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Chapter 521: I Object

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Many shareholders and senior executives could vaguely guess that Fu Xiuyuan had great power in Europe and Africa, but they had no idea what it was.

“Master Fu is here.”

As soon as someone said this, everyone fell silent, waiting for Fu Xiuyuan to come over.

Fu Xiuyuans figure appeared, followed by a woman in a ladys suit, appearing rather capable.

“Then…” These shareholders and higher-ups didnt know many people in the entertainment industry, but one of them felt that this woman looked familiar.

Especially her dazzling facial features, even if she combed her hair neatly and coiled it into the style of a female employee, it would not be able to hide her beauty.

“Isnt that Shi Jin”

“Who is Shi Jin”

“A very popular female celebrity recently.

My daughter collects her posters everyday and pastes them all over the house.”

“A female celebrity What is a female celebrity doing here”

Fu Xiuyuan walked closer and everyone suppressed their doubts.

Song Fan walked out and said, “This is Shi Jin, the person in charge of Time Corporation.

She has a financing proposal that she would like to discuss with everyone.”

“Time Corporation”

“Te never heard of it before.”

“Quite unfamiliar.”

It was indeed very unfamiliar.

Shi Jin did not hide it either.

It was the company that she had just established and it was only registered with Song Fans help.

Otherwise, she would have had to wait for two days.

It did not matter what the companys name was or how it was registered.

What was important was what Shi Jin was going to do next.

After Song Fans introduction, Shi Jin placed the information on the big screen and detailed her companys plans and future investments.

Her information was very detailed and her explanation was very accurate.

The shareholders and higher-ups nodded.

However, one of them said, “I can understand why youre investing in movies and television dramas.

Artists really make a lot of money nowadays.

I know that investing in real estate is profitable, but isnt the location of the real estate youre investing in a little

too remote You even want to invest in foreign real estate Miss Shi, forgive me for being blunt, I agree with your general direction, but there are major problems with the details of the project.”

“These few locations were carefully selected by me.

I have examined their future prospects.”

Just as Shi Jin was eating, she received a video call.

She took a look.

It was Old Madam Fu calling.

It was rare for her to use technology, so Shi Jin quickly picked up the call.

“Shi Jin, I heard that youre opening a company”

“Yes, Grandma.

I was just playing around.” Shi Jin did not say much, afraid that she would be worried.

“The people in the company are all very stubborn and especially cautious.

They are afraid of the wolf in front, but afraid of the tiger behind.

Why dont you look for Grandma directly”

Old Madam Fus words were sincere.

She said, “How much investment do you want Il invest all of it on you, as long as youre happy.

Xiuyuan is really too much.

You want investments, and he even told you to find those stubborn guys.

He didnt even say that he would help his wife.”

Old Madam Fu had long treated Shi Jin as her own granddaughter.

Shi Jin laughed when she heard that.

Old Madam Fu was becoming more and more adorable.

However, she could tell that Grandma only wanted her to be happy, so she was willing to give Shi Jin some pocket money to play with.

If Shi Jin really only wanted pocket money, she could look for her grandfather, parents, brother or Fu Xiuyuan.

However, she wanted to go through the formal process of financing.

‘When the company was established, it had to go through proper procedures so that it would not be messy in the future.

“Grandma, thank you so much, but I cant accept your money.”

“In any case, in the future, Ill be relying on you and Xiuyuan to support me in my old age.

So what if I give it to you now After a hundred years, wont I still leave it to you guys”

“You have to stay with us forever.

I wont allow you to say those words to us.” Shi Jins tone softened.

“Grandma, I want to prove my strength.”

Her attitude was firm, so Old Madam Fu did not try to persuade her anymore.

“Then try harder.

If those stubborn old fellows refuse, Ill get someone to send you the check.”

“Okay, Grandma!”

After receiving the call from Old Madam Fu, half an hour was almost up.

Fu Xiuyuan shot a glance at Song Fan, who quickly retreated to the side to reduce his presence.

He was the one who told Old Madam Fu about what had happened today because he was afraid that Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan would be put in a difficult position.

Anyway, the few hundred million that Shi Jin wanted was not a lot.

Old Madam Fu should have enough money.

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