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Chapter 498: Sorry for the Disturbance

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“Actually, my medicine can even cure her injuries, but I dont want to give it to her, so I wont,” Shi Jin said softly.

Fu Xiuyuan bent down and leaned close to her ear.

“Thats your choice.

Some people dont deserve it.”

Yao Jiahong nodded silently at the side, agreeing with Fu Xiuyuans words.

Shi Xuexin was not worthy.

Shi Jin smiled.

Fu Xiuyuan said in a low voice, “Lets watch a movie together”

Shi Jin turned around and saw the smile on Fu Xiuyuans face.

It was only then that she remembered that her first movie, “Glory of the Song Dynasty,” had been released.

She immediately said, “Ill change immediately.”

The storyline of “Glory of the Song Dynasty” wasnt focused on romance.

Instead, it outlined the story of war and battle.

When the last scene was played in the cinema, Gu Zhao, played by Shi Jin, raised her spear and faced the vast grassland.

Her voice was firm as she said, “For the people of Song Dynasty!”

“Shi Jin has really brought this role to life.”

“She made me believe that Gu Zhao really exists.”

“I want to watch it again immediately.”

Shi Jin sat in the back row and could faintly hear the sounds coming from the front row.

Her eyes were bright.

Fu Xiuyuan turned his head to look at her, his eyes filled with pride.

The two of them sat there until almost all the audience had left before they got up and walked out.

When they went out, it was almost time for dinner, so the two of them entered a restaurant close-by.

Moments later, Shi Xuexin and Boss Xiang followed in.

Shi Xuexin and Boss Xiang had not been together for long and Boss Xiang was not sick of her yet.

When he heard that she was weeping and complaining and her face revealed a pitiful look, Boss Xiang decided to stand up for her.

“Shi Jin really did it on purpose.

She lied to me and made me admit those things on Weibo.

I had no choice, but to admit to things that I didnt do, but she pretended that nothing had happened… Not only is she looking down on me, shes looking down on you, Boss Xiang.” Shi Xuexin was weeping like a pear blossom bathed in rain.

Half of her injured face was currently covered by a cap and a mask.

Her eyes that were revealed could still show the beauty of the past.

Boss Xiang ignored her cries and strode in.

He had been working in the underground for many years, and there was a murderous aura about him.

Even Shi Xuexin was a little afraid as she followed closely behind him.

Wherever Boss Xiang passed, the waiters and customers would avoid him while trembling in fear.

Fear appeared on everyones faces, and they did not dare to provoke him.

Boss Xiang arrived at Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jins floor without any obstructions.

Shi Xuexin no longer had any hope of getting the medicine.

She had already reached this stage and only wanted to drag Shi Jin down with her.

Shi Jin definitely could not stay out of this.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin had already ordered their dishes.

Hearing the commotion outside, Fu Xiuyuan frowned and looked outside.

Boss Xiangs valiant figure appeared at the door with a cigar in his hand.

The scars on his face and palms were faintly discernible.

After he opened the door, he finally saw the person beside Shi Jin clearly for the first time.

The aura of the man sitting there was shockingly strong.

Even though he looked calm, there was enough pressure.

The air became thin and suffocating.

Boss Xiang had been in the industry for many years, but this was the first time he felt such an atmosphere.

Shi Jin raised her eyebrows and looked at him calmly.

“Is there a reason Boss Xiang has come”

Boss Xiang was originally holding a cigar in one hand and a lighter in the other.

Last time, Shi Jin pointed at the anti-smoking sign on the wall in front of everyone.

He had been slapped in the face.

It was obvious that the action of holding the cigar was a huge provocation.

However, in front of Fu Xiuyuan, he did not light it.

“Shi Jin, Fu Xiuyuan, are you trying to deceive me on purpose because you dont respect Boss Xiang at all” Shi Xuexin started to make things difficult when she saw the tense atmosphere.

Boss Xiangs hand that was holding the cigar froze.

Fu Xiuyuan The legendary Master Fu

Even though he had been listening to Shi Xuexin talk about these things, he had not paid much attention to it previously and had no impression of it.

It wasnt until he saw the real Fu Xiuyuan and combined this name together that he finally understood.

He put away his cigar and said to Fu Xiuyuan, “Im sorry for disturbing you.

Ill visit you again another day to apologize.”

With that said, he glared fiercely at Shi Xuexin before turning to leave.

Shi Xuexin did not know what was going on, but she did not dare disobey him.

She had no choice, but to follow him out.

Shi Xuexin had just opened her mouth when Boss Xiang gave her a tight slap on the face.

“Dont follow me anymore.

Idiot, dont provoke people you shouldnt!”

He threw down a check and left without looking back.

Shi Xuexin sat on the ground after being slapped.

She did not understand what had happened.

She only had one thought in mind.

It was over.

She was completely finished!

The driver returned to the car and politely handed him a cigar.

He didnt take it and said, “I quit.

From now on, no more cigars are allowed in the car or at home.”

However, Shi Jin, who stayed in the restaurant, was a little surprised.

“Whats going on with Boss Xiang He left just like that”

“What else can he do, stay to eat” Fu Xiuyuan handed her the chopsticks.

Shi Jin did not think much of it.

However, when she thought of Shi Xuexins scarred face and disheveled appearance, she felt that the rice in her bowl smelled even better.

While they were eating, Yao Jiahong sent a WeChat message: “Shijin, Glory of the Song Dynastys first day box office has already reached more than 200 million.

With tonights box office, it will definitely reach 300 million!”

Shen Xinghe said, “Sis, Im going to support your movie too! Ive booked the whole venue to invite friends! Its really good! Its worth it!”

Gu Jingyuan: “Red packet.”

Old Master Li: “Red packet.”

Gu Qingqing: “Red packet.”

Zhu Junrong: “Red packet.”

There were even more red packets sent by her other friends as well.

Shi Jin had just finished collecting all the red packets when the producer and director also sent red packets.

Shi Jin: “Why are you giving me red packets for my high box office sales”

“Cant we congratulate you” Everyone replied with conviction.

Alright, Shi Jin accepted all of them and returned a few red packets in the group chat.

Fu Xiuyuan picked up some food for her and she smiled.


Fu, this meal is on me.”

She showed Fu Xiuyuan the red packets in her phone.

Fu Xiuyuan glanced at it, then lowered his head thoughtfully and took out his phone.

Shi Jins phone rang again and she looked down.


Fu transferred 520,1314 yuan to you.

Read in Chinese, these numbers were homophones for “I love you, for this lifetime and eternity.”

Shi Jin stared at the number on her cell phone.

She raised her hand to rub the space between her eyebrows and pursed her lips..

Her heart started to race at this number.

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