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Chapter 519: Youve Been Stealing My People

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Shi Jin recalled her previous life.

It was no wonder that the Sun family had always been suppressing the Li family.

In her previous life, because Gu Jingyuan had lost his hearing, Li Juekais legs were disabled, and Old Master Li had died from overwork.

The Li family simply did not have the ability to fight


At that time, Gu Zehans inspiration must have been greatly affected by Sun Nings departure, and he couldnt perform well because of his familys affairs.

In the end, he lost his talent as a designer and fell like a meteor.

In his previous life, although Fu Xiuyuan had helped the Li family a lot, their illness and injuries were things that Fu Xiuyuan could not change.

Hence, he could only watch as the Li family gradually declined.

After that, Shi Jin lost her protection and became the target of everyones oppression.

At the thought of this, Shi Jins eyes welled up and she clenched his fists tightly.

The Sun Family still wanted to trample on the Li Family in this lifetime Dream on!

Shi Jin gave Gu Zehans assistant a call.

“Brian is not in a good state right now.

Sun Ning is a supermodel that he single-handedly unearthed, and he used his own design to make her famous.

The two of them already have a tacit understanding of each other.

Now that we have to change supermodels at the last minute, Brian cant find a suitable

one, and his inspiration is declining,” the assistant said.

He had actually tried to persuade Gu Zehan to use Shi Jin directly, but Gu Zehan seemed to have thought of something and refused to say it.

“Does he have any important work recently”

“Yes, its going to be the international fashion show soon.

Brian is already in the finals and is very likely to win the grand prize, but the clothes he made for Sun Ning to wear were only half-designed… Theres no inspiration for them now.

I dont know whos going to wear them.”

“Tell him to call me directly if he wants to use me.”

The assistant was pleasantly surprised.

He did not expect Shi Jin to take the initiative offer.

“Okay, Ill tell him immediately!”

Shi Jin called Yao Jiahong again.

“I might adjust my focus recently.”

Any manager would advise their artistes to prioritize their career, especially with Shi Jins current status.

Any event or deal would earn him seven or eight percent of his income.

On the other hand, models, especially models who had just started their careers, would earn at most a few thousand yuan per show, or even a few hundred yuan.

It was not even enough to pay for Shi Jins trip.

However, Yao Jiahong didnt say anything and directly agreed.

“Alright, Ill push aside the work that you cant go to, but after you go on stage, dont dress too lightly.”

Not only was he worried that Fu Xiuyuan would not be able to take it, he also had to consider Shi Jins image as a whole.

She could not ruin her own value just because she was helping Gu Zehan.

“I believe my second brother will consider this matter more clearly than me.”

“Tl go make the arrangements then.” Yao Jiahong treated Shi Jin as his daughter now.

He felt that even if he treated her ten times better, he would not be able to make up for his distrust and cold words towards her.


Gu Zehan did not look for Shi Jin.

He knew that his passion for clothes was too full, and as a designer who specialized in fashion shows, he had an almost fanatical obsession with models.

It wasnt because he was obsessed with the model, but rather, every inch of their skin, body shape, and flawless beauty that would showcase the clothing.

And after all, Shi Jin was his younger sister, so he still had his concerns.

More importantly, he had to worry about that crazy Fu Xiuyuan.

Every time he looked at Shi Jin, Fu Xiuyuan wished he could hide Shi Jin, let alone make Shi Jin his personal model.

He felt that unless he was blind, Fu Xiuyuan might not agree.

Therefore, he was still looking for other newcomers.

However, artists were common, but there were few muses.

Moreover, Shi Jin was a precious gem.

After witnessing her spiritual energy and stage presence, it would be difficult for Gu Zehan

to accept anyone else.

Shi Jin was not in a hurry either.

She waited for Gu Zehan to find her personally.

However, Gu Zehan did not intend to go this far, until Sun Ning and Wu Haoyangs show began.

As a veteran designer, Wu Haoyang had designed many fashion shows.

He had the support of the Sun family behind him, and the brands under his name already occupied a large market.

However, due to his fame, he was already somewhat exhausted.

The outside world was now saying that he had lost his touch.

Hence, this show was a test for him by the outside world.

It was also an important show for him to prove his abilities.

Gu Zehan got his ticket and entered the show.

On stage, models came out one after another.

Everyone below the stage whispered to each other.

There were many good comments, but Gu Zehans face turned paler and paler.

Because Wu Haoyangs designs were all familiar to him.

When Gu Zehan was designing clothes, he would usually use Sun Ning as the prototype and would often ask her to cooperate with him.

Every time he worked with her, he would talk about his design ideas.

He spoke quickly and was talking to himself.

Others could not understand him, but Sun Ning had followed him for a long time after all.

It was easy for her to remember some things.

‘Wu Haoyangs clothes had a shadow of him, but it wasnt entirely plagiarized by him.

Sun Ning must have told him these ideas.

Hence, Gu Zehan could not even sue them for plagiarism.

It was true that they did not rely on Gu Zehans clothes to design.

They merely drew inspiration from him that Gu Zehan had never recorded.

‘When Sun Ning showed up, Gu Zehan couldnt breathe.

He quickly left the scene and walked to the rubbish bin outside the door, retching, but he did not vomit out anything.

After a while, he called Shi Jin.


‘When Shi Jin arrived at the cafe, she saw Gu Zehan sitting alone in a comer.

Shi Jins heart ached.

She walked over quickly and sat down in front of him.

“Second Brother.”

Gu Zehan looked at her and let out a bitter smile.

“Im sorry, Shi Jin.

Im really too idealistic.

I thought that I could bring the Li family back to the past just because I had my own ideals.

However, I didnt know that the Sun family had long been trying to poach from me…”

He did not want to talk about these things, but when he thought about it, Shi Jin had already asked his assistant to pass on those words to him.

Wasnt it because Shi Jin had already seen through the Sun familys tricks

Although the defeat of the Li family was not directly caused by the Sun family, at this juncture, the Sun family was indeed the most fearful of the Li family.

They were afraid that the Li family would rise slightly and threaten their position.

Shi Jin understood everything, but he was still hesitating.

After ordering a cup of coffee, Shi Jin said slowly, “Second Brother, you are far more capable than Wu Haoyang.

With you around, the Sun family is still far from trampling on our family.”

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