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Chapter 506: Struck By Shi Jin

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In an instant, the crowd was in a frenzy.

Shi Jin was at home and quickly got the surveillance camera and car recorder.

Fu Xiuyuan sat beside her and watched with her.

The police were right.

Shi Jins speed was not against the laws.

She drove very slowly and Yu Xiuhua had indeed arrived suddenly.

The way she fell onto the car seemed fake, but she started bleeding and kept screaming in pain.

Could there really be someone who would give up their child to scam someone

Fu Xiuyuan frowned and said, “Ive investigated.

She really wants this child.

After Shi Xuexin followed Boss Xiang, Grandpa Shi and Shi Qing were greatly disappointed with Shi Xuexin.

Yu Xiuhua risked her life to get pregnant with this child, wanting to regain her status in the family.

Its impossible for her to not want this child.”

Shi Jin turned around and looked at Fu Xiuyuan.

“Its impossible for her to take the initiative to abandon the child… and its also impossible for her to be willing to pay the price of a child that she finally got pregnant just to scam me.

Then, she is…”

“She had a miscarriage a long time ago.

Shes deliberately trying to scam me.”

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin said in unison.

Once she realized this, Shi Jins mental state relaxed a lot.

After all she did not run into anyone and caused an innocent child to lose their life.

Fu Xiuyuan reached out to massage her shoulders and said in a low voice, “Its alright now.

Some people cant hide their true colors anymore.”

Yu Xiuhua and Shi Xuexin were crying and making a scene in the Shi family.

Old Master Shi was forced to return home from the recuperation center.

“Grandpa, you have to seek justice for Mom.

It wasnt easy for her to get pregnant with my younger brother, but Shi Jin destroyed him!” Shi Xuexin cried as she said, “Shi Jin harbors evil intentions.

The Shi family must make her compensate them and sever all ties with the Shi family.

Otherwise, with her around, our family will never be at peace!”

Shi Qing shouted, “Cut it out.

The police have yet to come to a conclusion.”

“Dad, dont you feel sorry for my unborn brother”

Shi Qing was indeed very regretful that he had lost his son, especially since Shi Xuexin could not be saved.

However, he still shook his head.

“What reason does Shi Jin have to do this I dont believe it.”

“She hates us.

Dont you understand She just wants us to suffer!” Shi Xuexin cried.

Yu Xiuhua was also weeping sorrowfully.

This time, they had to shut Old Master Shi up.

As long as the evil deeds that Shi Jin had done were proven to be true, what right did Old Master Shi have to share half of the family business with Shi Jin

If he really gave the shares to her, they would continue to make a scene on Weibo and among the fans.

Shi Jin would not dare to accept it.

After making up her mind, the mother-daughter pair began to cause a fuss.

Old Master Shis rosy face turned ashen.

He sat on the main seat, unable to breathe.

Shi Qing stepped forward and patted his chest.

The butler suddenly said, “Old Master, Sir, Shi Jin is here! She even brought reporters!”

Yu Xiuhua said angrily, “She still dares to come over!”

As they spoke, Shi Jin had already brought many reporters over.

Fu Xiuyuan stood beside her and gave her the main seat.

The reporters were clearly live-streaming.

Yu Xiuhua said angrily, “Shi Jin, how could you bring reporters here to invade our privacy”

“This matter of ours was brought up on Weibo by you guys.

Shi Xuexin has already used my real name on Weibo.

From that moment onwards, this matter is the same to all of you.

There is no more privacy to speak of.

Since it has already been brought to the public, this matter can only be resolved in this way.”

Yu Xiuhua and Shi Xuexin had nothing to say.

“Grandpa, Uncle Shi, Im sorry.

Someone is trying to frame me for this.

I cant just let it go,” Shi Jin said to Old Master Shi.

Old Master Shi was already very disappointed with the pair of mother and daughter.

He said, “Since the matter has already been exposed, we naturally have to find out who is right and who is wrong.

Im old and cant do anything about it anymore.

You young people should settle it yourselves.”

He meant that he would not stop Shi Jin and she did not need to apologize.

Yu Xiuhua didnt panic at all.

She believed that she had done this very discreetly, so it was impossible for Shi Jin to catch her.

Shi Jin stood up.

She was slender and thin, but no one could ignore her aura.

She said calmly, “Madam.

Shi, you said that your miscarriage was caused by my collision, right”

“Thats right.

Ive always kept the baby safe and sound.

If it wasnt for you, how could I have lost this child” Yu Xiuhua sounded very sad, and it really made people feel sad and pity for her.

“Very interesting.

You said that you had a miscarriage because I injured you.

However, I checked your embryo after you had a miscarriage.

There were drugs in it.

The results of the test showed that it was because of those drugs that caused your miscarriage and not your external injuries.” Shi Jin raised the test report in her hand.

Yuxiu Hua had indeed wanted to hide her miscarriage, but she had caused such a huge commotion that even the police were involved.

How could she hide it

Shi Jin still managed to get the relevant evidence.

As soon as she got it, she did a corresponding examination.

Yuxiu Hua was astonished.

“How is that possible Impossible!”

Her surprise was completely real, so she didnt seem to be acting at all, which made her look believable.

Shi Xuexin was panicking as well.

“Shi Jin, dont slander us.

You ran into my mom, its not that easy to fool us now!”

Shi Jins gaze was cold and aloof as it focused on Yu Xiuhua.

She said calmly, “Madam Shi, dont you want to know how you lost your baby Dont you think its a pity that you lost your baby”

Shi Xuexin pointed at Shi Jin.

“Stop being so sarcastic.

Youre the one whos shirking responsibility!”

“Im shirking responsibility” Shi Jin reached out and opened the document.

“You said that I was the one who ran into the child, but the fetus had a miscarriage the day before the accident! May I ask if this car accident can still travel through time Or perhaps, you wont cry until you see Doctor Chen”

Doctor Chen was the doctor who gave Yuxiu Hua a checkup.

It was also because he was extra careful that he left behind the embryo tissue from Yu Xiuhuas miscarriage.

Yu Xiuhua instantly panicked.

Her every reaction was recorded by the reporters.

The reporters parted as a doctor in a white coat entered.

“Doctor, Doctor Chen…” Yu Xiuhua looked at Doctor Chen in a panic.

Didnt she already give Doctor Chen money so that he wouldnt butt in However, how could she have known that Shi Jin had a strong influence and connections in the hospital

When they knew that Shi Jin was involved in this matter and was obtaining evidence, someone immediately offered various clues.

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