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Chapter 525: Big Picture

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According to custom, photographers from various magazines and newspapers would go to the fashion show to take photos of models.

Of course, the fashion designers would also arrange for people to film it.

However, filming was still the spontaneous actions of many photographers in this fashion capital.

A good photographer was often good at capturing the most beautiful photos.

Models usually became famous because of one particular picture.

A good model also had the opportunity to show her best self in front of the camera.

In this city that accommodated the worlds most prosperous and glamorous fashion, anything was possible.

At this moment, many photographers had heard the news and were rushing towards the scene of the two big shows.

Everyones target was still Wu Haoyangs show.

Perhaps one good scene captured in this show would make or break a photographers career.

One of the photographers was called Chen Yize.

He was a well-known photographer in Paris, and the most glorious part of his career was that he had taken a cover photo of a female actress who was once an Oscar-winning actress in Paris.

Because of this, his life was constantly on the rise, displaying extremely high standards and taking photos of many female celebrities and supermodels.

However, in the past two years, his inspiration had started to dry up.

Not only were his photos ridiculed by the masses, but he was also called trash by his fans.

Several artists that had been working with him in a row had tactfully refused to continue working with him.

He had also realized that he was losing his talent.

He was no longer able to visualize the most beautiful appearance, style, and background of an artist.

He was no longer sensitive to colors.

After accepting too many criticisms, he began to waver.

Whenever he wanted to use a color scheme, he would constantly ask himself if this artists skin color really suited this background color.

This artists fans hate bright yellow.

Am I sure I should use bright yellow

That artiste likes red, but their facial features are obviously not suitable for red to create shadows.

Should I listen to them or stick to myself

As a result, he became more and more at a loss.

The photos he took became more and more restricted, and the criticism he received was overwhelming.

He had once suspected that his Oriental bloodline was indeed not suitable for the Western worlds aesthetic standards.

He followed his colleague to Wu Haoyangs show.

Everyone was talking and laughing.

In the past, they used to be quite fond of him, but now that they saw him, they seemed to look down on him both openly and secretly.

The show had not yet allowed photographers to begin taking pictures.

Chen Yize received a call.

“What do you want me to photograph Shi Jin Who is Shi Jin I remember now.

Shes the main model of Brian.”

“Please, please.

Just treat it as a favor.”

“Is not impossible, but I… Okay, okay, Ill go film it, but I cant guarantee that it will be especially good.”

“Just do your best.

I dont want Shi Jin to have no decent photographer.

Youre the only one I know.”

Chen Yize said helplessly, “I promised you that I would do it well, but if Shi Jins performance is really bad, I cant do anything about it

After he finished speaking, he greeted the organizer and expressed his intention to leave.

‘When they heard that he was going to Gu Zehans side and that the target of the shoot was the oriental model, the organizers looked at him with an indescribable expression, as if they could already see that he was destroying his own future.

When he left, a colleague behind him raised his glass and laughed wildly.

“Hey, Chen, good luck.”


‘When Shi Jin reached the backstage, she started to put on her makeup.

After putting on her makeup, she would put on a loose cape and wait for the photographer to enter and take photos.

Wearing a loose cape was for the sake of not ruining the makeup when she changed into clothes for the fashion show later.

It was also very convenient and could save time.

The assistant was helping at the side when he suddenly heard a scream outside the door.

He rushed out and screamed when he saw the situation.

This cant be real, right He saw the new Hollywood star, Richard, standing at the door, smiling charmingly at the crowd.

The screams were triggered by his presence.

“Richard, is that really you”

“Its me!” Richard made a charming gesture.

“Im here to support Shi Jin.”

“Miss Shi Ill inform her immediately!”

The assistant stumbled in.

“Miss Shi, Richard is here! Hes waiting for you outside!”

Shi Jin turned around lazily.

“Which Richard”

The assistant :”…”

Which other Richard could there be

The assistant: “The one from Hollywood, currently the most popular singer and actor.”

It sounded a little familiar to Shi Jin.

She stood up and walked out.

Richard went up to her and hugged her.

“Hi, Shi Jin! Its not easy to meet you! I have an event in Paris this time.

God is so kind to let me hear that youre here.”

Only then did Shi Jin remember who this Richard was.

Shed met Richard at a cocktail party when shed been in Warsaw for the piano contest.

Richard was a piano enthusiast and a singer.

He added Shi Jins contact on the same day and talked non-stop around her.

However, at that time, Fu Xiuyuan was glaring at him like a tiger watching its prey.

Not only did Shi Jin not speak much to Richard, she did not even get a good look at him.

Later, Richard heard that Shi Jin was teaching at the Hamilton Music Academy and teaching online classes.

He even specially went to register for studies.

However, there were many people in every class and Shi Jin treated everyone equally.

Richard was a common name, so it was normal that Shi Jin did

not remember him.

“Thank you for coming here!”

“Luckily, I didnt reject my manager coming to Paris to promote my new album.

To be honest, Shi Jin, I havent been attending your class for a long time.

I really want to find a chance to talk about music with you.”

Richard was more obsessed with Shi Jins music than Shi Jin, but this did not hinder his attitude towards Shi Jin.

“Sure, I have time for music.”

“Oh, thank god,” said Richard.

“Youre so kind.”


Donald, Im about to begin shooting, so—”

“Iwontt take up your time,” Richard said.

“And dont stand on ceremony.

Please call me Richard.”

Everyone looked at her with envy.

No one knew that Shi Jin was so close to Richard.

Everyone could feel the passion radiating from Richards golden hair and blue eyes, except for Shi Jin who was very calm…

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