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Yu Xiuhua was still immersed in her joy and didnt notice the change in Shi Xuexins expression.

Shi Xuexin returned to her room and panted heavily.

She hated everything that had happened.

Unknowingly, her fingers reached for the medicine in the drawer…

At night, Yu Xiuhua felt a slight pain in her stomach.

This was normal during this period.

The doctor told her to rest well.

After a moment of pain, her body didnt have much of a reaction.

Yu Xiuhua didnt take it seriously and went back to her room to rest.

However, in the morning, when she woke up and went to the washroom, she suddenly felt like she was on her period.

She looked into the toilet bowl and saw a pool of blood…

Yu Xiuhua panicked and immediately changed her clothes to go to the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, the doctor gave her a checkup and shook his head.

“Madam Shi, your fetus wasnt able to be saved.”

“Why Havent I been taking pregnancy stabilizing medicine” Yu Xiuhua asked in pain.

In order to conceive this child, she had suffered a lot.

She even bought a lot of medicine and placed it in Shi Qings tea.

When she finally had a child, she protected it carefully.

“Madam Shi, weve already talked about this before.

Its not easy to keep a child at your age.

In the beginning, your pregnancy was already unstable.”

Yu Xiuhua felt dizzy.

After this, she didnt know if she could get pregnant again.

As for Shi Xuexin, she had long lost the Old Masters and Shi Qings hearts because of her relationship with Boss Xiang.

She walked out in a daze, her heart filled with despair.

What else could she do now

When they reached home, Shi Xuexin went forward to support her.

“Mom, are you alright Why is your face so pale”

“Gone, your younger brother is gone.” Yu Xiuhua couldnt help crying.

“Without your younger brother, what else can we do”

Shi Xuexin was secretly delighted.

Thankfully, the fetus was unstable to begin with.

She had achieved her goal with just a little medicine.

She quickly consoled, “Mom, medical technology is so advanced, you still have a chance.

Dont worry.”

“Im already at this age, how many chances do I have What should I do now”

“Mom, doesnt Shi Jin visit Grandfather from time to time When that time comes, well say that Shi Jin was the one who caused the child in your stomach to disappear.

Then, shell have nothing to do with the Shi family anymore.

Then, well think of a way to chase Shen Xinghe out and you can have another child.

The Shi family will still be ours.”

Yu Xiuhua pulled herself together and perked up.

“Alright, lets do that.”

After Shi Jin was done with an event, she went to the nursing home to visit Old Master Shi.

When she walked in, Old Master Shis face had a healthy red glow and he was practicing Tai Chi.

Shi Jin stood at the side and watched as he finished.

Then, she walked forward with a towel.


Old Master Shi smiled and said, “Look at me, have I improved again”

“Yes, you may be old, but youre still vigorous.”

“Hahahaha.” Old Master Shi laughed heartily.

Shi Jin helped him sit down and handed him the teacup.

“Grandpa, why did you call me here today” Shi Jin asked after sitting for a while.

Old Master Shi put down his teacup and said softly, “Although my health has improved a lot, I am old after all.

The future of the Shi family still depends on the young.

I plan to split the family business.”

“Shi Jin, Ive already thought about the company and the things at home.

Shi Qing gets thirty percent, you get fifty, Xuexin gets ten, and Shen Xinghe gets ten.”

“Grandpa, you know of Shen Xinghe” Shi Jin asked in surprise.

“I knew it long ago.

What happened back then could not be hidden from my eyes.

After all, he is Shi Qings bloodline and my grandson.

No matter what, I have to take care of him.

Its only right that he gets a share.

All these years, both mother and son have suffered.

As for Shi Qing, he still has to take charge of the Shi family and the family business.

He should have more.”

Shi Jin shook her head.

“I have no objections.

Grandpa, Im not a member of the Shi family.

You shouldnt have given me these, much less so much.

I dont need them.”

Old Master Shi said earnestly, “I was blind in the past, but my heart wasnt.

The reason why the Shi family was able to squeeze into the list of wealthy families was because the Li family knew that you were still with the Shi family and gave us many benefits.

That was why the Shi family had such an opportunity.”

He took a sip of tea and continued, “After that, the Li family took away those things, and the Shi family collapsed.

It was you who helped them and kept the Shi family from going bankrupt.

I know that you only showed mercy to the Shi family because of the relationship I had with you.

Tell me, if it werent for the Li family and you, how could the Shi family be where they are today Without you, I would have been blind for a few years, and this family would have been destroyed long ago.”

What Old Master Shi said was the truth.

She didnt have much feeling for the Shi family and was willing to help because she couldnt forget that they raised her.

She didnt want to see Old Master Shi become old and helpless.

“Shi Jin, I gave you half the shares out of selfishness.

Because I know that as long as you still have the shares of the Shi family, the Shi family will never fall and will never disperse.

However, if you were to give everything to someone else, in less than three years, the family will be completely wiped out.

I gave you these shares because I want to put down this old face of mine.

I hope that the Shi family will still have some protection in this lifetime and not fall into poverty.

“Im sorry, Shi Jin.

I know this is a difficult problem, but I need to use your name to protect the Shi family.

I know that the mother and daughter pair have nothing worthy for you to take care of, but Shi Qing didnt do anything wrong, and Shen Xinghe also didnt do anything wrong… I cant bear to see this family fall, they have nothing left.”

His voice was pleading, begging Shi Jin to give him another chance.

If he was giving the shares, Shi Jin really couldnt accept it.

However, he was begging her, and Shi Jin could not reject his request.

Old Master Shi looked at her, his aged eyes filled with anticipation.

“Shi Jin, please.”

When Yu Xiuhua and Shi Xuexin came over, they had pretty much heard the second half of the conversation.

“Is the Old Master crazy He actually gave half of the family business to Shi Jin” When Yu Xiuhua and Shi Xuexin walked to the side, both of them were furious.

They did not think about what Old Master Shi had said.

They did not think about why the Shi family had what they had right now.

They also did not think that without Shi Jin, the Shi family would have nothing left.

Their attention was only on one thing.

What right did Shi Jin have

She did not have any bloodline of the Shi family, so why did she get all of these

Shi Xuexin did not expect that Old Master Shi would be so biased.

He had given her ten percent, but he had given Shi Jin fifty.

It was a full half!

Who was the biological child

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