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Chapter 515: Let Me Try

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Facing such a large number of potential consumers, every designer would do

their best to come up with their best plan.

Gu Zehan was no exception.

Todays show was not only the most important show in his life, but also the

most important show he had had since the establishment of the brand Brian.

This show directly decided Brians development in the country and would lay

the foundation for future scale development.

As the music started, the models began to appear in their own order.

The other staff members were also quickly engrossed in their work.


Gu Zehan seemed to have been disheartened and sat on the chair dispiritedly.

The assistant stepped forward and said, “Brian, Ill contact the other

supermodels immediately.

There should still be three supermodels in the


Ill try to fight for them.”

“Its no use… Theyre not Sun Ning, they cant wear these clothes.”

“We can modify it immediately.” This was a basic skill for the designers

assistant and backstage staff.

Besides, there wouldnt be a world of difference between a supermodel and a


The modifications would be very fast.

Gu Zehan shook his head.

“Its different, its different.”

Although there wasnt much difference in their figures, their auras were

completely different.

After putting on the clothes, the feeling that they gave off

would also be very different.

The designer had lost his muse, and everything else had changed.

The assistant was extremely anxious as he watched the models walk past one

by one.

The situation was still under control, but for a personal brand show,

relying on those models was useless.

The designers personal ability, design concept, and brands influence were

mostly carried by the main model.

If it were today, it would be Sun Ning.

Sun Ning had suddenly turned hostile.

The pressure that the brand Brian was

facing was no different from having their backbone taken away.

“What should we do” The assistant discussed it with the others.

Everyone shook their heads with pale faces.

The assistant was determined.

“If Brian doesnt make a decision, I can only get

another model to replace Sun Ning”

Gu Zehans requirements were extremely high, but his assistant could lower


His role was to support Gu Zehan when he could not fulfill his duties.

It was too late to contact a famous supermodel, so the assistant had no choice,

but to let the models who had already gone on stage try.

Several models had already tried it, but the assistant shook his head.

It was no wonder that Gu Zehan did not want to change the models at the last


These models were smart and capable and were currently aiming for

the A-Grade position internationally.

However..they were indeed not suitable

to wear this set of clothes.

If they could not even pass the assistants level, how could someone like Gu

Zehan agree Was todays show really going to be over

“Let me try.

A cold female voice was heard.

The unique quality in the voice made peoples

spirits lift.

The assistant quickly looked up and was stunned when he saw Shi Jin standing

in front of him.

“This.” Only then did the assistant see clearly.

Although Shi jins face was

exquisite and gentle, there was a unique coldness to it.

This was a feeling that

only a high-class supermodel could have.

Shi Jin also seemed to be as tall as a supermodel.

“Let Shi Jin try!” the assistant said immediately.

Shi Jin went to change.

She was tall.

Ever since she was reborn, she had grown taller by a few


Perhaps it was because in this life, there were not as many messy things as in

her previous life.

She was in a good mood and could keep up her nutrition.


though she was already twenty years old, it did not stop her from growing


After changing, the assistant and the other staff members were all stunned.

The assistant rushed to find Gu Zehan.

“Brian, you really have to come and take

a look!

“Who did you find” Gu Zehan perked up.

His assistant was right.

Even if he had

to switch supermodels, he had to hold up tonights event.

He didnt just

represent himself, he also represented the hardworking staff behind the


He had to adjust his clothes personally.

“Second Brother.” Shi Jin walked over and smiled at Gu Zehan.

Gu Zehan:”..”

Gu Zehan: “!!!

His eyes lit up.

“Come here!”

He immediately took out the needle and thread and made some simple changes

to Shi Jins clothes.

He really did not realize that Shi Jins figure was so suitable.

Gu Zehan believed that he had a pair of eyes that were extremely good at

discovering good figures.

He could tell at a glance whether those supermodels

had lost weight or gained weight, with an additional o.1 millimetres around

their waists, and whether their legs were suitable or not.

He knew who was suitable for his clothes and who was not.

Hence, among the

models that came today, he did not need them to try it on to know that none of

them were suitable for the lead role.

However, he had never looked at Shi Jin

like that.

That was his sister.

Everything he saw was cute, loving, and beautiful.

He had

never looked at her professionally.

As for her, she was indeed a treasure.

He had to say that Shi Jin was

suited for this set of clothes than Sun Ning and had a better figure than Sun


It needed to be changed because Shi Jins temperament was colder than Sun


She was not as sweet as Sun Ning.

However, such coldness and valiance

accentuated her unique temperament.

Gu Zehans peach blossom eyes narrowed into a smile.

After adjusting it quickly, he thought of a problem and said to Shi Jin, “You can

go on stage, but you dont have to take too many steps.

Ill get a model to bring

you along.

You just have to look pretty.”

The assistant added, “Thats right, Miss Shi.

After all, you havent learned how

to walk on stage before.

Its better to hide your inadequacy if you walk less.

Xiao Li, find a pair of low-heeled shoes for Miss Shi.”

This was in consideration for Shi Jins safety.

Normal female celebrities would find it hard to wear a pair of supermodel

shoes, let talone show off their clothes and temperament.

“Second Brother, let me try,” Shi Jin said softly.

Has she ever walked the runway What had she not done in her previous life

owever, all her efforts in the past life were futile.

Since she was allowed to live this life again, she would definitely not give up.

She would also not let her family be reduced to the same situation as in her

previous life.

If the Sun family wanted to suppress Gu Zehan, they would have to see if she


Seeing the determination in Shi Jins eyes, Gu Zehan said, “Okay, get Shi Jin

some high heels.”

The assistant: “..

However, he still did as he was told.

Since he had already chosen to let Shi Jin

go on stage, what else could she not do

Below stage.

Sun Yijing and Sun Ning sat together with Chu Ling.

“I wonder who Gu Zehan will replace you with at the last minute” Sun Yijing

was calm and composed..

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