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Chapter 511: Have You Heard of Using Silver Needles for Poison Testing

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Old Master Shi was a little comforted.

“I wonder if this pride is a good thing or a bad thing.”

Shen Xinghe sent a WeChat message.

“Actually, when I saw that contract, it would be a lie to say that I wasnt tempted.

Just the cash alone has so many 0s.

I might not be able to see that much money in my entire lifetime again.”

“If youre tempted, you should act on it,” Shi Jin replied.

“If I go back, what will my mother do Her status is too awkward.”

Shi Jin had already expected this.

She thought for a moment before typing, “You can protect her better when youre stronger.”

“Then let me become stronger in my own way.”

“Good luck, you can do it.”

The matter regarding Shi Xuexin and Yu Xiuhua ended with the two of them being sentenced to prison.

This time, Old Master Shi and Shi Qing hardened their hearts and no longer cared about the mother and daughter.

They also knew that only by going to jail could they learn a lesson.

The matter was finally settled.

After everything was over, Shi Jin finally had the time to have a good sleep.

When she woke up, her gaze landed on Fu Xiuyuans side profile.

Usually, when he woke up early, he would deal with work matters and wait for her to wake up, but today was different.

He didnt want to wake Shi Jin up, so he had been sitting by her side and accompanying her.

Seeing that she had opened her eyes, Fu Xiuyuan lowered his head and gave her a peck on her lips, her usual cold expression carrying a tinge of innocence after waking up.

Fu Xiuyuan looked at the scene before him with satisfaction.

She was not someone who would easily fall in love.

Most of her emotions were hidden deep within her, but in front of him, she became softer and softer, and it was easier for her to blush.

He knew that she had changed for him.

It was also because she was becoming less guarded against him.

Shi Jin was still half-asleep when she received his kiss.

She reached out and hooked his neck, taking the initiative to kiss him again.

The room was quiet and the morning air was filled with ambiguous heat.

When Shi Jin truly got up, it was getting late.

She and Fu Xiuyuan went downstairs together.

Butler Chen then arranged for someone to prepare breakfast.

Then, he turned around and reported, “Master Fu, Miss Shi, Young Master Qin came early in the morning and has been waiting here for a long time.”

“Him” Fu Xiuyuan was a little surprised.

Qin Sinian rarely came to find him alone.

It was only then that Shi Jin remembered that she had made an appointment with Qin Sinian.

“I made plans with Brother-in-law.”

“Hm” Fu Xiuyuans gaze was rather deep, and he had an expression that said, “Lets see what explanation you can give me.”

Shi Jin knew that it was easy for him to get jealous.

Anyone could make him jealous.

She explained rather unhappily, “Isnt big sisters pregnancy a critical period She and Brother-in-law saw the news of Yu Xiuhuas child being killed the other day and felt very uneasy.

Theyre afraid someone could have put something in her food too and asked me to think of a way.”

Fu Xiuyuan finally understood, but since it concerned Fu Heyan, he did not say much.

“Brother-in-law, why dont we have breakfast together We can talk while we eat.” Shi Jin was a little shy.

“Sorry, Im a little busy today.”

Qin Sinian glanced at the time.

This wasnt just a little busy.

She was eating breakfast at almost lunchtime.

However, he was experienced and did not expose them.

Qin Sinian was obviously very anxious.

It wasnt because he was in a hurry, but because he wanted to see what Shi Jin could come up with.

However, Fu Xiuyuan was not in a hurry.

He was worried that Shi Jin would not be able to have a good breakfast.

As soon as breakfast was served, Shi Jin was about to speak, but Fu Xiuyuan brought the food to her.

“Eat first.”

When Shi Jin was almost done eating, he passed her milk.

When Shi Jin finally finished drinking, Fu Xiuyuan did not stop her when he saw that Qin Sinian was getting impatient.

“Brother-in-law, this is for Sister.” Shi Jin passed the things over.

Qin Sinian took the box carefully and opened it.

Inside was a row of gold needles.

A very faint fragrance wafted out.

“This is” Qin Sinian did not understand.

“Have you heard of using silver needles for poison testing”

Qin Sinian nodded slowly.

“Its written in wuxia novels.”

He had always believed in Shi Jin, but he was still a little skeptical about the thing in front of him.

Shi Jin turned around and glanced at a plant.

She pulled a leaf and dripped a drop of juice into a teacup beside her.

Then, she took out a gold needle and tested it.

The needle immediately turned black.

Qin Sinians expression changed and he looked at her very seriously.

“Just now, I plucked the leaves of the Water Guanyin.

The juice is poisonous.

I used a lot of drugs on these golden needles.

They can detect most poisonous objects and abortion drugs.

With these around, you wont have to worry.

These golden needles can be used at least a hundred times.

It should be enough.”

As Shi Jin introduced, Qin Sinian nodded.

Even if he was shocked by Shi Jins medical skills many times in the past, he was still surprised by this.

Qin Sinian carefully kept the items.

“Brother-in-law, wait a moment.” Fu Xiuyuan stopped him.

Fu Xiuyuan took his box over.

Qin Sinian watched helplessly as he took a needle out of the box and wrapped it with a tissue.

“Xiuyuan, what are you doing”

Qin Sinians heart ached for this thing.

How many disasters could he save for Fu Heyan with a single needle

Fu Xiuyuan passed it to Shi Jin.

“Leave one for yourself too.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Have you forgotten that I can differentiate many poisons by myself”

“Its always better to be prepared.

There are always times when youre tired,” Fu Xiuyuan said.

Although Qin Sinians heart ached, he couldnt take it back.

He could only say magnanimously, “What Xiuyuan said makes sense.”

Thinking that Fu Heyan had enough anyway, Shi Jin saved the one Fu Xiuyuan kept.

Qin Sinian saw that the matter was settled and stood up to leave.

Shi Jin did not expect to use these gold needles that night.

That night, she had an event.

Almost half of the celebrities in the entertainment industry of Country S were invited.

When she was doing her makeup backstage, the makeup artist had just dipped the brush into the foundation and was about to set her base.

Shi Jin smelled something weird in the foundation.

“Miss, where did you get the foundation” Shi Jin asked.

“I brought it myself.

I heard that it was you coming, so I specially brought my best set.

Look, this is still new.

I just opened it.

But speaking of which, Shi Jin, your skin is really fair.

If not for the fact that there are many cameras tonight and you need good makeup, I really dont think you need to use foundation.”

The makeup artist was in charge of this event and was also a fan of Shi Jin.

Initially, she was afraid that Shi Jin would be cold and aloof, so she remained silent.

However, now that Shi Jin had spoken to her, she started to spout a bunch of nonsense..

Finally, she managed to express the endless love in her heart.

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