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When Fu Heyan and Shi Jin heard that Fan Xiaozhi was hospitalized due to an accident, they naturally couldnt reject her.

They planned to visit her first before coming back for Fu Heyans checkup.

Second Madam Qin said, “Xiaozhi gave birth prematurely.

The fetus is being resuscitated.

Her body is also very weak, so its not very good.”

Fu Heyan was silent for a moment.

“Then let her have a good rest.”

Since she ran into them, she really could not avoid personally visiting Fan Xiaozhi.

When Fu Heyan and Shi Jin walked over, they heard Fan Xiaozhi crying in the corridor.

Old Madam Qin was also there, sitting on the bench with an ugly expression.

Madam Qin sat next to Old Madam Qin.

Second Madam Qin went forward to persuade her.

“Alright, the child is still undergoing surgery.

Why are you crying here Be quiet and wait.”

“Grandma, Mom.” Fu Heyan went up to greet Old Madam Qin and Madam Qin.

Shi Jin also greeted them.

Seeing Fu Heyan, before Old Madam Qin could say anything, Fan Xiaozhi rushed over with a pale face.

Shi Jin stopped her in front of Fu Heyan.

“What are you doing”

“What am I doing I want to ask Fu Heyan what shes doing here.

I gave birth prematurely.

Is she here to laugh at me” Fan Xiaozhi cried.

“I usually respect her as my sister-in-law.

I visit her a few times a week.

Even when Im pregnant, I visit her, but she wont let me in.

She made me wait outside with a pregnant belly.

I waited outside in the cold winter.”

“This isnt the ancient times where you have to go greet your elders every day.

Didnt Sister say that you should rest well since youre pregnant You dont have to walk around,” Shi Jin said calmly.

“I only went over because I respected her.

She left me hanging, which resulted in me giving birth prematurely!” Fan Xiaozhi cried loudly.

Shi Jin could not help but laugh.

“You should find a better reason to blame others.

Your premature birth has nothing to do with Sister.”

Second Madam Qin could not help but say, “Alright, Xiaozhi, lets not talk so much.”

“Why cant I say it I gave birth to a son this time! Fu Heyan couldnt give birth to a child herself, so she was jealous of me and deliberately played dirty tricks to let something happen to my son! Not only do I want to talk about her, but I also want to go back and check all the food I had eaten to see if anyone had drugged it!”

Fan Xiaozhi shouted loudly, evidently, this sons premature birth had caused her to break down.

Shi Jin did not want to argue with her about these useless questions.

Useless people always blamed their problems on others, trying to find ways to shirk responsibility and reduce their own responsibilities.

“Sister, lets go first,” said Shi Jin.

Old Madam Qin said sternly, “Alright, stop talking.”

Fan Xiaozhi said bitterly, “Grandma, thats your precious grandson.

Ive been carrying him for so long, and now hes birthed prematurely.

The moment hes born, hes in the resuscitation room… You cant just watch and not care about him! Its not that Fu Heyan doesnt want to give birth.

She wants to give birth, but cant.

Shes afraid that after my child is born, it will threaten her position in the Qin family, so she used vicious means.

She must have done something else and used other means.

You have to seek justice for me.”

These words were actually complete nonsense.

Even Old Madam Qin did not believe it, but Fan Xiaozhi insisted on pestering her endlessly, she also felt heartache for her precious grandson who was in the midst of being saved, she could not ignore him completely.

“Alright, take a rest first.

Ill give you an explanation.” Old Madam Qin could only comfort her temporarily.

The lights in the operating theater went off.

The doctor and nurse pushed the baby out.

The babys face was covered with a white cloth.

When Fan Xiaozhi saw this, her legs gave way and she fell to the ground.

Old Madam Qin could not bear to see it and shook her head.

When Second Madam Qin saw that her grandson had just been born and was gone, she couldnt help, but take a deep look at Fu Heyan, as if she believed Fan Xiaozhis words.

When Qin Fan, who had rushed over, saw this scene, his face fell.

After all, this was his child.

He couldnt bear to see this and didnt dare to look at him anymore.

When Shi Jin saw this scene, she could only silently express her condolences.

Unexpectedly, Fan Xiaozhi suddenly stood up and rushed towards Fu Heyan, wanting to grab her.

Qin Fan was quick to stop her, but even with his strength, he could not stop the enraged Fan Xiaozhi.

She was certain that everything was Fu Heyans responsibility.

With astonishing strength, she dashed past Qin Fan and knocked into Shi Jin, causing her to stumble and arrive in front of Fu Heyan.

Fu Heyans gaze turned cold as she stared at Fan Xiaozhi.

Fan Xiaozhi did not dare to act rashly under her cold stare.

Shi Jin had also seen through Fan Xiaozhis act of using an excuse to go crazy and occupy the moral high ground.

She used her pain to cover up her face of wanting to hurt Fu Heyan and shirk responsibility.

Fu Heyan looked at her and said in her unique voice, “You said that I purposely made you stand at the door in the middle of the day, causing you to give birth prematurely and target you.

Are you even worthy Even if you have a child, even if its a son trying to compete with me for the Qin family.

Are you worthy In your poor mind, theres only this little matter of passing on the family line.

A mother wants to rely on her son to get rich and try to pull me into the same situation as you.

Are you worthy”

Qin Fan had already rushed forward to pull Fan Xiaozhi back.

“Im sorry, Sister-in-law.

Xiaozhi is insensible…”

“Shes insensible, and so are the others.

Are we just going to let her do whatever she wants”

Old Madam Qin and Second Madam Qin looked at her awkwardly.

Both of them had their own thoughts and were not completely innocent.

“Fan Xiaozhi, hurry up and apologize to your sister-in-law!” Old Madam Qin could no longer maintain her composure and shouted.

“I dont want an apology, and I dont want to bother with your lousy matters.” Fu Heyan looked at Fan Xiaozhi, “You are just worried about losing your child and afraid of being blamed, so you want to drag me down with you.

I pity you for the former, but for the latter, I only feel that you are evil and heartless.

Fan Xiaozhi, let me warn you, dont ever appear in front of me again to cause trouble.

Otherwise, even if you are pregnant and want to use the child in your womb to protect you, you have to see if you can protect yourself!”

Qin Fan looked ashamed.

Fan Xiaozhis real motive was exposed by her and his mind was buzzing.

“Heyan.” Qin Sinian strode over.

Fu Heyan turned around and saw her husbands familiar figure.

“Why are you here”

Qin Fan said in a low voice, “Im sorry, sister-in-law.

I was afraid that things would blow up and hurt you, so…”

Qin Sinian strode over to Fu Heyan and said, “Whos causing trouble again”

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