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Chapter 505: Why Did You Kill My Child

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“Mother, arent you waiting for this opportunity” Shi Xuexin asked Yu Xiuhua.

Yu Xiuhua gritted her teeth.

“I know what to do.

Nothing in the Shi family can ever be given to an outsider! Dont even think about it!”

After bidding farewell to Old Master Shi, Shi Jin drove off.

When she was on her private itinerary, she usually drove by herself.

It was the same today.

She pondered over Old Master Shis words.

The car slowly drove out of the parking lot.

She drove very slowly and when a figure suddenly dashed out from the side, Shi Jin stepped on the brakes.

However, that person still fell in front of her car.

“Quickly call the doctor!”

There were already quite a number of people in the recuperation center.

When they saw this scene, people immediately rushed over.

Shi Jin didnt panic and didnt go out immediately.

She immediately put on her mask and called the police and emergency services.

She then called Fu Xiuyuan and Yao Jiahong.

“Stay where you are and lock the car door.

Ill be right there!” Fu Xiuyuan said immediately.

Shi Jin responded.

Although she did not know who was outside, she knew clearly that she did not hit anyone.

The other party had obviously come prepared, so she wouldnt be stupid enough to get out of the car and become someones target.

Faced with this kind of thing, waiting for the police to come and appraise it was the best outcome.

She called Fu Xiuyuan immediately.

When she came back to her senses, she realized how important he was to her.

Initially, she would never have called Fu Xiuyuan over for things that she could handle herself.

However, she still gave her complete trust to him.

She didnt have to think about any problems and trusted and relied on him without reservation.

“Get out of the car! Why isnt the perpetrator getting out!”

“Come down, come down quickly!”

Some people knocked on the car window.

The person “hit” was Yu Xiuhua.

She was holding her stomach and moaning in pain.

Some of the people had already been arranged by Yu Xiuhua.

The moment something happened, they rushed out and knocked on the car window to force Shi Jin out.

The other group of people were purely onlookers.

When they saw that the perpetrator did not get out of the car, out of righteous indignation, all of them came forward to get Shi Jin out of the car.

Fortunately, the police were nearby and arrived shortly after.

At the same time, Fu Xiuyuans car arrived at the scene.

There were bodyguards in the car behind him.

And they went straight to Shi Jins car.

The people arranged by Yu Xiuhua saw that the situation wasnt good and hurriedly scattered in all directions.

There were only a few real onlookers left.

Fu Xiuyuan walked forward.

Yu Xiuhua said painfully, “My stomach hurts, it hurts so much… Im pregnant, if I miscarry, I wont let it go…”

“Lets go to the hospital for emergency treatment and checkup first.” Fu Xiuyuan recognized Yu Xiuhua and his expression turned cold.

The police also said, “We will determine the scope of responsibility.

Lets go to the hospital first.”

The paramedics rushed over and brought Yu Xiuhua away.

Naturally, Shi Jin had to cooperate with the investigation.

The crowd dispersed in satisfaction.

Fu Xiuyuan took a few steps forward and stood in front of Shi Jin.

When Shi Jin saw him, she walked to his side and the last bit of confusion in her heart disappeared without a trace.

Fu Xiuyuan accompanied Shi Jin and made a statement.

The police were still looking at the surveillance cameras and recorders.

Actually, when Shi Jin saw that thevictim was Yu Xiuhua, she already had a rough idea.

However, the police had their own way of doing things, so it was not convenient for her to say more.

“From the surveillance cameras and recorders, Shi Jins car is indeed moving very slowly.

When Yu Xiuhua walked out, she did seem to have taken the initiative to move up.” A policeman walked over and said, “But now, the hospital has reacted.

She had a miscarriage and the situation is very bad.

So its hard to determine that she did this on purpose… As far as we know, she really wants this child.”

Shi Jin understood and said, “So, because of this, I have a huge responsibility, right”

“We can only make a comprehensive judgment based on the situation.”

Shi Jin understood that Yu Xiuhuas situation was terrible and she had already taken the initiative.

This had always been the case in car accidents.

Whoever was more serious would be more reasonable.

Sometimes, even if it was the fault of the deceased, the driver would have to compensate for it.

Fu Xiuyuan had already found the best lawyer and could bail Shi Jin out first.

The moment the two of them walked out, the pale Yu Xiuhua and Shi Xuexin rushed over.

“Shi Jin, its all your fault! Why did you kill my child I raised you, and even if I didnt do anything for you, it was still hard work.

Not only are you ungrateful, you even killed my child! I will make you pay the price!” Yu Xiuhua rushed forward.

However, before she could get close, Fu Xiuyuans bodyguards pushed her away.

Fu Xiuyuan protected Shi Jin.

Shi Xuexin also said indignantly, “Shi Jin, youre really too much! Its not enough that you harmed me, but you even harmed my mother.

What are your intentions!”

The mother-daughter pair wailed loudly, attracting the attention of many passers-by.

The police hadnt determined that Shi Jin wasnt responsible at all, so it was useless no matter what she said.

She looked at the mother-daughter pair coldly and did not say anything.

Fu Xiuyuan escorted her to her car.

After the car left, Yu Xiuhua and Shi Xuexin continued to chase after it while cursing.

The matter quickly went viral.

# Shi Jins car ran into her adoptive mother #

# Shi Jin caused her adoptive mother to miscarry #

Many rational fans already knew about the relationship between Shi Jin and Shi Xuexin.

They also knew that Shi Jins family background and personal situation were many times better than Shi Xuexins.

Not only did Shi Jin not need to rely on the Shi family, but the best thing to do was to break ties with them.

She did not need to be involved with the Shi family at all.

Hence, when the matter was revealed, no one was affected at all.

Instead, they were asking why such a thing happened Was there a misunderstanding

However, there were always some people who liked to be different.

They felt that they were superior to ordinary people, had seen through the world, and stood out to sort out the so-called truth.

“Why did Shi Jin do this It was because she was heartless! It was said that even after the car accident, she had never gotten out of the car.

She did not even show any sympathy to the victim and acted extremely overboard! She is the scum of the entertainment industry and was extremely arrogant.

Someone who treats her adoptive mother this way, so how could you expect her to have any feelings”

“I think a person like Shi Jin is too immoral.

Its better to get out of the entertainment industry!”

“Get lost, the entertainment industry doesnt need such a person!”

“No, she doesnt deserve to be called a human!”

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