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Chapter 503: Nothing Must Go Wrong

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“Yes, we just found out.

According to my judgment, the fetus is stable and healthy.

Theres basically no big problems.”

However, when it came to fertility, Shi Jin still handed Fu Heyan over to the modern hospital and did not dare to guarantee anything.

“Mhm.” Fu Xiuyuan nodded.

When it came to other peoples matters, even if he was happy, he still appeared indifferent.

Shi Jin smiled and said, “I saw Brother-in-law accompanying Sister just now.

Its really enviable.

I wonder who their child will look like.

Sister is bright and elegant while Brother-in-law is steady and handsome.

No matter who the baby looks like, there wont be anything wrong.”

Following her words, Fu Xiuyuans eyes darkened.

His fingers on her waist started to rub gently.

“Rather than guessing what their child looks like, why not think about whether our child will look like you or me”

Fu Xiuyuan pointed out the question that Shi Jin hadnt thought about.

The string in her heart swayed.

Their child… The crystallization of love.

Something she had never thought of before, but had a fatal attraction to.

Sensing that her thoughts were wondering, Fu Xiuyuan said in a low and hoarse voice, “Focus.”

Shi Jin raised her head, his extraordinarily handsome face reflected in her eyes.

If there was a child who resembled him, she would not be against it at all.

Fu Xiuyuan looked into the girls clear eyes and suddenly recalled her age.

His heart couldnt help aching.

It was still too early to talk about children.

There were still endless possibilities in her life.

She shouldnt be tied up by his selfishness so early.

“Glory of the Song Dynasty”s hot screening showed the audience Shi Jins potential.

Those people who had said that the “talent show artists will definitely destroy the movie” shut up obediently.

Everyone saw her strength.

She was capable of handling and controlling the role on the big screen.

“Glory of the Song Dynasty”s box office earnings were also constantly accumulating.

Many authoritative websites predicted that the final box office earnings would reach two billion.

The shooting of “Love of a Lifetime” had also wrapped up in such an atmosphere.

On the night of the final day of filming, as the absolute female lead, Shi Jin was offered a toast by the entire crew.

Even if she just sipped a little, she could not resist the enthusiasm of hundreds of people.

Shen Xinghe stood in front of Shi Jin.

“You only toast Shi Jin and not me.

Are you looking down on me Come, drink with me.”

Yao Jiahong took the opportunity to change all of Shi Jins wine into Sprite.

So in the end, Shi Jin did not drink much while Shen Xinghe was drunk.

“Send him off.” Shi Jin shook her head in amusement when she saw how drunk he was.

In her heart, she appreciated his kindness.

Shi Jin sent Shen Xinghe safely to Mother Shen before leaving.

Before leaving, she fed him a hangover grass.

Mother Shen held onto her son with a pained expression.

“Why did you drink so much Youre making me worried, okay”

Shen Xinghe sat on the sofa and was awakened by the hangover grass.

He shook his head and took out the grass from his mouth.

“Hey, this is…”

“Look, youre so drunk that youre eating grass.

Quick, quick, Ill make you some hangover soup…” Mother Shen was even more worried.

After the success of “Glory of the Song Dynasty”, more and more scripts were sent to Shi Jin.

However, she had yet to make the final choice.

She wanted to find the most suitable one.

She plucked a few flower petals from a few plants in the backyard, took a photo, and sent it to Fu Heyan.

“Sister, Ill get someone to send this over later.

Brew it in water.

Its good for the fetus.”

“Alright, I will definitely drink it on time.” After this incident, Fu Heyan had no doubts about her medical skills.

A moment later, Shi Jin came out of the courtyard and saw Qin Sinian sitting in the living room, drinking tea with Fu Xiuyuan.

“Brother-in-law.” Shi Jin took out the flower petals that she had prepared.

“I wanted to ask the butler to send this to Sister, but since youre here, Ill give it to you.”

Qin Sinian nodded and said with a smile, “I came here personally to retrieve it.”

Since he knew that this was good for Fu Heyans health, Qin Sinian did not stand on ceremony with Shi Jin.

Shi Jin smiled.

“Youre so good to Sister.”

Qin Sinian took the item and inquired about how to use it in detail, memorizing it in secret before leaving.

Fu Xiuyuan reached out and pulled Shi Jin into his embrace.

The faint fragrance of the plants on her body wafted over, making one feel relaxed, yet unable to resist indulging in it.

After Yu Xiuhua got pregnant, she placed great importance on the fetus in her stomach.

She didnt dare to relax during her pregnancy checkups.

She no longer held any hope for Shi Xuexin.

Ever since her face had been ruined, Shi Xuexin had been completely abandoned.

The entertainment company that she was in had already been the most lenient to her by not making her pay for losses on account of Boss Xiang.

Nevertheless, there were two deep scars on her face so she could not go out in public.

It wasnt that she didnt intend to look for Shi Jin, but with her status, she couldnt get close to her.

She was consumed by hatred.

She was in pain.

She hated Shi Jin and she hated Shen Xinghe.

“Alright, Xuexin, you should stay at home and rest well.

No matter what, I wont abandon you,” Yu Xiuhua said.

“As long as Im still in the Shi family, there will definitely be a place for you.”

Shi Xuexin secretly clenched her fists.

What she wanted was not a place for herself, but everything in the Shi family.

She wanted to be loved by everyone.

“Butler, boil this medicine for me.” Yu Xiuhua passed the pregnancy stabilizing medicine that the doctor had meticulously prepared for her to the butler.

“Be careful, nothing must go wrong.”

Shi Xuexin had not been paying attention to Yu Xiuhuas situation recently.

When she heard that, she asked reluctantly, “Mom, whats wrong”

“Im pregnant,” Yu Xiuhua whispered.

“What Youre pregnant Why are you pregnant Youre almost fifty years old!”

Facing Shi Xuexins fussing, Yu Xiuhua didnt notice her dissatisfaction.

She only thought that Shi Xuexin was concerned about her and said worriedly, “Thats right.

Its because of this that the fetus has always been unstable, so I have to take the medicine.

Xuexin, you know that your grandfather and father have a lot of opinions about you now.

And theres still that brat, Shen Xinghe, outside… If I dont think of something soon, there wont be a place for us in the Shi family anymore.”

Shi Xuexin shook her head.

She had never thought that it would be like this.

She could continue to deal with Shen Xinghe.

Shi Jin was not of the Shi familys bloodline.

No matter how powerful Shi Jins background was, she was the Shi familys only and true bloodline.

Everything in the Shi family should be hers!

Shen Xinghe had not been dealt with yet, and yet her mother wanted to create another child to interfere.

She would not accept it!

Shi Xuexin looked at her unfamiliar mother and knew that she had been completely abandoned.


She couldnt resign herself to this..

She couldnt accept this reality.

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