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Chapter 522: Worried that the Li Family would make a comeback

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Seeing Fu Xiuyuans expression, Song Fan realized that he had been overthinking.

When they returned to the conference room, everyones expressions were still filled with disapproval.

Few would agree if they were to vote now.

After all, the real money and silver were all related to them.

Fu Xiuyuan said indifferently, “Let me say a few words.”

Everyone held their breaths and waited for him to speak.

“Tve looked through Shi Jins project carefully.

I think its valuable.

We can start voting now.”

He said he would say a few words and it was indeed just a few words.

There was not a single word of nonsense.

The expressions of the shareholders and higher-ups changed.

“Raise your hand if you support Shi Jin.” Fu Xiuyuan raised his hand.

Slowly, people raised their hands.

There was one person following, then two people.

Then, there were three people, four people… In the end, even the people who had the most questions raised their hands hesitantly.

Almost no one objected, and in the end, everyone voted for it.

Song Fan was sure that he was thinking too much.

How could Master Fu not speak up for Miss Shi

Meanwhile, in Fus Enterprise, Fu Xiuyuan had gained the unanimous approval of everyone with his sharp eyes.

Everyone knew that if they followed Fu Xiuyuan, they would be able to earn money and have meat to eat.

Therefore, even if it was a project that no one was optimistic about, as long as Fu

Xiuyuan said something, it was impossible for others not to follow.

Standing at the side, Shi Jin finally experienced Fu Xiuyuans unique influence and appeal.

After receiving proper financing, Fu Xiuyuan instructed Song Fan to give Shi Jin the money as soon as possible, as well as assist Shi Jin in all her work.

Within three days, Shi Jin managed to get the land she wanted under the name of Time Corporation.

At the same time, she set up Time Entertainment and took out her contract from her previous company.

Her previous company, Supreme Entertainment, had already earned a fortune from her.

It was an unexpected gain.

So even though they were depressed that she had left early, they still remembered that she was the person Fu Xiuyuan had placed in their company.

At the same time, the value that she had

originally brought was far greater than anyone else in the company, so the company did not even ask for compensation.

Not only did they not fall out with each other, they even sent her out personally.

However, the company was heartbroken that she left on her own and even took Yao Jiahong away!

To put it bluntly, the pride in Westerners made them unable to really think highly of Easterners and Asians.

Sun Ning was able to get their attention because she was a quarter American and half French.

True racism had always existed.

No matter how much of a genius Brian was, the fact that he had used a completely Asian face was considered ruining himself by these arrogant people.

Besides, Brian himself was Asian.

Sun Yijing had already expected this.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have bothered to snatch Sun Ning away from Gu Zehan.

Perhaps the Li family was nothing now, but the Sun family, where Sun Yijing was, was actually worried all the time, since the Li familys comeback would affect their position.

The Sun family could not sit still as they watched the two sons of the Li family quietly develop their careers.

Now that their careers were rapidly expanding, the Sun family could no longer sit still.

Sun Yijing represented the interests of the Sun family.

“Make Sun Ning and Wu Haoyang famous,” she instructed her assistant.

Actually, there was no need for her to praise her.

Sun Nings face had long been recognized by Westerners.

She was the top Asian supermodel in their hearts, and her black eyes had the charm of an Asian.

And because Wu Haoyang had mixed blood, he easily received more recognition than Brian.

The people here kept saying that they were equal and that they didnt look down on them, but in reality, everything they did was the opposite of what they said.


Gu Zehan did not take these reports to heart.

It was indeed difficult now, but could it be as difficult as when he had just changed careers

He had already walked the same path as before, so there was no need to worry about the future.

His only worry was Shi Jin.

He reminded his assistant, “Dont talk about these things in front of Shi Jin, in case she gets too stressed.”

The assistant glanced at him and pointed at Shi Jins seat.

Gu Zehan looked over.

Shi Jin, who was sitting on the sofa, was reading the local newspaper, which had these contents printed on it..

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