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Chapter 514: I Want to Terminate the Contract

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The comments section was also very heartless.

“It seems like the more popular you are, the hotter you get.

When Chu Ling was popular, he crushed everyone.” “No, I just think that Gu Zehan is exceptionally good-looking.

Its normal for him to crush Chu Ling.

“Sigh, dont you see that Chu Lings fans are all giving him their blessings This groves that he doesnt have many girlfriend fans left.”

“Thats true, the fans might have gotten over it.”

The fans that Chu Ling and Sun Yijing imagined would be crying and shouting about their idols dating were rare.

Occasionally, they would appear, but the number was really low.

Chu Lings traffic had really dropped visibly.

But how could his studio be idle He bought a lot of articles to create a Flourishing scene.

Finally, he had some top-notch cards.

That night, Zhang Lian also got onto the hot topic list.

Her face was almost disfigured due to an allergic reaction and it went straight to the news.

The expert even came out to remind her warmly, “People are prone to pollen allergies, so those with low immunity try not to come into contact with pollen as much as possible, especially those who dont usually come into contact with flowers, to prevent danger.” Everyone was also discussing her allergies.

The main reason was that there were many female artistes who took the flowers that night, and the photos they took were all very good.

Everyone was fine except for her allergies.

In the nanny van.

Yao Jiahong stole a few glances at Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, do you have something to do with Zhang Lian”

“Take a guess.” Shi Jin blinked her eyes playfully.

Yao Jiahong felt even more fortunate that Shi Jin had kept him by her side.

He said, “Whether its you or not, she deserves it.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Right” Zhang Lian didnt have any good intentions when she tried to place the allergy products in Shi Jins cosmetics.

Shi Jin was merely returning what she had done to her.

Moreover, Shi Jin did not do anything at all.

She only took those flowers to take pictures because she liked those flowers.

That was all.

Whether Zhang Lian would go pick up the flowers or not had nothing to do with Shi Jin.

Gu Zehans fashion show was about to be held in the capital.

As his younger sister, Shi Jin had to attend.

When she reached the backstage, she saw Gu Zehan busy with the last of his clothes When he got busy, Gu Zehan was completely focused and had lost his usual smile.

He was unusually serious as he instructed the models to keep trying on the outfits.

“The front row of the fashion show was always brightly lit and decorated with fresh flowers, while the backstage was usually in such a mess.

Many of the clothes had to be changed on the spot and there were constant emergencies.

This was a great test of the organizers ability and also the greatest test for a designer.

“Brian, the models are ready.

Only Sun Ning is left.”

Tll call her right away.” Gu Zehan went over to make a call.

When his assistant saw Shi Jin, he smiled apologetically and said, “Miss Shi, please sit at the side for a while.

Brian is too busy right now…”

“I understand.

You do what you need to do, dont worry about me.”

Shi Jin sat down and waited by the side.

Gu Zehans attention was on his work.

This was the first time Shi Jin saw him at work.

He wasnt as relaxed and carefree as he usually was.

Instead, he was strict, demanding and even a little crazy.

Shi Jin could imagine that if Gu Zehan had not been so devoted to the costumes, he would not have been able to produce those stunning genius costumes.

Artists were always a little crazy.

“Brian, Sun Ning is here!”

Sun Ning was Brians most capable supermodel and a famous supermodels internationally.

As everyone knew, every designer had their own model that they trusted and liked the most.

This model was not only suited to his design concepts, but was also the source of his inspiration and carried all of his imagination.

For Brian, Sun Ning was his inspiration muse.

“Sun Ning!” Gu Zehan knew her very well.

Seeing her, he grabbed her hand.

“Go get changed!” Although Sun Ning was the finale and there was still a lot of time, the finale clothes were also the most complicated and exquisite.

It would take a long time to put them on.

He might also make some adjustments and matchups based on the situation.

“Brian, Im not going on stage.” “What did you say” Gu Zehan stared at Sun Ning in disbelief.

Sun Ning was tall and wore high heels.

She was almost as tallas Gu Zehan.

She was very tall and had a mixed-race face.

Her facial features were well-defined and did not lose the charm of the East.

Her figure also had the

slenderness unique to Asians.

Sun Ning said word by word, “Im not going on stage.”

“Dont forget, you are my personal model, the type that has been signed for many years.

You are also my most trusted partner!

Gu Zehan almost shouted, but he managed to control his emotions when he said the last sentence.

Sun Ning was indeed his most important business partner.

She was someone he could not give up on “So please accept my termination letter and my compensation, “Sun Ning said.

“Are you crazy”

“Brian, Ive had enough! Talk to my lawyer!”

The assistant and staff came forward to dissuade her.

“Sun Ning, you cant do this.

Dont you know how much Brian has sacrificed for this show”

Sun Ning was determined.

“Alright, Ill accept the contract termination letter.

I want the full compensation!”Gu Zehan gritted his teeth.

“Brian.” The assistant was shocked.

Sun Ning smiled and said,I will.

I will even watch your show in the front row.

I wish you success.”

Her tone and expression were very relaxed, as if she and Brian were still good partners.

The assistant could not help saying angrily, “Youre not welcome here!”

Sun Ning, however, did not seem to mind.

She turned around and walked out.

She really sat down in front of the stage.

Shi Jin looked at the front of the stage and saw Chu Ling and Sun Yijing

What was the relationship between Sun Ning and Sun Yijing

Could it be that Chu Ling and Sun Yijing had bribed Sun Ning to turn against them on the spot to take revenge on Gu Zehan

However, Shi Jin quickly rejected this idea.

Sun Ning was worth a lot and the compensation would definitely be very high.

If Chu Ling and Sun Yijing were only doing this to take revenge on what Gu Zehan said the other day, there was really no need to pay such a huge price.

Besides, if Sun Ning wanted to become enemies with her long-time partner, it was definitely not something that could be done with a little money.

There must be some other secret behind this.

The show was about to start and the stage was already surrounded by the audience.

Although it was called an audience, most of them were employees of major brands, buyers from all over the world, artists, media, fashion circle celebrities, and socialites.

These were the potential consumers of the clothing displayed on the runway.

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