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Chapter 510: Its My Freedom

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Shi Jin raised her eyebrows indifferently.

“Its my freedom whether I want to take the Shi familys things or not.

As for you guys… One of you killed the child in your own mothers womb, while the other tried to extort me and wanted me to be killed by the internet.

Whether I report this to the police or pursue this matter is not only my freedom, but also the basic respect of a law-abiding citizen!”

Old Master Shis expression was solemn.

Shi Qing agreed with Shi Jins actions and was extremely disappointed with the mother and daughter.

It was over, it was over.

Everything was over.

Yu Xiuhua and Shi Xuexin sat on the ground in a daze.

What awaited them would be severe punishment from the law.

Fu Xiuyuan left with Shi Jin.

Although Shi Xuexin and her daughter had already been severely punished, he knew that Shi Jin would definitely not feel good about what had happened to the Shi family.

He grabbed Shi Jins fingers.

Shi Jins slightly cold fingertips felt his warmth and the bleakness in her heart was soothed.

Tonight, hed been standing beside her as her protector.

This gave her the greatest peace of mind.

With him by her side, she could be completely fearless.

After this incident, Shi Xuexin and Yuxiu Hua were completely drowned in the netizens saliva.

The mother and daughter fought each other and even tried to use the netizens to deal with Shi Jin.

They suffered the most powerful backlash.

Everyone jointly requested severe punishments for the daughters act of harming her mother, and the mother daughter pairs collective scam of Shi Jin, lest others follow suit.

“So this property is for me” Shen Xinghe looked at the property contract in disbelief.

Old Master Shi nodded.

“Its for you.”

Even though he had heard about it from Shi Jin, Shen Xinghe still felt like he was in a dream.

He looked at Old Master Shi and then at Shi Jin.

Shi Jin did not say anything, indicating for him to make his own choice.

Mother Shen sat at the side, looking terrified.

She was an honest person.

All these years, secretly raising her son was the most daring thing she had ever done.

She was afraid that one day, the Shi family would come and snatch her son away.

She shook her head.

“Erm, Shen Xinghe is not Shi Qings son.

You guys are mistaken.”

Elder Shi felt even more guilty.

“Im sorry.

All these years, I knew of your existence, but I did not step forward to acknowledge your identities.

I did not let Shen Xinghe receive the education and growth he deserved.”

He was only holding back because he wanted to protect his son and daughter-in-laws family.

In the end, he was only protecting people like Yu Xiuhua.

“Hes really not your son…” Mother Shen said in agitation.

Shen Xinghe picked up the documents and tore it apart.

“Yes, I am my mothers son, it has nothing to do with anyone else.

I am not a member of the Shi family, and I will not take the Shi familys money.

You can leave now.”

“Xinghe, you…” Elder Shi hesitated.

“Grandpa, lets go first.” Shi Jin helped Old Master Shi up.

She had expected this outcome, but how could Old Master Shi listen He would not believe it until he ran into a wall.

Old Master Shi had no choice, but to leave first.

He stopped halfway.

“Xinghe, the Shi family welcomes you anytime.”

When they got back to the car, Old Master Shi looked a little tired.

The past few days had made him look even older.

Thinking of Shen Xinghe, his guilt was obvious.

“Grandpa, give him some time,” Shi Jin persuaded him.

“He has ambition, isnt it because he inherited your pride”

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