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Fu Xiuyuan looked at her sideways.

Shi Jin felt sad as she recalled how he fell into her arms with his face covered in blood in her past life.

She disregarded her urge to cry and hurriedly picked up the pen to sign the document.

Shi Jin held the two red booklets tightly in her hands as they walked out.

Song Fan rubbed his eyes and pinched his thigh as though he were dreaming when he witnessed the sight.

He was genuinely not dreaming! His thighs had even become bruised from all the pinching.

Fu Xiuyuan sat upright in the car.

Even though the coldness on his face had dissipated, an imposing aura continued radiating from him.

He was happy to accept Shi Jins unexpected change in attitude, but he was afraid that this was just the calm before the storm.

Shi Jin was keenly aware of the lies and empty promises she made all these years so that she could run from him.

Even with the marriage license, he was worried that she was not in it wholeheartedly.

Fu Xiuyuan was deep in thought when he suddenly felt a cool sensation in his hand.

He lowered his eyes to see the red booklets.

“Xiuyuan, why dont you keep this” Shi Jin sounded relaxed as she smiled candidly.

“You can keep the marriage license.

I will stay in Repulse Bay Villa from now on.”

His long fingers instantly froze as he held the marriage license so tightly that his knuckles turned white.

He looked fixedly at her face.

Shi Jin held his hand up somewhat sadly.

“Deng Yufei said I wanted to run, but its not true.

From now on, you can only believe what I say.”

“Shi Jin.” Fu Xiuyuans voice sounded deep and husky as he held her soft hands.

However, he continued frowning and seemed as though he was trying to figure out the veracity of her words.

Shi Jin said softly, “I used to be blind and couldnt tell humans and animals apart.

It stops now.

Please dont believe anything you hear unless it comes from me, especially Deng Yufei.”

“Okay.” Fu Xiuyuans Adams apple moved as he promised deeply.

“Why can she enter Repulse Bay Villa as she wishes Why can she get in touch with you” asked Shi Jin.

Fu Xiuyuan replied, “I dont know either.”

Shi Jin instantly realized that Deng Yufei could have such access because of her and not Fu Xiuyuan.

Deng Yufei went around pretending to be her best friend.

Would anyone deny her entry into Repulse Bay Villa Would it dawn on Fu Xiuyuan that anything could be amiss with what Deng Yufei said It was all her fault.

Shi Jin saw Fu Xiuyuan looking worried after she gathered her thoughts.

She felt bad, so she turned to kiss the corner of his lips with her mask on.

She saw the darkness in his eyes disappear and get replaced by a dazzling light.

Everyone could sense something different about the mood Fu Xiuyuan was in.

He was unusually warm, and his previously stern expression had lifted.

A servant was distracted by the change in Fu Xiuyuan and accidentally spilled some water.

He was so terrified that he turned pale and felt that he was dead meat.

However, Fu Xiuyuan waved his hand and let him leave.

It was an unprecedented miracle!

Song Fan was sitting in the front passenger seat on the way back and did not keep an eye on Shi Jin, so he missed the sight of Shi Jin kissing Fu Xiuyuan.

Hence, he did not know why there was such a huge change in Fu Xiuyuans mood.

Fu Xiuyuan clearly seemed unperturbed when they left the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Nevertheless, he hoped that Shi Jin would stick to her word this time!

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