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Chapter 517: Burning Eyes

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“Lwas wondering why she walked so well.

I thought it was really Shi Jin.”

“Isnt this theft”

“Please tell me everything about this model! Her figure is too good!”

“Then who is this real supermodel Im curious!”

“I want to be a fan, I want the models real name!”

These questions raised considerable debate and discussion.

1It also triggered ridicule from other fans.

Until a buyer who had been to the venue wrote a long post on his Weibo and concluded, “I really want to know how Shi Jin did it.

How did she walk on stage like a supermodel”

A few media personnel who had gone to watch the live broadcast also posted long posts.

The talk of Al face changing finally stopped.

“Damn, it really is Shi Jin!”

“Shouldnt the people who scolded her for changing her face apologize”

“Shi Jins figure, tsk tsk tsk…”

“When I saw her photos in the past, she always wore her school uniform.

Can the manager and stylist be more attentive”

“Im so attracted to her.

What kind of freaking superstar is she She has a good singing voice, acting talent, and such a good figure and stage walk!”

This time, Shi Jins video was released continuously and became a trending topic.

There were no more people who accused her of changing her face.

Instead, she became the absolute main character.

The brand, Brian, was also widely seen by the public.

The publicity effect was dozens of times better than what the companys publicity department expected.

If it had been Sun Ning doing todays show, it would not have achieved such a good result.

The employees who had been crying earlier were now all smiles.

“Brian, if wed known this was going to happen, you shouldve terminated your contract with Sun Ning.”

Gu Zehan had insisted on using a supermodel because he did not want his brand to be just fast fashion, but now, after seeing Shi Jins potential, he realized that his treatment of supermodels and celebrities was not entirely correct.

After all, there was really someone who could do as she pleased in both environments.

Shi Jin changed into her own clothes and came out.

Her own clothes outlined her waistline, but it was more comfortable, unlike on stage where every line of her body was revealed clearly.

“Second Brother, whats going on with Sun Ning She terminated the contract just like that” Shi Jin voiced out her doubts.

“Its not as if she would terminate the contract just like that.

Actually, she had this thought before, but at that time, she wasnt very determined.”


Gu Zehan smiled bitterly.

“She wants to marry me, and I just want to compose in peace.”

“Then its true that you guys dont share the same ideals.

Its normal for girls to want to settle down.” Shi Jin could understand Sun Nings thoughts.

“But were just working together, not in a relationship.” Gu Zehan glanced at Shi Jin.

“Do you understand what Im saying”

“I thought you two were lovers.

If not, did you give her the wrong hint”

“Lhave no interest in women.

Clothes are my lovers.

Do you understand”

Shi Jin understood.

When he was looking at clothes, his gaze was often too fervent.

All the light in his life was concentrated in his vision, and his amorous eyes were filled with the best admiration and praise in the world..

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