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Chapter 529: Good People Remember Good Deeds

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“Right now, Sun Yijing and Wu Haoyang are investing in those famous celebrities.

Even if we send them over, they will reject us.

On the other hand, these celebrities with great buried potential need us.”

“Then why Eva”


Shi Jin did not explain much.

‘When she returned to Gu Zehans side, he had already finished designing all his clothes, but he did not look very happy.

“Second Brother, whats wrong”

“although the clothes on this stage are different, the effects on the stage are exactly the same.

Theres nothing new about it.” This was exactly what Gu Zehan was troubled about.

‘Wu Haoyang had invested a huge sum of money and hired a special effects team from Hollywood.

It was said that they would decorate the stage like a dream.

With so much money invested, even the designers in the United States and France could not compare to them.

Naturally, Gu Zehan would not burn money like them.

Moreover, Gu Zehan did not want to burn money.

He had already tried several modes and changed the stage several times, but he was still unable to achieve a satisfactory result.

“Second Brother, have you heard of Holographic Projection Technology”


Whats that”

Shi Jin thought for a moment.

It was normal that he had not heard of it before.

In reality, it should have been a year later that someone had suggested such technology.

She explained briefly and said, “We can record the scenes during the rehearsal.

When its time to really go on stage, we can replay these scenes again to achieve a strong visual impact.

This way, every model can not only wear one or two sets of your design, but an unlimited number of sets.

As long as all of

them are projected onto the big screen behind our runway, it will be fine.”

“Very good!” Gu Zehan immediately understood what she was thinking, “But how do we achieve it”

They did not have such an instrument, nor could they achieve such technology.

“Use the stupid method.

Record it.

Adjust it over and over until it reaches the point where when we are walking on the runway at the venue, the image and the projection can be perfectly integrated.”

Gu Zehan immediately called the models over.

This was very demanding on everyone.

However, with their previous success, these models were very confident in their future and happily agreed to continue rehearsing.

Actually, they were not the only ones who were working hard.

There were many models who wanted to get on Gu Zehans show.

Many models regretted going to Wu Haoyangs side.

Wu Haoyang had agreed to pay them a high salary even if they didnt go on stage.

Ofall the models, more than half did not go on stage.

However, no matter how high the salary was, it was still limited.

On the other hand, the amount of exposure and publicity that Gu Zehan received was quite high.

Anla and the others, who were originally unknown, now had their names in the modeling industry and did not need to worry about being invited.

Several big-name fashion designers even sent out invitations to Anla and the others.

Shi Jin, on the other hand, was already a popular person in the supermodel industry.

She had only relied on one show to squeeze into the supermodel industry.

How could a model who stayed with Gu Zehan not work hard

Under Shi Jin and Gu Zehans repeated experiments, the lighting effects had already reached a very good level.

The stage effect was amazing.


The show had officially begun.

This time, Gu Zehan did not specially promote the show.

The show was already packed to the brim.

The people sitting in the first few rows were all reputable figures.

Compared to last time, it was a complete change.

When Chen Yize came over, the assistant welcomed him with a smile and specially arranged a passage for him.

He was the first photographer to enter and they even left a VIP seat for him below the stage.

The other photographers could only watch him with envy.

Chen Yize, who was in the middle of two big shows, did not idle either.

In between these two shows, there were several groups of photos he had been working on himself.

His pure speed, his open-handedness, and the inspiration Shi Jin had given him made him retum to his peak.

Several fashion magazines also used his photos as a poster for the international fashion show.

Chen Yize had returned to being a top photographer.

“Shi Jin, have you finished your makeup” Chen Yize walked in and greeted Shi Jin warmly.

“Yes, we can start now.”

Chen Yize had already thought of what kind of photos to take for Shi Jin and what style to use, but when he saw her today, he was still amazed by her and his breathing quickened.

She was dressed in black, making her skin look even colder and whiter, as if it had been photoshopped.

“Photographer Chen, I have a question for you.”

As Chen Yize took pictures, he said, “Feel free to ask.

Tl tell you everything I know.”

“Last time, you were the first to arrive when there werent many photographers.

You also know that the series of photos you took back then made me and our models appear in the industry.

It brought us a lot of traffic and turned our situation around.

Why did you think of shooting us in the beginning”

Chen Yize laughed.

“Well, its not a secret, so you dont have to thank me too much.

Ive been out of inspiration for the past two years, and Im also in a down-and-out position.

Its hard to say whether the previous pictures I took saved you or you guys saved me.

Initially, I planned to shoot Wu Haoyangs

models, but my little nephew begged me to come to your side.”

“Who is your nephew”

“Chen Cheng,” Chen Yize said and continued filming.

“Shi Jin, dont tell me you dont remember”

Indeed, Shi Jin did not have a deep impression of him.

However, after Chen Yize said that, he reminded her.

She remembered.

‘Chen Cheng, who is only a few years old”

It was the child who was almost stepped on by a horse during Shi Jins audition.

Back then, she had saved the child and thought that it was nothing much, so she did not take it to heart.

Later, when Yao Jiahong told her that the childs mother had sent her a gift of gratitude, she only accepted the greeting card and didnt accept the expensive skincare products.

In the end, the child still remembered

“T think it was my sister-in-law who taught him to say that.

Anyway, the child is my sister-in-laws life.

My sister-in-law will say good things about you to everyone.”

Shi Jin smiled.

It was rare for her to feel so happy after helping someone.

She did not think of being repaid when she saved him.

However, the person who was saved remembered this feeling in his heart and found an opportunity to retum it to her.

It could be seen that good people remembered good deeds.

Since Chen Cheng and his mother insisted on doing this, she had to accept their good intentions.

“Photographer Chen, can you help me advertise Just say that working with me and Brian will bring good luck..”

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