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Chapter 528: Cooperation with You

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It was only natural for companies with good medical skills, such as the Sun family, to gain a foothold in the Four Big Families.

After all, people had to live and die.

Many people relied on families with powerful medical resources.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Shi Jin went to the various hospitals to take a look.

She wanted to understand the situation first.

Based on her memories from her previous life, she could only lock onto the general location and could not determine which hospital it was.

After some thought, she could only give Gu Jingyuan a call.

“How are you doing overseas”

“Its pretty good.

Im taking a stroll outside.”

“Zehan didnt accompany you”

“Second Brother is busy with his designs.

By the way, Eldest Brother, there are bacterial infections wreaking havoc in Africa every year.

Have you done any research on it”

Speaking of medical problems, Gu Jingyuans mood soared.

Of course there are.

Africa hasnt entered a modem society yet, and there are many complex pathogens.

Every year, we send people over.”

“Theard that a lot of rich patients in Africa have been going to France for treatment recently…”

“You mean, someone might bring the bacteria over Thats a good direction.

I can ask my friend in the hospital.”

‘When Shi Jin saw that he could always connect the dots quickly, she naturally did not have to say much.

Gu Jingyuans obsession with medical research was much higher than what outsiders imagined.

Since he had such thoughts, he would definitely investigate it immediately.

After the hint, Shi Jin chatted with him for a while before ending the call.

When she returned to Gu Zehans studio, the assistant was making a list of clients he had to see.

“These clothing companies are the main targets of our collaboration,” the assistant said.

“They have a wide network in Europe and America.

We can only officially enter this market by working with them.”

“What about Second Brothers market”

“In the past, his market was only high-end and did not have a real company.

Rather than calling it a clothing brand, it would be more accurate to call it his designers personal fame.

Now that the scale has changed, it will definitely be different.”

The assistants method was not wrong, but according to what Shi Jin knew, Sun Yijing had already spent a lot of money to meet the people in charge of these clothing companies.

Gu Zehan might have been alittle late.

Moreover, Gu Zehan could not possibly fork out too much money and resources to deal with these big bosses.

However, Shi Jin thought of a solution.

“Assistant Tang, come with me.”

“Okay.” The assistant agreed to Shi Jins request.

“Who are we meeting” The assistant got into the car and accompanied Shi Jin out.

“A minor celebrity, Eva.”

“See her for what”

“One of her movies, Wilderness, has already been wrapped up for a long time.”

“Ive heard of it, but I heard that its a serious flop.”

“Were going to send her a gown.”

“Why should we give it to her Shes not popular, and the movie isnt good either.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Wilderness was about to receive a huge award, and Eva will become famous overnight.

She will then become an evergreen in the film industry.

‘When she received the award that time, she only wore a casual outfit because no one was willing to lend her a gown.

She was prideful and refused to lower her head and beg for help, but after that award, Eva never lacked gowns again.

Shi Jin admitted that her method this time had some element of opportunism.

However, as long as she did not hurt anyone and took advantage of the situation, it was a gift from God, wasnt it


Eva lived in a dilapidated apartment.

She could see her current predicament.

‘When she opened the door and saw Shi Jin, she recognized her.

“Youre the main model who went on stage that day.

Whats your name again Sorry, its hard to remember your name.

I really cant remember it.”

“Shi Jin.” Shi Jin did not mind.

She did not like foreign names and it was not easy to remember them.

“Eva, Im here with Brians assistant to discuss a collaboration with you.”

“Come in and talk.” Eva let them in.

‘The apartment she lived in was very small.

There was only a small living room and bed inside.

In any big city, this kind of place was extremely expensive.

Being an artist who wasnt famous, one could not be too particular about the size of a place to stay.

“What cooperation”

Shi Jin gave the assistant a look.

The assistant immediately took out a gown and placed it in front of Eva.

“Miss Shi, I dont know what you mean.”

“Te seen your movies before, and I like them a lot.

Youve filmed so many movies, so Im sure youll do well.

This time, its said that your work is already participating in a domestic competition.

I believe youll definitely win an award.”

Eva lit a cigarette.

“Do you mind if I smoke”

“Suit yourself.”

“Do you smoke” She passed the cigarette to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin declined politely.

The assistant didnt smoke either.

Eva took it back.

“How can I win an award for sure All the big productions that Ive participated in before were support roles.

This time,Wilderness is just a small-scale production.”

She did not believe that she could win an award.

As she got older, she knew more and more that she did not have any of the elements needed to win an award.

Perhaps her acting skills were not bad, but for the award, acting skills were not an important factor.

“Eva, Ive seen all your movies.

I believe that there will come a time when that will come.

So, Im giving this dress to you.

Of course, other than this, its also my selfish motive.

You know, Brian is my brother.

I also hope that the Best Actress award winner will wear his brand this time and fight for his glory.


this dress isnt actually for you, but for your cooperation.”

Eva glanced at the gown.

It was grand and magnificent.

It was indeed very nice, especially for walking down the red carpet.

Before Shi Jin arrived, her manager went around borrowing clothes for her.

She wanted to borrow a slightly better brand, but she was rebuked.

However, there were a few low-class brands that gave her manager dresses, but not only were they dirty, their sizes were also extremely inappropriate.


brands even prohibited her from modifying them.

How could she wear them if she couldnt make alterations

Eva refused stoutly and asked her agent to return the dress.

“Do you really think I can win an award”

“I think you can,” Shi Jin said sincerely.

“As an actress, Ive received a lot of inspiration from your performance.

If you really cant, I can give you this dress as a gift.

I wont lose out, right”

No one dislikes hearing good things.

Eva was no exception.

She was very satisfied with Shi Jins words.

“Alright, just because of what you said, Ill wear your gown on the red carpet next time.

If I really win an award, Ill definitely promote it for you.”

Shi Jin stood up to leave.

After coming out, the assistant was indeed confused.

“This Eva looks so ordinary, can she really win an award”

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