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Chapter 508: Its All Shi Jins fault!

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It would be useless if Shi Xuexin continued acting pitifully.

Seeing that she was still acting innocent, everyone felt a chill down their spines.

Shi Qing gave her a tight slap across the face.

Shi Xuexin touched her face.

“Dad, are you still willing to believe Shi Jin and not me”

Shi Qing pointed at the projector.

“Take a good look yourself!”

They could replay it from the projector.

And, all the reporters on scene had recorded it too.

The big screen started playing again.

From the moment she entered the room until now, all of her actions had been replayed.

It was like a public execution.

Her mask was finally removed, revealing her fear and guilt.

Yu Xiuhua went forward to grab her and slapped her.

“Why, why are you treating me like this Im your biological mother, and the one in my stomach is your biological younger brother!”

“Biological mother Biological mother, would you want to give birth to another child to share my love and everything that belongs to me Youre my biological mother, why dont you fight for me Why dont you do anything for me when you see Grandpa and Dad dote on Shi Jin”

Yu Xiuhua laughed miserably.

“What else do I have to do for you All these years, Ive given everything to you! Youre useless, so I had no choice but to have another child.

What else do I have to do for you”

Shi Xuexin pointed at Shi Jin angrily.

“Its all your fault! Its all your fault! You clearly dont know anything.

Yet, you still managed to gain everyones favor.

All the fans like you! And what do I have Im the eldest daughter of the Shi family.

I know how to play the piano, the violin, and Chinese Art… Why does everyone only like you and not me”

The reporters at the side could not stand it anymore and spoke up for Shi Jin.

“Thats because Shi Jin always knew what she was doing and stayed true to her heart.

Only you are opportunistic.

Look at what youve done! You dont have the right to be compared to Shi Jin when you want to harm even your own mother and brother!”

The comments were all praising this reporter.

“Well said!”

“Someone who even wants to harm her own mother doesnt have the right! Even if that biological mother is quite vicious.”

“Yeah, what did our Shi Jin do She was forced by this pair of mother and daughter to respond.”

Shi Xuexin was still unrepentant.

She shouted at Shi Jin, “What right do you have to install surveillance cameras in my room What right do you have”

Shi Jin looked at her calmly.

She was neither arrogant nor rash.

She was calm.

“Was I the one who installed it Shi Xuexin, do you need me to remind you Back then, it was the room I stayed in.

After you came back, you installed surveillance cameras in my room and recorded my daily life for entertainment.”

Shi Xuexin was stunned as though she recalled what had happened.

The fans in the comments were filled with indignation.

“Damn! Shi Xuexin is really too vicious, isnt she”

“How vicious! Ive never heard of such a thing! My heart aches for Shi Jin!”

“Shi Jins life is really too difficult.”

“Feeling sorry for our daughter, its been hard for her.”

“That pair of mother and daughter should start fighting.

Its not a bad idea to beat each other to death!”

Shi Jin pointed at the projector and said, “Later on, when you guys made fun of me, I smashed the surveillance camera in a fit of anger and that was the end of it for you.

Later on, you said that the lighting in that room was good and I had to give it to you.

Alright, Im not a member of the Shi family, so its fine to give it to you, but I didnt expect that you still havent taken away the surveillance camera after so many years.

Last night, I only tried connecting it to the external interface to recover.

I didnt expect that it would really be successful.”

Shi Xuexin was speechless.

Based on what Shi Jin said, even if she wanted to sue Shi Jin for invasion of privacy, it was impossible.

After all, everything was bought and installed by her.

Shi Jin was just making use of it.

When Shi Qing heard so many things that he did not know, he felt even more guilty and hated himself.

He felt guilty that he owed Shi Jin, and he hated himself for not disciplining Shi Xuexin properly and causing the situation today.

He said to Shi Xuexin, “Tell the police everything that you have done.

I will never forgive you for killing your brother!”

“Dad, Dad, dont be like this…” Only now did Shi Xuexin realize her fear.

She surveyed her surroundings.

She had no one to rely on and no one to stand on her side.

She had already pushed herself into the position of the public enemy.

It was too late for Yu Xiuhua to regret her actions.

The daughter she had doted on for so long was actually such a vicious person.

She had even harmed her mother.

What else could she hope for from Shi Xuexin

Tears streamed down her face as she walked to Shi Qings side.

Shi Qing gave her a complicated look.

“As for you… lets get a divorce.”

“Shi Qing, you…” Yu Xiuhua turned pale with fright.

“After so many things have happened, our relationship as husband and wife has long been over.

You used to protect Shi Xuexin at every turn, praising her to the skies and earth, making me never know what she had done.

Now that she has become like this, you have an undeniable responsibility.

Of course, so do I.” Shi Qing shook his head, his face filled with pain.

At this moment, the reporters slowly dispersed.

Shi Jins original intention was to expose the mother and daughters true colors.

She did not want the pain in the family to be known by others.

The live broadcast ended when Shi Jin clarified the surveillance footage.

Only Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin remained.

Old Master Shi sighed.

“I didnt expect that after being blind for so many years, you guys would cause so much trouble.

I cant control what you guys are doing now.

Lets leave it at that.”

Shi Qing had no objections.

Old Master Shi continued, “Shi Qing, Im sure you know that all these years, the Shi family has been standing strong.

Other than our own foundation, its all because Shi Jin stayed at home and the Li family took care of us.

Later on, Shi Jin also took care of us.

Thats why I planned to give Shi Jin more when we split the family assets.”

“I understand, Dad.” Shi Qing had been in business for so long, and he could tell that some people had taken the initiative to offer their business.

It was his fault for being too slow.

It was already too late when he understood.

“So, Ill split the assets now.

You take thirty, Shi Jin takes fifty, and Shen Xinghe gets twenty,” said Old Master Shi.

On the side, Yu Xiuhua and Shi Xuexin widened their eyes in despair.

Previously, the Old Master was still willing to give them a portion, but after these things happened, he was not even willing to give them a single bit.

After creating such a ruckus for so long, apart from ruining their own reputation, not only did they not get anything, they even went for wool and came back shorn…

Shi Qing was stunned.

“Who is Shen Xinghe”

Old Master Shi said, “You can ask Yu Xiuhua.”

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