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Chapter 513: Allergic and Disfigured

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“Im fine.

I just got something on my face.”

“I dont think its that simple… Why dont you look in the mirror”

Zhang Lian didnt want to give up the chance to take a photo together.

However, the itch on her face was not something she could tolerate.

She had no choice, but to run out immediately.

She turned on the camera on her phone and almost fainted.

Her face was covered in red rashes, which had turned red and swollen.

She reached out to touch it, and the rash seemed to become even bigger.

An artists face was their life.

Zhang Lian didnt care about taking a photo with everyone anymore.

She immediately found her manager and rushed to the hospital.

Although she tried her best to hide it, the reporters still managed to capture the rash and her swollen


When the paparazzi heard that Zhang Lian had gone to the hospital, they quickly followed her to take photos.

Shi Jin didnt pay much attention to this matter.

She posed and took part in the photo.

Suddenly, she saw Chu Lings familiar figure walking over.

Shi Jin was not afraid to see him, but Chu Ling seemed to be extremely thick-skinned in this lifetime.

He did not mind the comments from the outside world at all.

He had already created several encounters with Shi Jin.

When it came to such matters, paparazzi and reporters liked to write nonsense.

In the end, it was very easy for the woman to be the one to get ruined by public opinion.

Just like now, Chu Ling had already lost his popularity, but his fans still liked to use his achievements from a few years ago to create the image that he was still a top celebrity.

Shi Jin was about to dodge when Sun Yijing smiled and said, “Shi Jin, lets take a picture together.”

The reporters followed suit and asked Shi Jin to stay.

In just a moment, Chu Ling had already reached Sun Yijings side.

He went forward and grabbed her fingers.

Shi Jin: “”

“Chu Ling, you and Yijing just made an official announcement and attracted the attention of many fans.

Can you share the details and feelings of your relationship with us”

“Yijing, who fell first Do you mind telling us”

Shi Jin finally understood why Sun Yijing did not want her to leave first.

The two of them had just announced that they were in a relationship, but they were afraid that it wouldnt be popular enough, so they came to step on her again.

Especially when she saw the way Sun Yijing looked at her, as if Shi Jin had really snatched Chu Ling away from her.

Shi Jin thought about it carefully.

It had been a long time since she could remember who Chu Ling


It was as if the reporters had just discovered Shi Jin.

They gasped and asked, “Shi Jin is here too How does Shi Jin feel about Chu Ling and Yijing”

Sun Yijing tilted her head and looked at Shi Jin.

Chu Lings gaze also shifted over.

Both of them had their own thoughts.

At that moment, no matter how Shi Jin responded, it would be difficult for her to end things perfectly.

Under Chu Lings brainwashing, some people felt that Shi Jin really liked Chu Ling.

The reporter was obviously digging a hole.

“Why dont you ask me this question” Gu Zehans voice rang in the crowd.

His beautiful facial features caught everyones attention.

His exquisite peach-blossom eyes glanced sideways at everyone.

As a designer, Gu Zehan looked more like an idol than Chu Ling.

He was even more exquisite.

Everyones attention was quickly drawn away by him.

“Regarding Chu Ling and Sun Yijings relationship, I just want to say that they are compatible!”

After Gu Zehan finished speaking, he mouthed, “A Jerk and cheap slut.”

He only mouthed the last sentence.

There was no sound at all, but those who were standing close all


Especially Sun Yijing.

She was originally the daughter of a wealthy family and had excellent self-restraint.

However, when she saw Gu Zehans actions, she could not control her expression.

However, Gu Zehan did not care about her at all.

If she was willing to pick up a piece of trash like Chu Ling it really had nothing to do with Gu Zehan or Shi Jin.

However, if she made the official announcement, it would not be so easy to step on Shi Jin to get to the top.

If this wasnt cheap, then what was

Putting aside the fact that Shi Jin had nothing to do with Chu Ling since a long time ago, the rules of the entertainment industry were that the first to flirt was cheap, not to mention those who had low celebrity rankings and were trying to force their way into a high position.

Gu Zehan felt that giving her the wordcheap really suited her.

“Everyone, please interview the two of them who are compatible with each other.

Shi Jin and I will take our leave first.” Gu Zehan left after he was done.

He did not stay any longer and left with Shi Jin.

Everyone knew that he was very protective of his sister, so naturally, no one would say anything.

On the other hand, Chu Ling and Sun Yijings plan had failed.

They couldnt help feeling resentful.

When she returned backstage, Sun Yijing realized that the video and content she had recorded were not enough to drag Shi Jin down.

Also there were many people who saw Gu Zehan calling her a “slut”, so she instantly lost her mood.

“Jingjing, whats wrong” Chu Ling walked over and held her shoulders.

“Its fine.

This time, after our official announcement, the situation is still very good.” Sun Yijing smiled.

“Yes, our careers will definitely improve.”

Chu Ling had no other choice.

Now that there were new male idols catching up to him, his popularity fell very quickly.

He was getting on in years, and his transition to film was not successful.

Now, he could only rely on his relationship to maintain his popularity.

Fortunately, Sun Yijings family was one of the four major families.

He would never lose out.

Sun Yijing started removing her makeup while Chu Ling accompanied her.

After a while, Sun Yijings manager came over and said, “Jingjing, Im afraid Zhang Lian wont make it.”

“Whats wrong” Sun Yijing didnt take Zhang Lian, who took the initiative to suck up to her, seriously at all.

However, when she heard this, she couldnt help but ask.

“She has a severe allergy to her face.

The doctor has made a preliminary diagnosis.

Even after she recovers, she will still have a rash.

It will be very easy for her to relapse in the future.

If its good, she can barely protect her skin.

If its bad, she might be disfigured…”

“Its that serious” Sun Yijings hands trembled as she subconsciously touched her own skin.

The manager shook his head.

“I didnt expect it either.

I heard that it is an allergy to pollen.

This kind of flower bouquet is very rare.

I heard that it was also flown over from overseas today.

Coincidentally, Zhang Lian went to get this flower and touched her face.

Ive already informed the organizing committee that we cant use this kind of flower anymore.”

“Tell them to hurry up and take away the flowers at the scene.” Sun Yijing was also afraid that something would happen to her.

“Dont worry, Ive already asked the doctor.

This type of allergy isnt very common.

There were many female artistes who took those flowers to take pictures tonight.

Only Zhang Lian had a problem.”

Sun Yijing thought to herself that this person was really unlucky.

Luckily, she didnt accept her goodwill and accepted her as a sidekick.


That night, the announcement of Chu Ling and Sun Yijings relationship became a hot topic.

However, when they watched the news, they realized that Chu Ling, who was known as the top celebrity, had been completely crushed by Gu Zehan.

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