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Chapter 507: Framing and Frauding

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Doctor Chen completely ignored Yu Xiuhua.

He stood out and took out the recording.

Yu Xiuhuas voice came from inside.

“Doctor Chen, as long as you tell everyone that I was injured by Shi Jin today and had a miscarriage, the five hundred thousand yuan here will all be yours.

I know your salary isnt low, but in the capital, is there anything that doesnt need money No one would complain about having too much money, right”

“You, you tricked me” Yu Xiuhua immediately blurted out.

Previously, Doctor Chen had been very cooperative and acted like a yes-man.

She had always thought that Doctor Chen had no power or influence and was very easy to manipulate, so she didnt expect that Doctor Chen would record her voice.

She was confident because Doctor Chen readily agreed to any condition.

In reality, he was just collecting evidence for Shi Jin.

The people who were watching the live broadcast immediately understood.

“It really is Yu Xiuhua who is scamming Shi Jin!”

“This is too much! Is she determined to attract haters to Shi Jin”

“This pair of mother and daughter is really vicious!”

Doctor Chen said, “From the moment you decided to play dirty, you had already placed yourself in a sinful position.

As for me, I merely recorded those sins.”

Shi Jins voice was cold, but her aura did not diminish.

“Madam Shi, you miscarried yourself, but you framed me for it.

Youre the one who sabotaged me.

The person who should be responsible and apologize for this is you.”

Yu Xiuhua looked at everyone, and the reporters eyes were filled with doubt and disgust.

Old Master Shi was dissatisfied and Shi Qing looked at her with extreme disappointment.

The evidence was conclusive.

Her words seemed so weak and pale.

“Instead of worrying about whether youre trying to scam me or not, why dont you think about who drugged your fetus” Shi Jin reminded her mildly.

Yuxiu Hua suddenly thought of something.

After she got pregnant, she always ate and stayed at home.

She paid extra attention and had never eaten anything outside.

On the day of her miscarriage, she did not have a good appetite and only ate the supplements prescribed by the hospital.

The butler was the one who brewed the tonics… She looked at the butler.

“You brewed the tonics, you tampered with them!”

The butler hurriedly said, “Madam, it wasnt me.

I personally brewed tonics and didnt do anything.

Ive been in the Shi family for so many years and have never done anything wrong.

Im loyal to you.

How could I do such a thing”

“If it wasnt you, who else could it be” Yu Xiuhua glared angrily at the butler.

The butler suddenly thought of something and said, “On the day I brewed the medicine, I was guarding the tonics the entire time.

In between, only Eldest Miss came in once and asked me to get her some cubilose.

Only at that time did I leave halfway…”

He pointed at Shi Xuexin.

A guilty look flashed across Shi Xuexins face.

“I did ask for cubilose, but I didnt drug it… I dont know anything.”

“Its not me either… I dont have any reason.” The butler waved his hand.

Yu Xiuhua didnt know who to believe, and her face was filled with pain.

Shi Jin stood by the side, her face expressionless.

Everything had originally been on her, but now, she had been completely removed.

She was just an outsider watching the battle.

Old Master Shi shouted, “Alright, dont you always have a backup copy of the food we eat at home Go and find it to verify what medicine it is!”

The butler quickly said, “Ill go get it now.”

Shi Xuexin took two steps back guiltily.

A portion of the medicine that she had used was still in the drawer.

At that time, she was afraid that one dose wouldnt be enough to cause Yu Xiuhua to have a miscarriage, so she had left a backup plan.

Too many things had happened that day, and she hadnt had time to erase the evidence.

The butler brought the supplement that he had prepared to prove his innocence and said, “I dont know whats in here at all.

Im willing to cooperate with the polices investigation.”

Yu Xiuhua gradually came back to her senses and stared fixedly at Shi Xuexin.

“Xuexin, do you really not know”

“Mom, even you dont believe me!” Shi Xuexin cried as she ran upstairs.

She had not thrown her medicine away.

As long as she threw it away now, there would be no evidence to prove that it was her.

She pretended to be wronged because she wanted to use this opportunity to escape.

She ran upstairs.

Yu Xiuhua also started to hate herself.

She had actually believed Shi Jins words and almost wronged Shi Xuexin!

She shouted at Shi Jin, “How dare you drive a wedge between us!”

“Why dont you take a look at this” Shi Jin turned on the projector in front of her.

Shi Xuexins figure appeared clearly on the huge projector.

She walked into the room and slammed the door shut.

Everyone could tell that it was a surveillance camera.

It should have been installed in Shi Xuexins room.

Now, everyone could see her real-time state.

After Shi Xuexin closed the door, the sadness on her face was gone, replaced by joy and relief.

She opened the drawer and took out a small bottle of medicine.

After taking a look at it, she immediately threw it into the toilet bowl and flushed it away.

She then brought the bottle to the bottom of the water and continuously rinsed it until she was sure that there was no more medicine.

Then, she threw it into the rubbish bin and washed her hands.

She then rubbed her eyes until they were red.

She looked like she had just cried.

How could everyone not see what she was doing

The butler cleared his suspicion and was the most agitated.

“Look, what did the Miss wash away! She was the one who drugged you.

It has nothing to do with me, nothing to do with me!”

Yu Xiuhua could also tell that the expression on her face kept changing from red to white, from white to green.

She sat down on the sofa dispiritedly.

Her face was filled with disbelief and pain.

At this moment, everyone saw this scene through the live broadcast.

Although they did not know what medicine Shi Xuexin had thrown, they had a rough idea of what it was.

“Shi Xuexin caused Yu Xiuhua to have a miscarriage and Yu Xiuhua tried to extort Shi Jin.

Neither mother or daughter is a good person.”

“Shi Jin has been living in the Shi family for so many years.

She must have been living in hell.”

“Holy sh*t, this mother and daughter are indeed of the same bloodline.

What they did was exactly the same.”

“My heart aches for Shi Jin!”

“My heart aches for our daughter!”

Shi Qing said angrily, “Get Shi Xuexin down!”

The butler quickly went to get Shi Xuexin.

Shi Xue came downstairs with red eyes and said aggrievedly, “Its fine if outsiders dont believe me, but my parents dont believe me either.

I really…”

Tears welled up in her eyes as she felt extremely aggrieved.

However, she had already been disfigured and everyone had witnessed what she had just done..

At this moment, she only looked ugly and disgusting, and nobody felt any heartache.

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