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Chapter 524: You Are An Unpolished Jade

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The cost of clothing in France was high, and they were still wearing last seasons clothing.

It was a good match, but it was not enough to make them look imposing.

Therefore, even though they held their heads high and tried their best to show their proud side, there was still a hint of fear in their bones.

Gu Zehan was already sizing them up.

He was curious and puzzled.

How did Shi Jin know their names

These four models did have outstanding figures.

Their legs were long and slender, and they had a strong sense of strength.

Their bone structures were undoubtedly outstanding, and they had good looks.

Of course, this was because Gu Zehan saw through the outward appearances.

In reality, the four of them were wearing old seasons clothing and carrying manufactured bags.

Although their hair had been carefully styled, they still looked unkempt compared to the models with professional stylists.

When they appeared at a place like Fifth Avenue, it was really easy for them to drown in the crowd of models.

“Td like to invite you to try on the clothes immediately.” Gu Zehan had already seen through their potential.

“Really, now” Anla sounded incredulous.

“If you can wear my clothes, you can control this show.

Four beautiful ladies, please.”

Gu Zehans French was fluent and standard, full of gentlemanliness.

They had also heard of his reputation as a genius designer.

They immediately stood up and walked towards the changing room.

The assistant asked Shi Jin curiously, “Miss Shi, youre really something.

These four people do look like they have good figures.

How did you think of them”

“I did some investigation work here before I came.”

Assistant: I feel like Im going to lose my job.

The four models quickly changed out of their clothes.

The staff made some simple alterations to their clothes according to their figures.

The parts that should be tightened were pinned, the parts that should be loosened were loosened.

There was a simple runway for them to display.

Anla was the leader, and she walked out very quickly.

She was just beginning to feel a little uneasy, but she quickly integrated herself into the situation and performed very well.

The other three also had their own specialties.

Gu Zehan had initially thought that the reason why their figures were so good and why they were still buried was because they werent good on the catwalk.

However, after walking around them, he realized that he had been wrong.

There wasnt much of a problem with their catwalk.

They just lacked the corresponding experience of a big show.

He immediately decided to give them the contract.

‘The four of them were pleasantly surprised.

They had walked many shows, but this was the first time they would be walking a famous designers show.

“Brian, I want to know, what do you like about me” Anla was an outgoing girl.

Before she signed her name, she looked at Gu Zehan seriously with her blue eyes.

“Your figure, your ability,” Gu Zehan said bluntly… Youre an unpolished jade.”

Anla smiled sweetly and gave him a wink.

“Oh, youre such a gentleman, Brian.”

“But Im not a gentleman at work, Miss Bell.

Please show me your professional attitude.”

“Then I wont disappoint you!” Anla extended her hand.

“You can call me Anla.”

She signed the contract and agreed with Gu Zehan that she would take some time out to rehearse.

The other three ladies agreed as well.

After they left, Shi Jin suggested, “Second Brother, if the collaboration this time is good, I suggest you sign their long-term contract directly.

Although its expensive, it wont be controlled by Sun Yijing.”

Gu Zehan took her words to heart.

In the past, he thought that Sun Ning was enough.

Deep down, the foreigners didnt like him, and he didnt want to get involved with them.

Initially, he liked Sun Ning because she had $ Nations blood.

However, now he had thought it through.

Design and business were not separated by national boundaries.

If others looked down on him with arrogance, there was no need for him to be so stubborn.

If he were to bring out his true strength, one day, he would make them completely take back their


Naturally, there would be assistants who would communicate and sign contracts for these jobs.

With Shi Jin as the main model and Anla and the other four, Gu Zehans show basically had a backbone.

With the addition of a few young models who worked diligently, the show was officially filled with people.

Although the models that were chosen later on didnt have perfect figures, they could cover their flaws with clothes.

Fortunately, they knew that this was not an easy opportunity, so they worked hard and their attitudes were very professional.


Sun Yijing had been paying attention to Gu Zehans situation.

When she received the list of models that Gu Zehan had signed, she handed it to Wu Haoyang.

“Do you know anyone”

“Other than Shi Jin, I dont know anyone else.

It must have been difficult for Gu Zehan to even have gathered these nobodies.”

“Haoyang, Ive signed the best supermodel for you and got the best runway.

At that time, the higher-ups of the international fashion show will come over.

There will also be Hollywood actresses and a few large fashion design companies.

You cant screw up at a critical moment.”

Wu Haoyang was full of confidence.

“Of course.

Even if I dont win the highest award, cant I defeat Gu Zehan”

“That better be the case.

Gu Zehans career must not develop!”


In Paris, the fashion capital, media consultation was very advanced.

Initially, the entire industry had high hopes for Gu Zehan, this talented designer who had just risen to fame.

However, after he became famous, he insisted on returning to China to develop his career.

Now, he was using a pure oriental face as the main show.

The models on this show were all unknown and disappointed in him.

“Brian is still too inexperienced and not suitable for this industry!”

“I think Im going to switch over to Wu Haoyang.”

“For Wu Haoyangs show this time, other than the main model, Sun Ning, theres also the current number one supermodel, Austine, and second place Fiona.

The other models are all listed on the international supermodel rankings.”

“Wu Haoyang is probably going to win!”


Gu Zehan and Wu Haoyang held their first shows in different venues, but the timing was specially chosen to be the same.

As the date approached, most of the famous international buyers, media people, celebrities, socialites, and fashion companies chose to go to Wu Haoyangs show.

No one wanted to miss such a grand and magnificent visual feast.

In this match, even if they could witness the performance of Austine, Fiona, or Sun Ning, it was worth it.

Who would really care about Gu Zehan and his Asian faces

The five hours before the show started was the time for the photographers to show off their skills..

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