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Chapter 512: Following the Trend

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“Is there a problem” After the makeup artist said that, she remembered that Shi Jins tone was very cold when she asked.

Shi Jin glanced at her.

“I think this foundation is pretty good.

Can you give it to me”

“Sure, of course.

Ill send it to you after Im done.”

“No, I want the original one.

Use my foundation for now.”

Yao Jiahong, who was standing by the side, hurriedly brought all of Shi Jins cosmetics, as well as her brushes and powder puffs over.

The makeup artists expression changed slightly.

Yao Jiahong explained, “Miss, please dont take it to heart.

Its not that Shi Jin doesnt like your stuff.

Her skin is a little sensitive because of the changing seasons so she doesnt dare to use other peoples stuff.”

The makeup artist nodded in understanding.

“I see.

I was too rash.”

The makeup artist started to use Shi Jins things.

Halfway through, Yao Jiahong came to give Shi Jin some water.

After Shi Jin finished drinking it, she placed it on the counter without covering it properly.

A cup of chrysanthemum tea spilled all over the makeup artists brush.

“Miss, Im sorry.” Shi Jin hurriedly sat up straight.

Yao Jiahong came to clean up.

“Its fine, I can just wash the brushes.”

“How can that do Brother Yao, please compensate her with a new set of brushes.”

The makeup artist quickly declined.

However, Shi Jin insisted on compensating her.

“If not, I wont accept the foundation powder you gave me.”

The makeup artist could not dissuade Shi Jin and could only accept the compensation.

Since she had accepted the compensation, she did not keep the old brush set and threw it into the rubbish bin.

After the makeup artist left, Yao Jiahong asked nervously in a low voice, “Shi Jin, is there a problem with her makeup”

Shi Jin took out the gold needle she brought and tried it.

The gold needle did not change color.

“Theres nothing wrong with the foundation, but theres something wrong with the foundation brush she used.

It shouldnt be her problem, someone else might have done something.”

Yao Jiahong was very worried and checked everything on the counter in front of her again.

After making sure that there were no problems, Yao Jiahong said, “Im going out to see whos at the scene.”

“Can you confirm who did it just by looking” Shi Jin asked.

He couldnt be sure.

There were too many people at the venue.

The entertainment industry was a circle of interests.

There were no eternal friends nor eternal enemies.

However, the cake in the entertainment industry was only so big.

People who snatched too many pieces would never lack enemies.

In other words, everyone outside could be Shi Jins enemy.

“Ill go take a look myself.” Shi Jin was about to leave.

Yao Jiahong watched her walk out worriedly, his gaze following her.

After Shi Jin left, there was the sound of shutters clicking.

She walked past the celebrities and quickly locked onto her target.

Although the medicine on the makeup artists brush was very light, Shi Jin had a sharp nose and could smell it clearly.

This same fragrance came from a female celebrity.

She sent the photo to Yao Jiahong.

“Who is she”

“Sun Yijing, the daughter of the Sun family.

The Sun family is ranked last among the four major families in the Imperial Capital and has a lot of power.

Sun Yijing is doing very well in the entertainment industry now.”

After Yao Jiahong said that, Shi Jin recalled that it was precisely because the Li familys position among the four major families had plummeted that the Sun family had made up for this gap.

No one would believe that the Sun family did nothing during the Li familys decline.

In her previous life, Shi Jin had no way of coming into contact with such a family.

So naturally, she was not familiar with the Sun family.

It was even harder for her to imagine that she would have the chance to face them head-on.

Since they had met this time, Shi Jin would definitely not let them off.

However, she still had to deal with this little monster who applied medicine on the foundation brush tonight.

She typed back to Yao Jiahong.

“Im asking about the person standing beside her.”

“The one beside you, isnt it Zhang Lian Back when she participated inThe Ultimate Singer Songwriter, she participated in a tag-team battle to try to eliminate you.

In the end, she was eliminated by you.

You didnt recognize her”

“I didnt recognize her.” Shi Jin could only see that there were traces of plastic surgery on her face.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have failed to recognize thisold friend.

Yao Jiahong continued to send a message.

“Zhang Lian has been quite close to Chu Jia for a period of time.

Their relationship is very good.”

“Understood,” Shi Jin replied and turned off her phone.

This was probably the revenge story of a small-time artiste who could not stand Shi Jin and planned to take revenge on her.

However, this method was too inexperienced.

She really knew nothing about Shi Jins abilities.

After walking around Zhang Lian, Shi Jin could smell what perfume she was wearing and what substance it contained.

She walked to the corner as if nothing had happened.

In a row of flower baskets made from fresh flowers, she pulled out one of them and played with it.

She was practically a trendsetter now.

Many reporters couldnt help taking photos of her when they saw her picking up the flowers.

After a while, a few female celebrities went to get the flowers and waited for their photos.

They might not be following the trend—in the entertainment industry, if there was no popularity or discussion, and it was fatal for celebrities.

This was why many celebrities wanted to become famous even if they got famous by getting hate.

Even if they didnt want to follow the trend, their manager would still urge them to follow.

Furthermore, there were many artistes who wanted to become famous.

Zhang Lian was no exception.

She quickly came over to pick up a flower and smiled.

“Everyones looking at these flowers.

Theyre really pretty.”

“Why doesnt everyone take a picture together” a reporter suggested.

Zhang Lian naturally agreed.

If she could get a photo of her and Shi Jin, her trending topics could be confirmed tonight.

It was not in vain that she had given up on greeting Sun Yijing and specially came to Shi Jin.

“I think I have the same flowers as Shi Jin,” Zhang Lian said happily when they were taking a photo together.

Very good, the popularity increased again.

Everyone responded casually.

Zhang Lian continued, “Shi Jin, long time no see.

I even participated in a competition with you.

Do you still remember”

“You are” Shi Jin looked at her in confusion.

Zhang Lian blushed slightly, but still explained seriously, “Im Little Lotus Zhang Lian.”

It had only been a year, but the word “Lian” was completely different from a year ago.

It was originally an innocent word, but now it had to be used as a double entendre.

Everyone held back their laughter.

After the group photo, everyone dispersed.

Zhang Lian was thinking about getting her manager to post some hot searches and articles at night when she suddenly felt an itch on her face.

As she was afraid of ruining her makeup, she scratched her face very lightly.

Unexpectedly, the more she scratched, the more itchy it became.

By the side, the host was already requesting everyone to take a large group photo.

Zhang Lian was getting more and more anxious.

“Zhang Lian, what happened to your face” a female artiste who had a similar status as her asked, her eyes full of surprise.

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