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Chapter 501: Foolish and Vicious

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Fan Xiaozhi shrunk back in fear.

Old Madam Qin said, “Xiaozhis went into premature labor and the child wasnt saved.

She was too angry and said a few words about Heyan…”

“What does her childs accident have to do with Heyan” Qin Sinians face immediately darkened.

No one dared to speak again.

Under her grandsons pressure, Old Madam Qin said, “Thats why I scolded her too.

She made it so messy.”

Qin Fan quickly said, “Im sorry, Big Brother.

I know Ive caused a lot of trouble for Sister-in-law.

Im really sorry.”

Qin Sinian looked at the doctor.

“Whats the problem with the child”

The doctor walked over.

He could tell that Qin Sinian was the person in charge here, so he quickly said, “This fetus was born prematurely and had heart failure due to taking inappropriate drugs when it was still in the womb, so it couldnt be saved.”

Fan Xiaozhi immediately found an excuse and said with disheveled hair, “What did I say I told you someone drugged my food.

I knew it! My poor son! The son of the Qin family! Grandma, you must help me.”

“Shut up!” Qin Sinian said coldly.

Fan Xiaozhi shut her mouth in fright.

The doctor continued, “Madam Fan, your childs problem wasnt caused by anyone else.

It was caused by yourself.”

“Youre spouting nonsense! You cant protect an evil person!”

“Madam Fan, when you came to check the gender of the fetus previously, I told you clearly that the doctor could not reveal the gender of the fetus.

Later on, I did not know where you went to do the checkup.

Then, I discovered that the features of a boy slowly appeared on the fetus that was originally a girls.

I knew that you were taking the so-called medicine to change the gender of the fetus.

At that time, I tactfully advised you that pregnant women should not take this medicine at will…”

The doctor explained in full detail, “As everyone knows, the gender of the fetus has already been formed the moment the sperm cells and ovary cells are combined.

No matter what you do in the later stages, you wont be able to change this.

I dont know where you got the medicine.

Even though the fetus looks like a boy, in reality, shes still a girl.

“Whats worse is that not only are these drugs unable to change her gender, but they also caused her to suffer from multiple organ failures.

This is also the reason why she was born prematurely and couldnt be resuscitated.”

Following the doctors words, Fan Xiaozhis eyes widened as she shook her head in denial.

“No, impossible, impossible…”

Shi Jin was also reminded of the time when she met her at the Qin familys house.

She had eagerly flaunted her baby boy to her.

At that time, Shi Jin could tell that she was pregnant with a girl.

Facing her persistence, Shi Jin did not say much.

It was only now that she realized that Fan Xiaozhi had known clearly that she was pregnant with a girl.

It was just that she had wanted the Qin familys honor too much and wanted to rely on her child to gain a foothold.

She had actually pulled so many tricks behind her back.

Now that the worst had happened, she wanted to push the blame to Fu Heyan.

It was really foolish and vicious.

Qin Fan, who was originally supporting Fan Xiao Zhi, gave her a slap: “How can you treat our daughter like this Ive already said it before, be it a boy or a girl, as long as they are our children, we have to love them well, raise them and let them live a peaceful and happy life.

How can you do this”

“Im doing this for our future…”

“The future you want isnt what I want at all!” Qin Fan took two steps back in pain.

“Arent we living well enough now Do you think that Big Brothers position is so easy for anyone to take on How much did you think he had to pay to be able to take on the entire Qin family We are already living the most carefree and comfortable life!”

After Qin Fan finished speaking, he passed by Qin Sinian and gave him a pained and guilty look before striding out.

Second Madam Qin was worried that something would happen to her son and hurriedly shouted, “Qin Fan, come back!”

Old Madam Qin immediately said, “Ill get someone to stop him! Watch Xiaozhi first!”

Fan Xiaozhi had just given birth after all.

Her body was weak and she was still bleeding.

Old Madam Qin was also afraid that something bigger would happen.

Second Madam Qin had no choice, but to support Fan Xiaozhi first.

Fan Xiaozhi did not dare to say anything in front of Qin Sinian, but she still glared at Fu Heyan.

She felt that she came to the hospital specifically to laugh at her.

A nurse hurried over.

“Madam Fu, where is Madam Fu Heyan”

“Im here.” Fu Heyan was exhausted after this farce.

“The prenatal checkup that youve booked has arrived, and I was looking for you everywhere.” The nurse immediately came over.

Previously, Fu Heyan was a frequent visitor of this hospital, so she was familiar with the doctors and nurses.

Old Madam Qin caught the main point.

“Pregnancy checkup Heyan, what checkup are you doing”

A deep look flashed across Qin Sinians eyes.

“Heyan, you…”

Faced with Qin Sinians worried gaze, Fu Heyan could not hide it from him.

She said in a low voice, “I might be pregnant.

I wanted to check before telling you, but I didnt expect you to be alerted.”

Qin Sinians body was like a wooden sculpture, unable to react for a moment.

Outsiders might not know how much Fu Heyan had suffered in order to get pregnant.

Previously, even the test tube pregnancy had not been successful.

They had never dreamed of getting pregnant naturally.

Fu Heyan had the same thoughts.

She had been eating the medicine that Shi Jin had given her all along.

On one hand, she was filled with hope, but on the other hand, she did not dare to have too much hope.

Qin Sinians reaction was exactly the same as when she first saw the pregnancy test kit.

“Sinian, Im not sure yet, so I want to do a checkup to confirm it.” Fu Heyan shook Qin Sinians arm and woke him up.

Qin Sinian came back to his senses.

Seeing Fu Heyans cautious look, he couldnt help but feel sorry for her.

He said in a low voice, “Its okay.

Even if youre not pregnant, you still have me and I still have you.”

Fu Heyan held his fingers tightly and prayed that Shi Jin was right.

“So youre really here for a pregnancy test today” Old Madam Qins eyes lit up.

Madam Qin was delighted as well.

“Sinian, why arent you bringing Heyan over”

Second Madam Qin and Fan Xiaozhi were stunned.

So, Fu Heyan was not here to visit them or to laugh at them.

She did not know about Fan Xiaozhis premature birth and the resuscitation of the baby! She just happened to be here for a pregnancy test!

So Fu Heyan was pregnant!

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