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Chapter 518: But I Like It

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Just like when he saw Shi Jin put on his clothes.

No wonder Sun Ning had such a misunderstanding.

She must have mistook Gu Zehans love for fashion as love for her.

However, this was not the case and Sun Ning would not be able to accept the truth.

It was inevitable that her pride would be hurt by Gu Zehans passionate gaze and his rejection.

“What will you do now” Shi Jin asked.

Gu Zehans eyes lit up when they landed on Shi Jin.

However, he seemed to have thought of something and his gaze dimmed.

“Forget it, Ill find another model.”

“Youll find the right one.”


‘When Shi Jin returned home, Fu Xiuyuan was quietly planting flowers in the backyard.

All the soil had been turned over, and there was the fresh smell of freshly turned soil in the air.

However, the atmosphere didnt seem right.

Shi Jin recalled the video that she had appeared on trending today.

‘As a model, she naturally became popular.

However, the clothes that she modeled were minimalistic and the fabric could only cover up most of the important parts.

It was indeed different from her usual clothes.

Fu Xiuyuan must have seen those videos.

At the thought of this, it wasnt hard for Shi Jin to imagine that Fu Xiuyuan had dug through all the dirt in order to control his emotions.

She coughed lightly and retreated, calling Song Fan over first.

As expected, Song Fan was very cautious.

“Whats wrong with your Master Fu”

“_.” Song Fan said, “During the meeting, hes already scolded a bunch of incompetent people.

Hes been in a bad mood.”

“Did he rummage through the soil himself”

Song Fan: Not only did he flip it himself, but he also dug out the seedlings.

He didnt dare to talk about the seedlings and said, “Master Fu intends to help you with these plants.”

Shi Jin laughed.

Could loosening the soil alone dig out all the flowers and plants

Seeing Shi Jins smile, Song Fan was even more nervous.

“alright, go do your work.” Shi Jin had already regained her composure.

She walked to the backyard and stood beside Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan had already packed up the last flower.

The digging was done by hand, and the planting was also done by hand.

He got up and saw the smiling face swaying before him, bright and dazzling.

Fu Xiuyuans anger subsided a little in light of her smiling eyes, but he did not move.

Shi Jin hugged him, who was covered in mud, and kissed him.

“I heard that you are helping me with these flowers and pine trees.

Thank you for your hard work.”

“Mm,” Fu Xiuyuan replied lightly.

However, his tone sounded like he was saying, “Ive already worked so hard.

Is this the only reward youre giving me”

Receiving the hint, Shi Jin hooked his neck and kissed him again.

She was indeed tall, but in front of Fu Xiuyuan, she still had to tiptoe.

Pleased with her kiss, Fu Xiuyuan grabbed her waist, his hidden violence aroused.

He took the initiative and bit her lips.

He just wanted to lock her by his side and let her be seen by himself.

He knew that this was wrong.

He should not break her wings and tie her freedom, but every time, such thoughts would still surge in his heart.

Shi Jin didnt expect him to pick her up and throw her onto the bed.

He was covered in dirt and sweat.

She had already tried her best to promise him and resolve his uneasiness.

Yes, it was unease.

She knew too well that he did not want to confine her, just because those people were obsessed with her beauty.

He was just uneasy.

Uncomfortable that she might not belong to him alone.

Uncomfortable that she might leave.

Uncomfortable that she might despise him.

She was the only fragile part of his strength.

Fu Xiuyuans overwhelming kisses engulfed Shi Jin, as though he wanted to use this method to confirm that she belonged to him.

Just as he was about to destroy her completely, Shi Jin suddenly pushed against his chest.

“Fu Xiuyuan, you smell like sweat.”

Fu Xiuyuan was slightly stunned.

He realized that his unbearable behavior was a form of blasphemy to her.

He was about to get up when Shi Jin hooked his waist and said in a lustful tone, “But I like it.”

After she finished speaking, Fu Xiuyuan lowered his head and kissed her deeply, taking all of her.


‘When Shi Jin woke up the next day, her waist was really sore.

When Fu Xiuyuan felt insecure, he would repeatedly use this method to confirm that she belonged to him.

And Shi Jin would often respond to him in such a way more violently than he did to soothe his uneasiness.

She was so sore that she didnt want to move.

Fu Xiuyuan was accompanying her.

He reached out his palm and found the sore spot on her waist, massaging her.

It had to be said that he knew every part of her body too well.

He could always accurately relieve her fatigue.

“Are you feeling better” Fu Xiuyuans voice started to turn hoarse.


I need you to hug me.” Shi Jin mustered up her courage and looked at him with a burning gaze.

She was going all out today.

Anyway, there was no schedule today.

Alright, this day had really been used to the extreme by Fu Xiuyuan.

The result was self-evident.

Fu Xiuyuan did not mention her modeling situation.

When Song Fan called to ask about work, he had also arranged it with a pleasant expression.

It seemed like he had accepted Shi Jins new profession.

Shi Jin knew that she had to be more proactive in the future.

At least, she would spend more time with him.

After recovering from her aching body, Shi Jin asked Song Fan for information on the Sun family.

According to the information, the Sun family had been developing quite a bit in the fashion industry.

Currently, the designer that the Sun family supported was Wu Haoyang, Sun Yijings cousin.

Sun Ning, on the other hand, became Wu Haoyangs girlfriend.

Although her surname was Sun, she wasnt a real member of the Sun family.

No wonder she wanted to abandon Gu Zehan and get together with Wu Haoyang.

At least on the surface, the Sun familys development was indeed better than the Li family and Gu Zehans.

The Sun family was able to establish themselves among the Four Big Families not only because of the clothing industry, but also because of the pharmaceutical development companies under their name.

The reason why Sun Yijing wanted to fight with Gu Zehan now was because she didnt want the Li family to appear again and take away the position of one of the Four Big Families that they had painstakingly obtained.

In other words, Sun Yijing was not only targeting Gu Zehan, but also Gu Jingyuan.

Once Gu Zehans inspiration could not catch up, the Sun family would quickly take over his part of the market and turn their attention to Gu Jingyuan, seizing his pharmaceutical company.

After taking down the Gu brothers, the Li family would become an empty shell.

As for Shi Jin, they probably felt that Sun Yijing and Chu Lings official announcement alone was enough to strike a blow at Shi Jin..

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