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Chapter 523: Standard Golden Ratio

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The assistant said, “Your sister can understand English and French.

Dont you know”

Gu Zehan:

He had miscalculated.

He walked towards Shi Jin.

“Sister, when did you learn French”

“Self-taught when I was free in high school.”

Assistant: Master of Time Management, please teach me!

“Dont take these things to heart.

Lets just do our own things.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“I know, but we still have to see who your competitor is so that we know how to deal with them.”

“Sun Yijing is quite impressive.

She found two mixed-race faces to please these foreigners.”

Shi Jin looked at him.

“The fashion show focuses on design, not bloodline and face.

Second Brother, show me your best creation!”

Gu Zehans blood burned at her words and his face lit up.


If Gu Zehan wanted to design clothes for Shi Jin, there were indeed some problems he needed to overcome.

When he looked at models, his gaze was always unwavering, and he often had to touch the model to get accurate measurements, but in front of Shi Jin, he had to control himself.

Not only was he not able to take measurements himself by hand, but he also had to get his assistant to use a tape measure to help.

He also had to control his gaze and not go overboard.

Every time he thought of Fu Xiuyuans cold gaze, he would shudder.

Because he had to control his actions, but let his thoughts run wild, this gave him a different kind of inspiration.

“Is it this size Thats great! This is the standard golden ratio!”

“But the visual effects of these legs are even better than the golden ratio!”

“Shi Jin, I hope you can eat normally and maintain your current state!”

“These collarbones and these shoulder blades…” Gu Zehan looked at Shi Jin, who was as perfect as a sculpture, and kept his admiration in check.

“Yes, I can use this design!”

As Gu Zehans thoughts wandered, inspiration flooded in.

“Awesome!” Gu Zehan put away his pencil excitedly when he was done drawing.

Shi Jin rubbed her numb legs.

“Is that enough”

“Thank you for your hard work, my good sister.” Gu Zehan went forward to help her massage her shoulders.

“Very good! Your clothes are ready.

The other models will wear the ones I designed before.

By the way, are the models ready” he asked his assistant.

“Brian, this time, Sun Yijing and Wu Haoyang have hired all the models that are even slightly attractive.”

In the modeling industry, top supermodels and A list models had their own specialized companies.

Basically, they also had long-term partners and needed to make an appointment to work together.

Most of those below A list worked in studios.

There were even some small models who worked part-time.

They would take over whenever there was work.

Therefore, on many shows, apart from the main models that they worked together with for a long time, the other models were all hired according to

their needs during each show.

This time, Sun Yijing took in all the models that she could see, from A-list models to normal models.

It was obvious that she didnt want Gu Zehan to have anyone he could use.

“F*ck!” Gu Zehan couldnt help but curse.

“Theres no one who can pass the test”

“Sun Yijing paid well and provided Wu Haoyang with a chance to show off.

As for the other models…” The assistant didnt even like them, let alone Gu Zehan.

It looked like Sun Yijing was deliberately not letting Brian develop.

‘The assistant was worried.

“The international fashion show is a great opportunity for us.

If were suppressed by Sun Yijing this time, well be suppressed every time.”

Although Gu Zehan was hailed as a new genius in the European and American fashion circles, his foundation was still shallow and he had to seize every opportunity.

However, compared to Sun Yijing who had the entire Sun family backing her, Gu Zehan didnt have many resources that he could use.

Shi Jin stood at the side and reminded him softly, “Second Brother, there are many models who cant find a job.

Are you willing to meet them”

“But, none of those are attractive…” the assistant added.

If it was so easy to find a good model, he wouldnt be so worried.

“Among those people, its not like there arent any buried geniuses, right” Shi Jin asked.

“There are, but it takes time and foresight to discover geniuses.

Its not easy to find one in such a short time.” The assistant had been in this industry longer than Shi Jin, so he could understand Shi Jins naivety.

Shi Jin said, “Then Ill have to trouble you to look for these people.”

She listed a few names that she remembered from her memories.

The supermodels of her previous life.

At this time, they were still struggling at the bottom, but soon, they would shine on the entire international stage.

This was the foundation of their own strength.

Now, they only lacked a chance.

The assistant took the names and read them.

None of them had heard of Anla Bell, Jessica Lilith, Julia Jane, or JK Loris.

None of them knew what they were capable of.

“If Shi Jin wants you to go, go ahead.” Gu Zehan trusted Shi Jin wholeheartedly.

The assistant could only go.

Shi Jin consoled Gu Zehan.

“Second Brother, your clothes are very fitting.

No matter what kind of model you choose, they will shine when they wear them.”

“Tl borrow your auspicious words.” Gu Zehans tone was relaxed, but Shi Jin could tell that he was tense.

Shi Jin understood what he had to bear.

Sun Yijing targeted the Li family and started with Gu Zehan.

If Gu Zehan lost, the first battle would be lost.

Then what would happen to the Li family in the future

Gu Zehan was under more pressure than Shi Jin had imagined.

Fortunately, the assistant soon received good news that all four models were willing to come.

Shi Jin instructed the assistant, “Please treat them well.

Even if this cooperation doesnt succeed, you must show sufficient respect.”

Anla will be known as the number one supermodel in the supermodel world, and the other three had their own brilliant development.

Currently, they were just dragons swimming in shallow waters.

The assistant saw that her tone was serious and became more serious.

Soon, the four models arrived.

Compared to the models who had been famous for a long time, who acted as if there was no one else around, they were still young and inexperienced.

This was because they had not been on stage enough to polish them.

When the four of them came over, Gu Zehan showed great enthusiasm and respect.

“Miss Bell, Miss Lilith, Miss Jane, Miss Loris, please sit.”

Shi Jin personally poured coffee for them.

‘The four of them were flattered.

As models at the bottom of society, they usually had to work as waiters, deliver newspapers, and other miscellaneous jobs to ensure their daily lives.

When they went for interviews, no one would pay much attention to them..

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