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Chapter 52: Elimination

Was Zhu Xuan going to challenge Shi Jin

Yao Jiahong was resting his eyes, but opened them when he heard who Zhu Xuan wanted to compete with.

Yao Jiahong could not help recalling Shi Jin asking him to get Ding Jianyong to give his employees a warning over something minor earlier.

He scoffed in his mind right away.

Shi Jin must have a terrible relationship with everyone on the program if she had to resort to that.

Only Zhu Xuan truly knew the reason she selected Shi Jin to compete with.

She was Chu Lings fan, so she took part in the competition solely for him.

Hence, some of Chu Lings fans had become her supporters.

She was already unhappy with the way Shi Jin was using Chu Lings popularity.

Now that she had made it into this round, she had to teach Shi Jin a lesson!

Even though Shi Jin had performed well for her last two songs, Zhu Xuan had a ready fan base, so she was unafraid of picking Shi Jin!

The moment the show started, it hit a climax, so the audience could not help feeling excited.

“Well done, Little Pig! We will all call in and vote for you!”

“We are all waiting for Little Pig to kick Little Stone off the show.”

Shi Jin calmly took the microphone and stood up when she was picked.

She already saw this coming.

Zhu Xuan picked a ballad that suited her.

It was Wen Yongweis previous creation, “Love You”.

It was the perfect song for her singing style.

It was a politically smart choice to pick from Wen Yongweis song archive.

Wen Yongwei was well known, so her songs were very popular with the audience.

After Zhu Xuan was done singing, people kept singing her praises.

Yao Jiahong sat below the stage as he quietly planned what to do with Shi Jins career after she got eliminated.

Shi Jin had picked Gu Qinghuas song, “I Want to Be Your Spring”.

Even though the lyrics were bright and positive, the song had a sorrowful air and was in Gu Qinghuas singing style.

Shi Jin had sung it countless times, so she was confident about performing it.

The moment she opened her mouth, her ethereal voice struck Yao Jiahong right away and made him sit up straight.

He looked at the girl on stage in shock.

It was inconceivable that she was capable of sounding like this.

Shi Jins voice sounded smooth and consistent from behind the mask.

In comparison to the sorrowful air in Gu Qinghuas singing voice, it sounded sad but not completely heartbroken when Shi Jin sang it.

When spring is over.

I hope I will still fill you like music.

May the flowers bloom so that you can escape from the dark and sadness.

After she was done singing, all the instructors reacted just like Yao Jiahong and straightened their backs.

It had been a long time since they last felt so touched and triggered by a song.

The voting had begun.

Chu Lings fans were stunned briefly.

They automatically wanted to vote for Little Pig when they snapped out of their daze.

However, they paused as they touched the tears hanging from the corners of their eyes.

Little Stone was the one who moved them so deeply that they cried.

In an instant, they were in a dilemma.

Shi Jin had real fans out there, but they were scattered throughout the crowd in between Chu Lings fans and did not dare to say a word.

However, voting was private.

No one would know their vote, so Chu Lings fans could not come after them.

The voting results kept rising until it finally came to a halt.

The host looked at the results in disbelief.

“Little Pig had 280 000 votes while Little Stone had 500 000 votes! Since Little Pig was in the elimination zone, she will get kicked out altogether.”

Zhu Xuan opened her mouth wide and watched in shock.

She could not believe what she was seeing.

However, the truth was the truth.

Despite their production teams equal surprise, they had to stick to the rules.

Gu Qinghua hurriedly pulled Shi Jins hand when Shi Jin went back to her seat to congratulate her.

Since they were wearing masks, she could not see Shi Jins face.

However, she could tell from Shi Jins eyes that she was smiling.

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