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Chapter 499: Pregnant

On this day, Shi Jin received a call from Fu Heyan after work.

“Shi Jin, can you accompany me to the hospital”


Are you feeling unwell anywhere”

“Not really, but dont tell the others first.” Fu Heyan said mysteriously.

Shi Jin did not think too much about it.

She changed her clothes immediately and drove to the Qin residence to meet Fu Heyan.

Fu Heyan sat in the room.

After putting down the phone, she still felt like she was in a dream.

She sat on the toilet bowl, holding a pregnancy test kit in her hand.

Her feet were light and weak.

“Heyan” Qin Sinian knocked on the bathroom door.

“What took you so long Are you feeling unwell anywhere”

“N-nothing.” Fu Heyans voice was trembling.

She forced herself to calm down before opening the door and walking out.

“Whats wrong You look a little pale.” Qin Sinian reached out to touch her forehead.

“Maybe I didnt sleep well last night.

I feel a little dizzy.”

“Then dont go out today.

Rest at home.

Ill get the family doctor to come over.”

Fu Heyan quickly shook her head.

“No need.

I have an appointment with Shi Jin to go shopping.”

Qin Sinian frowned, appearing very worried.

However, since the other party was Shi Jin, he did not object.

“Bring the chauffeur.

Call me if anything happens.”

“I will.” Fu Heyan felt her heart racing.

She felt like she was about to jump out of her skin.

When she looked at Qin Sinian, her gaze was obviously not right.

Qin Sinian saw a blush appear on her originally pale face and chuckled softly.

“You want me to stay and accompany you”

His tone was a little ambiguous and Fu Heyan nearly couldnt resist it.

She pushed him and said, “How can you be like this in broad daylight”

“What about me” Qin Sinian teased her on purpose.

Fu Heyans face turned even redder.

“Alright, Shi Jin is coming over.

Youll be embarrassed if she sees you.”

Qin Sinian did not tease her anymore.

After he went downstairs, he instructed the butler to arrange a car and bodyguards for Fu Heyan before leaving the Qin residence to go to the company.

When Shi Jin came over, Fu Heyan rushed downstairs cautiously.

“Sister.” Shi Jin felt that Fu Heyans expression was a little weird.

“Where are you feeling unwell”

“Well talk about it after we get in the car.”

The butler followed beside her.

“Young Madam, Young Master has arranged for a chauffeur and car for you…”

“No need, Im fine here.” After Fu Heyan rejected, she pulled Shi Jin into the car.

Shi Jin tilted his head and looked at her.

“Sister, I am a doctor.

Whats going on that you would rather see another doctor than tell me the situation I will be worried.”

Fu Heyan took a deep breath, took out her phone, and showed Shi Jin a photo.

It was a pregnancy test kit with two red lines.

Shi Jin also reacted for a moment before saying in surprise, “Yours”

A blush appeared on Fu Heyans face.

“Yeah, I did it this morning.

In order to get pregnant, werent there all sorts of tests at home I wanted to check on the ovulation day today, so I did this.

In the end, I found out about the pregnancy.

At that time, I panicked and called you.”

She was a little incoherent.

“How was your period”

“After drinking your medicine, it has always been stable, but it didnt come last month.

It wasnt normal in the past anyway, so I didnt pay too much attention to it.” As she said this, her expression became dejected again.

“No, I had fake pregnancy symptoms before too.

There were two lines, but in reality, it was just endocrine dysfunction.”

The light in her eyes dimmed.

Shi Jin understood what she meant by telling her not to tell anyone.

Under uncertain circumstances, even Fu Heyan couldnt believe that she could get pregnant, so she was naturally afraid of letting others know.

Her doubt and lack of security was truly heartbreaking.

Shi Jin whispered, “Give me your hand.”

Fu Heyan reached out and placed her hand in front of Shi Jin.

Shi Jin stretched out her fingers and placed them on her pulse.

Fu Heyan nervously pursed her lips, filled with hope, but she did not dare to hold too much hope.

She had experienced too much disappointment and pain.

Now, in front of Qin Sinian, she did not even dare to reveal any clues.

She was afraid that she would cause Qin Sinian to experience an emotional rollercoaster with her, only for the ending to be disappointing.

Shi Jin became more cautious.

She took several times longer than usual checking her pulse and checking it again and again.

Fu Heyan looked at her in fear.

When Shi Jin was doing serious business, her expression was always serious and calm.

There was no trace of emotion on her exquisite face.

After confirming it repeatedly, Shi Jin smiled.

“Sister, congratulations.”

“Are you saying that I really have one” Fu Heyan looked at her in disbelief.

“Its true.” Shi Jin smiled.

“Congratulations to you and Brother-in-law.”

“I…” Fu Heyans face was filled with joy before she covered her face with her hands as tears flowed out.

Shi Jin knew that she was overjoyed.

She also understood that Fu Heyan had suffered too much because she wanted a child.

Shi Jin reached out and patted Fu Heyans shoulder, letting her lean against her.

Fu Heyan was crying, but her eyes were shining with joy.

“Thank you, Shi Jin.

Thank you so much.”

“Sister, in order to confirm the babys health, lets make a trip to the hospital first,” Shi Jin suggested.

“There are many ways of using modern medical technology that can help you scientifically and accurately.”

“Yes, youre right.” Fu Heyan wiped her tears and picked up her phone again, wanting to tell Qin Sinian about this, but after thinking for a while, she felt that it was better to say it in person.

She put down her phone.

Shi Jin had already started the car.

Fu Heyan looked at Shi Jin for a long while before saying, “Shi Jin, I think you are our familys lucky star.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“You guys are my lucky stars too.”

They had redeemed her two lifetimes and given her the most kindness and warmth.

Love was in two directions.

In this life, everyone had given and received it.

Shi Jin and Fu Heyan chose to go to the big hospital of the Qin Family.

The gynecology department there was one of the best in the capital.

Fu Heyan made an appointment with the doctor on her phone before getting out of the car.

The two of them walked towards the hospital.

After taking a few steps, they saw Second Madam Qin walking towards them.

The moment she saw the two of them, she said, “Heyan, have you come to see Xiaozhi”

Since the other party had already said so much, it would be unreasonable if Fu Heyan didnt ask.

She nodded.

“Second Aunt, Xiaozhi is in the hospital What happened to her”

“Lets go.

Well talk as we walk,” said Second Madam Qin..

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