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Chapter 50: I Hate Her.

Tell Her to Leave

A renowned pianist had injured his hand before in an accident.

Although he hired the best doctors, the surgery was deemed a success and he was able to retain motor function in his hand, it was impossible for him to ever perform again.

Fu Heyan quietly cried.

Qin Sinian was heartbroken that she got hurt, but there was nothing he could do.

“Big Sis,” said Fu Xiuyuan with his powerful voice.

Fu Heyan watched him walk in with her eyes teary.

She pouted and wanted to cry again.

Qin Sinian told Fu Xiuyuan about the situation.

“I have already contacted the best surgeon in Europe and America to come over.

He is already flying over.”

The moment Shi Jin entered the room, she stared at Fu Heyans hand.

She had already heard the doctor saying that Fu Heyans tendon was injured when he spoke to Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Heyan had already undergone surgery conducted by their best doctor.

If it were anyone else, it was definitely good enough to help retain motor function.

However, Fu Heyan was no ordinary woman.

She was a world-class pianist and was the youngest woman ever to come in champion for the Chopin International Piano Competition.

Her hands were nimbler than an average person.

She needed her hands to be strong and nimble in order to play the piano well, so her motor functions had to be flawless.

The doctors were unable to guarantee this, but Shi Jin could do it.

Shi Jin happened to be an expert in the field in her past life.

Before Shi Jin could say a word, Fu Heyan caught Shi Jin staring at her and could not help saying angrily, “Shi Jin, are you here to mock me”

“No, Im not…”

“I know you are.

From the moment you walked in, you kept staring at my hand! Are you thinking you can finally have your way now that I am injured You are too much!” shouted Fu Heyan harshly since she was upset.

Qin Sinian hurriedly pressed her down.

“Calm down.

The doctor said you have to stay calm.”

“How can I stay calm I hate her! Tell her to get lost!” Fu Heyan was completely agitated.

Shi Jin knew Fu Heyan hated her and did not want her to tear her wound, so she quickly left.

Fu Xiuyuans voice turned slightly colder.

“Dont take it out on her.”

Fu Heyan parted her lips and wanted to say more, but decided to stop.

She knew Fu Xiuyuan well.

If she continued shouting at Shi Jin, he was bound to get upset.

She watched as Fu Xiuyuan left and could only take her temper out on Qin Sinian.

“I hate you too!

“Yes, its all my fault,” said Qin Sinian indulgently.

Shi Jin sat down on a bench outside.

She smiled when Fu Xiuyuan walked over.

“Its okay.

I get it.

She is in a bad mood now.

All patients get temperamental.”

“Im sorry,” apologized Fu Xiuyuan.

Shi Jin shook her head.

“Im sure she will be fine.”

She would definitely find some way to operate on Fu Heyan.

Fu Xiuyuan thought she was talking about the internationally renowned surgeon Qin Sinian had called.

It was impossible for Shi Jin to work any magic on Fu Heyan since their grudge was too deep.

Considering Fu Heyans condition, it was impossible for them to set aside their differences, let alone expect them to get along and have a normal conversation.

Also, why wouldnt Fu Heyan choose a world-class doctor over her

Shi Jin had to wait for the world-class doctor to come before she could find a chance to help Fu Heyan.

Fortunately, Shi Jin was sure her injuries could wait after seeing her medical report.

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