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Chapter 516: Shi Jin on the Stage

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Sun Ning smiled.

“Recently, our relationship has been very harmonious.


didnt expect me to leave so suddenly, so he shouldnt have made any other


Ive also asked the other supermodels, they all have schedules


Hearing that Gu Zehan would most likely have an accident tonight, Sun Yijing

was in a good mood.

“Tm looking forward to his perfomance next”

“Tm looking forward to it as well.” Sun Nings smile grew even brighter.

Chu Ling glanced at the two women beside him with a calm expression.

It was a pity that Shi Jin had such an attitude towards him.

Otherwise, he might

have reminded Gu Zehan in advance for Shi Jins sake.

In the end, they were not fated.

However, the situation today was completely

beneficial to him.

Naturally, Chu Ling would enjoy the benefits.

When the Sun familys clothing business spread around the world, he would

naturally be the spokesperson and be at the top.

Sun Ning had someone she was familiar with backstage, so she kept asking

around about Gu Zehan.

She had caught Gu Zehan off guard tonight.

She knew that this man was

passionate about fashion and had high standards for models.

He might still be able to stand up after losing her, but he would probably only

have a few years to live in a situation where he had lost all ohis inspiration.

Just like three years ago, she tried once.

Gu Zehan was dispirited for half a year

without any inspiration until she went back.

If he became dispirited this time, the market would be completely occupied by

the Sun clan.

Even if he made a comeback, there would be no market for him to


Ding! Sun Nings phone received a message.

“Gu Zehan chose Shi Jin to wear the main dress.”

Upon seeing the news, Sun Ning laughed after her anger subsided.

She was furious that Giu Zehan had allowed a celebrity to wear clothes specially

tailored for her!

How dare he!

What was funny was that he actually thought that a female celebrity could save

his clothes

Everyone knew that there was a barrier between female celebrities and the

fashion industry.

Only a few female celebrities could break through this barrier

and have good perfomances.

However, compared to the top supermodels in

the fashion industry, those few female celebrities were nothing.

“shi Jin” Sun Ning did not know whether to laugh or cry.

She told Sun Yijing about this in a low voice.

Sun Yijinglistened calmly without making any comments.

Chu Ling was speechless.

Was Gu Zehan going to give up on this show

With a rhythmic drumbeat, a few models walked into the backstage.

Hearing this music, the experienced audience already knew that todays main

show had arrived.

Everyone was looking forward to it.

At the same time, a few people who knew Sun Ning also found it strange.


was this supermodel, who was supposed to be on stage, sitting below the


Shi Jin appeared.

She didnt let the other models accompany her and walked


Her long legs clad in high heels walked out steadily.

She put on supermodel makeup and strode out with sharp eyes, her cold and

formidable aura making her feel like a breeze.

Wherever she passed, she

naturally attracted the attention of the audience.

Every step she took was steady and precise

Everyone only felt a cold, valiant, and beautiful supermodel walking towards


Their gazes were immediately captured by her.

When she walked to the

front of the stage and made a beautiful stop, someone finally recognized her.


isnt that Shi jin

“Why is Shi Jin on stage”

“But she walked really well!

“I have a feeling that the outfit shes wearing will be the biggest hit this year!”

Sun Nings indifferent expression started to change.

As a supermodel, how

could she not tell that Shi Jins stage walk was professional

Not only was she professional, she also had her own style.

She did not show


This was something that Sun Ning, who debuted at the age of fifteen and spent

three years training, could barely achieve.

Many supermodels developed their own unique memory and style after many

shows, but she remembered that shi Jin did not have any experience in this


While Sun Ning was still in shock, Shi Jin had already turned to walk back.


style was still as steady as ever.

Her legs were strong and steady without any


The audience gave a round of applause

Backstage, the assistant was so nervous that he almost fainted.

It was only

when he heard the applause outside and saw Shi Jin stepping off the stage that

he calmed down and gave her a thumbs up.

On the other hand, Gu Zehan had already calmed down.

He reached out and

patted Shi Jins shoulder.


Assistant: Just good Brian is too strict.

Shi jin sat down and the assistant hurriedly said, “Theres going to be an encore


Theres a big group photo.

You should take a rest first.

Do you want some



Just plain water.

“Coming right up:”

Sun Ning, Sun Yijing, and Chu Ling left early.

The three of them walked out in silence, still unable to believe what they had

just seen.

Although they did not want to see this show succeed, Shi jins performance just

now had undoubtedly succeeded.

Sun Ning immediately said, “sister Jing, our brand will immediately arrange

for our debut show and will be listed before Brian.”

“I hope so,” Sun Yijing said calmly.

Sun Ning felt a little regretful.

She had given the signed termination agreement

to Gu Zehan just now.

If she had just teminated the contract verbally and sent the agreement later,

she could still bite back now, but it was too late


As the final homecoming and photo shoot ended, Shi Jins fashion show quickly

became a trending topic on Weibo.

Previously, her dressing style was relatively casual.

Although everyone knew

that she had a good figure, they had rarely seen her showcase her figure.


time, her long legs were fully showcased.

Under the few videos, everyone was complimenting her legs.

Fans naturally felt that her stage presence was the best.

However, a few

professionals expressed their doubts after watching the video.

“Are you sure

this isnt an edit

It wasnt that they were doubting Shi Jins stage walk, but was it really possible

for her to walk with such a unique style and mature stage steps

Of course, there were haters who quickly brought up this doubt.

“This is too


Is Shi Jin so desperate that she would use this to pass off as her own

work Because the brand Brian belongs to her second brother, she dares to use

other models” videos without any scruples and use her own face in their place.

These actions in the entertainment industry are really too weird”

Some onlookers who did not know the truth were enlightened when they saw

the news.

“Oh, so Shi jin used someone elses video and put her own face on it.”

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