had struck a chord with them.

Also, she had stopped trying to exploit Chu Lings popularity.

Hence, they had no reason to criticize her.

Cui Hang clearly did better than his last performance after he sang.

In comparison, he was very consistent.

“I choose to sing Little Dreams,Falling,” said Shi Jin.

“How could she pick that song” The crowd inhaled in surprise.

Meng Shaoheng, also known as Little Dreamer, almost got eliminated with Shi Jin previously.

After going through instructor selection, he made it to this episode.

Since he sang mostly indie and old songs, he had a hard time making it here.

His songs were hard to sing and his voice had a lot of range.

He could go even lower than a professional baritone singer and he could hit higher notes than a woman, so his songs were hard to master.

Shi Jin opened her mouth to sing amid everyones shock.

All three instructors were won over at the first transition in the first line of the song.

The only instructor who seemed unmoved was Chu Ling.

However, despite his straight face, he was filled with shock.

Were Shi Jins vocals that powerful

As Shi Jin went on, she could hit even higher notes.

Her lovely resounding voice hit the highest note in the song before it went into portamento.

Even if it cuts at the heart.

Dont hide.

Go all out.

Let me change into fire.

Burning as I crash.

This song was on the indie rock side and was hard to learn to begin with.

Moreover, Meng Shaoheng had created this song based on his vocal characteristics, so it was hard for most other people to master it, especially women.

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