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Chapter 526: Attracting Attention

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The assistant was also very shocked.

“Miss Shi, youre really impressive.

You even know a big star like Richard.

Theres a photographer over there called Chen Yize.

Hes from the same country as us.

Hes quite famous and wants to shoot for you first.

Can you cooperate with him”

Shi Jin had no objections and Chen Yize arrived very quickly.

‘When he saw Shi Jin, his eyes lit up.

Even though he had filmed many top celebrities in the world, the feeling Shi Jin gave him was still very different.

It was enough to shock him.

The girl in front of him had skin as white as jade.

She was tall and had excellent bone structure.

Her legs were long and slender.

No wonder she was chosen as the main model today.

She had a pair of gentle and loving eyes, and her long eyelashes made her look even more beautiful.

However, when she looked at people, her expression was cold and indifferent.

This complicated mismatch made Chen Yize think of countless images that matched her.

Chen Yize was so excited that his hands were trembling.

He immediately picked up the camera, but before the shoot, he thought of something else.

“Shi Jin, do you have your own favorite color What are your requirements for lucky colors What are your fan support colors What color do you hate Do you have your own views on composition”

Shi Jin looked at him.

“Why do you ask Is it necessary to discuss this as part of the filming process”

“Not really, but fans these days, you know, have high expectations.

Some artists are also afraid that the color I use will affect their luck.”

It was precisely because of such requests that there would always be a portion of people who were dissatisfied no matter how they filmed it.

It was difficult to suit everyones tastes, causing him, who was originally an artist who would follow his own inspiration, to become a mere photographer.

Shi Jin had actually heard of the rumors in the industry.

Artists had a lot of power and fans had a lot of power.

They often had such requirements for professionals.

She had always believed that she had to take care of the things that she knew personally.

However, she had to trust the judgment of professionals and not be influenced by complicated opinions.

She said indifferently, “I dont have any requests for what you said.

I only have one request.

Please do your best to show your abilities.

I will cooperate at any time.”

‘When Chen Yize heard this, he was overjoyed.

The girl in front of him was undoubtedly a very good subject for filming.

If she did not have any requests and allowed himself to perform as he wished, just thinking about it made his heart tremble.

He immediately started taking pictures non-stop.

Unlike some wooden beauties, Shi Jins performance and camera sense were very strong.

In front of his camera, she was always able to show the most beautiful and comfortable angle.

She looked so sweet, yet she always had such a high-class demeanor.

Chen Yize kept photographing.

Beside him, Richard had been waiting.

When Chen Yize finally came to an end, Richard walked over and said, “Shi Jin, we can take a picture together too!”

Chen Yize looked up and recognized Richard.


Richard Donald”

“Its me!” Richard did not hide it at all.

“Please help me take a picture with Shi Jin! I want to treasure it!”

The last sentence came from his mouth and not Shi Jins.

It was really strange.

However, Chen Yize did not think too much about it.

This was such a good opportunity, he had to grab it.

Richard was also a person with a strong desire to show off.

It should be said that all celebrities had an innate desire to show off.

It was just that some people were better at it.

Richard was undoubtedly a good performer.

With Shi Jin leading him, his posture was close to that of a supermodel.

Chen Yizes shoot was extremely satisfying.

He took a look at the photo.

There was almost no need to edit it.

He took it to the person-in-charge at the scene and got his approval.

Then, he could publish it directly.

He had a feeling that because of this set of photos, his career would return to its peak!


Donald, can I publish your photos” Chen Yize asked.

“Why not” Richard shrugged.

He had already posted it on his own social media.

Chen Yize was very happy.

He immediately chose the best photos and released the results.

He only hated the fact that there were too few pictures that could be posted on social media.

He had to distribute them a few times.

The show approached.

On social media platforms, photographers, supermodel studios, designers own workshops, and various major media outlets were all preparing for the show.

All sorts of photos were constantly being published.

Fans who liked to see supermodels and costumes were already clamoring.

They saved one photo after another.

Photos of Austine, Fiona, and Sun Ning became everyones first choice.

Suddenly, a group of photos appeared out of nowhere.

The girl in the photo had an obvious Asian face.

She had a beautiful bone structure and her eyes were cold and sharp.

She was cold and valiant and every move she made was filled with strength.

“Who is this Shes so beautiful!”

“To be honest, I couldnt appreciate the beauty of other countries in the past, but I have to say that this set of photos doesnt differentiate between countries.”

“Agreed! Such a face makes me confused about her bloodline and country.

I just want to know her name.”

“Hey, the person taking photos with her is Richard”

“Oh my god, Im suddenly very interested in this show.”

Shi Jins set of photos was so beautiful that many people saved it.

Her and Richards pictures, on the other hand, had attracted more passersby to the show.

After all, with Richards status, he wouldnt go to a bad show!

In the beginning, there were still people who thought that she was using Richard for publicity.

Until many people saw this group of pictures on Richards social media platform.

His caption was: “Oh my, wish fulfilled!”

Only then did everyone realize how careful he was and how much he worshipped Shi Jin.

It turned out that it wasnt Shi Jin who was trying to scam him, but that he was trying to build a relationship with Shi Jin

At the same time, Chen Yize took photos of Anla and the others.

This was the first time the four of them had gotten the opportunity to go on such a show, and they were only in a slightly lower position than the main model, so they naturally didnt have any requirements for the photographer.

The inspiration that Chen Yize had gotten from filming Shi Jin extended to them.

Soon, they had also created a super fashion blockbuster.

After this series of events, Gu Zehan, who was initially thought to be a fool, received more attention.

Many people were already considering coming over to watch Gu Zehans show.

The originally empty venue was now gradually filled with wealthy ladies, socialites, and buyers.

The news media also heard the commotion and came to the venue to set up their cameras..

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