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Chapter 502: Must You Stab My Heart

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So before, when Fan Xiaozhi said that she was jealous of her pregnancy and her child, she was the clown!

She thought that others would care about her and target her, but who knew that even her appearance at the hospital was just a coincidence!

Qin Sinians fingers started to tremble.

He reached out and picked Fu Heyan up bridal style.

He said to the nurse, “Well go over now.”

Old Madam Qin said to Second Madam Qin, “Take good care of Xiaozhi.”

With that, she immediately caught up with Qin Sinian.

Knowing she was about to have a grandchild, Madam Qin was happy as well.

Although it was inappropriate to show it in front of Second Madam Qin and Fan Xiaozhi, she couldnt help, but want to smile.

Shi Jin naturally had to follow Fu Heyan and left the place quickly.

Only Second Madam Qin and Fan Xiaozhi remained.

In an instant, everyone else had left.

Two nurses came forward to deal with the aftermath of the premature baby.

Fan Xiaozhi fell to the ground.

In front of Fu Heyan, she was just a speck of dust.

Fu Heyan, who was in Qin Sinians arms, could hear his heart beating faster and faster as well as his anxious footsteps.

She could not help saying, “You previously said that its fine if Im not pregnant.

Were you lying to me Why are you so anxious now”

Qin Sinian lowered his head to look at her.

“Must you stab my heart Am I anxious because of you or for the child”

Fu Heyan smiled and nuzzled against his chest.

Both of them wanted a child, but it was for reasons completely different from Old Madam Qins wish of passing down the bloodline.

They had supported each other for many years, and their lives had long been linked together.

It was normal for them to thirst for the crystallization of their love.

Now that hope was right before their eyes, how could they not be excited

Qin Sinian carried Fu Heyan into the examination room.

Shi Jin sat at the side and waited.

A sincere smile appeared on her lips.

So this was how two people in love felt when they wanted a child.

She had no concept of children in her two lifetimes, but at this moment, she understood how they felt.

Old Madam Qin and Madam Qin stood to the side, wanting to ask Shi Jin something, but in the end, they didnt say anything and quietly waited for Fu Heyan to come out.

In the examination room, Qin Sinian was waiting nervously.

The doctor explained in detail, “From the blood test, we can conclude that Mrs.

Qin is indeed pregnant.

However, its too early and we cant hear the babys heartbeat, so we cant do any further tests for now.

But dont worry too much, just go home and take care of yourself.

Come back for a checkup when the time comes.


“Then when should we come again What kind of preparation work do we need to do What do I need to do What are the things I need to take note of” Qin Sinian was unlike his usual calm self, turning instantly to a nervous young boy.

The doctor smiled and explained a few things to him.

The nurse held back her laughter and gave him the manual for pregnant women.

She also gave him a lot of instructions.

Only then did Qin Sinian gradually relax.

Fu Heyan, who was standing by the side, had already gotten through the surprise and was now smiling at her husbands helplessness.

Qin Sinian was finally appeased.

He walked up to Fu Heyan, his deep eyes filled with love.

He kissed Fu Heyans forehead and whispered, “Heyan, we finally have a child.”

“Yes, finally.” Fu Heyan hugged his waist and leaned into his embrace.

The doctors and nurses had seen them many times.

In the past, they had witnessed their countless failures and pain.

This time, they smiled knowingly.

Qin Sinian helped Fu Heyan out.

Old Madam Qin came forward.

“Is Heyan really pregnant How long has it been Hows the situation now”

Qin Sinians expression turned cold.

“Grandma, you are too indulgent towards Fan Xiaozhi.”

Old Madam Qin had always been a matriarch figure in the family, but in front of Qin Sinian, she had no presence at all.

All these years, because of the matter of having no children, she had been a little detached from Qin Sinian.

She knew that there were many problems with her previous actions, but she believed she was looking out for the future of the Qin family.

At this moment, she softened her attitude: “I am only concerned about Heyan.

I care about the child in her womb, and I also care about her.

As for Fan Xiaozhi, after this incident, I cant be bothered with them anymore.”

Only then did Qin Sinians expression soften.

“Shes been pregnant for more than a month, so she needs to recuperate.

I hope todays matter will be the last.”

“It definitely wont happen again,” Old Madam Qin immediately said.

She was speaking from the bottom of her heart.

In the past, she supported Fan Xiaozhi more or less because she wanted to warn Fu Heyan to give birth earlier.

Now Fu Heyan was pregnant, so how could she have any other thoughts

Madam Qin, on the other hand, said, “Lets go home first.

The hospital smells of medicine and blood.

Its not good for Heyan.”

Fu Heyan waved at Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, its all thanks to you.”

“Its my duty.

I still have something on, so I wont accompany you for now.”

“Huh” Fu Heyan was a little disappointed.

She felt that she still had a lot to tell Shi Jin.

Shi Jin understood how she felt, but looking at Qin Sinians current state, he wouldnt allow anyone to take Fu Heyan away.

It was better to avoid him.

“Ill come and visit you another day.

Have a good rest,” Shi Jin said and left with her bag.

Fu Henian raised her head and said to Qin Sinian, “Sinian, you really have to thank Shi Jin this time.

I was able to get pregnant because of the medicine that Shi Jin had given me.”

Qin Sinian recalled that there was always a medicinal fragrance in the house during this period of time.

It was very pleasant.

“The medicine she gave”

“Thats right.” Fu Heyan nodded.

“I had lost my confidence.

It was Shi Jin who encouraged me and prescribed me with a series of medicines.”

Not only Qin Sinian, but even Old Madam Qin and Madam Qins expressions turned serious.

Shi Jin returned to Orchid Pavilion.

Fu Xiuyuan was handling official business in the study.

Seeing Butler Chen walk over with a cup of coffee, Shi Jin took it.

“Ill send it over.”

She walked to the door and knocked.

The door was ajar.

Fu Xiuyuan was on the phone, his back facing Shi Jin and facing the window.

Shi Jin walked forward and placed the coffee on the table.

Recalling the joy of Fu Heyan and Qin Sinians pregnancy, she was touched and went forward to hug Fu Xiuyuans waist.

Sensing the girls sweet scent from behind him, Fu Xiuyuans lips curled up.

He ended the call with a few words and turned around to hug her.

He could clearly feel that she was exceptionally soft today, her entire being exuding an indescribable gentleness.

Fu Xiuyuans heart softened as he caressed Shi Jins hair gently.


Fu, congratulations.”

“You are now a prospective uncle.” Shi Jin looked up and smiled at him.

Surprise flashed across Fu Xiuyuans eyes.

“Are you saying that Sister is pregnant”

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