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Chapter 527: A Little Regret

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Sun Yijing didnt panic.

“How can it be so easy to steal our things with just a set of photos However, Gu Zehan is indeed very impressive to be able to invite Richard to oversee his operation.”

However, so what if it was Richard It was impossible for a single person to turn the tide.

‘When Chu Ling arrived, he realized that he was nothing.

He lowered his head and remained silent.


In front of the Sun family, the family background that the Chu family was proud of was nothing.

Only then did the show begin.

The decorations on Wu Haoyangs side were extremely gorgeous.

Austine, Sun Ning, Fiona, and the others all had their own strengths, and the show quickly became lively.

On Gu Zehans side.

Everyone quickly dressed up.

“Lwont say more.

Everyone, your fate is now in your hands.

At the same time, mine is also in your hands.”

Everyone laughed kindly at his words.

“Therefore, you must hold on to our common hope!”

Following the rhythm of the music and the beat of the drums, Shi Jin, as the main model and the model who opened and closed the show, walked out first.

Her expression was calm, and her steps were steady.

Her slender legs were full of strength, and every step she took was in rhythm.

She was steady, accurate, and fast.

When she glanced at the audience, she was like a queen surveying her domain.

Gu Zehans design was called Queen and it was extremely fitting for her.

Immediately, there were whispers below the stage.

I can guarantee that Hollywood actresses will fight over this set of clothes to wear on the red carpet for the Oscars.”

Following her was Anla.

After the past few days of devil-like emergency training, her entrance was also very imposing.

Her unique steps and confidence, and her excellent figure made the professionals below the stage nod their heads.

The key was that Gu Zehans design really had the style of a great female protagonist, conquering one heart after another.

At the end of the show, Shi Jin walked out wearing the piece that Gu Zehan was most satisfied with.

The black fishtail dress was embellished with faintly discernible gold and silver.

The noble and elegant style made this skirt that only the most respectable woman could wear even more gorgeous and perfect.

The dress was called “The Night.”


It was as if this night belonged to the only queen.

‘When Shi Jin returned from the last stage, there was a round of applause.

That night, Wu Haoyangs show was also very successful.

However, Wu Haoyang and Gu Zehans attention and reputation were comparable.

There were several platforms that paid more attention to the Queen series than Wu Haoyang.

It had to be known that Sun Yijing had spent a lot of money and resources on Wu Haoyangs show, not to mention the support of Austine, Fiona, and Sun Ning, as well as countless publicity fees.

On Gu Zehans side, the cost was less than one percent of theirs.

The models were also found among the less popular models.

However, the two of them got close to the same results, and even Gu Zehans slightly better results made Sun Yijing feel really unbalanced.

Even Sun Ning felt a tinge of regret in her heart.

If she had chosen Gu Zehan, would her status and ranking have improved tremendously


During the celebratory feast, Shi Jin was surrounded by many people.

Yao Jiahong and Richard had to block many toasts for her.

“Honestly, why do you Eastern beauties resist alcohol so much” Richard was confused.

Yao Jiahong couldnt help saying, “I dont know about others, but our Shi Jin is a fairy who grew up drinking dew.”

Richards eyes widened before he burst into laughter.

‘Ok, no wonder shes so beautiful.”

Anla and the other three were surrounded by quite a few people.

This was the first time for them.

Some were fawning over them, while others offered them an olive branch.

Julia was clearly tempted, but Anla turned down someone elses olive branch.

Seeing Anla refuse, JK and Jessica also refused.

Julia could not help throwing up her hands.

“Are you fools Someone else offered two times more than Brian! Why arent we leaving”

Anla shook his head.

“How much can it be Our foundation isnt stable at all! At least we still have some hope on Brians side.

If we go out, are you satisfied with earning a few thousand a show and being forgotten”

Julia thought for a moment.

“You guys really think theres hope for Brian”

“Anyway, didnt we have no hope in the past We might as well follow him and gamble!”

Julia thought about it and threw the name card away as well.

Since she had the chance, she would gamble with it!



Due to the show this time, Chen Yize had returned to the ranks of top-notch photographers.

He had also obtained the opportunity to film Gu Zehans show in advance.

‘The other photographers were jealous.

It was a pity that if they wanted to shoot the models on Gu Zehans show, they would have to make an appointment now.

If they wanted to shoot Shi Jin, the streets on both sides of Fifth Avenue would be packed.

At the same time, Gu Zehan was preparing for his next show.

During this period, he directly recommended Anla and the others to go on stage at a show designed by a friend of his.

“Arent you afraid we wont come back after we go” asked Anla.

“If Ihave the talent, you will always come back.

Besides, if you have the talent, it will be an excellent promotion for me.

Believe me, Anla, there are no eternal friends or enemies, but there are eternal interests.”

Naturally, Anla believed him, so she wouldnt really leave.

She could tell that Gu Zehan was talented and ambitious.

More importantly, the fact that he could dig her out among millions of people proved that he had the ability to do the same for other models.

All she needed to do was to maintain a good


‘When Shi Jin found out about this, she recalled Anlas achievements in her previous life.

She knew that she relied not only on her legs and body, but also on her clear mind.

If one had a brain, they would be able to walk further in this glamorous and blurry world.

Gu Zehan focused on modifying his future designs.

Richard left too, so Shi Jin had nothing to do and went out for a walk.

She recalled that in her last lifetime, a bacterial infection in Africa was spread in France, and it later wreaked havoc in Africa, causing a large number of people to die and severe economic losses.

Later on, the Sun family took over and developed a vaccine to control the bacteria.

Because of this, the Sun family established a good relationship with Europe and inserted economic power into Africa.

In his previous life, Gu Jingyuan should have participated as well.

However, due to the issue with his ears and the Sun family, not only were all his contributions erased, but he was also pushed out of the pharmaceutical industry.

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