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Chapter 497: Get Out of The Crew

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Fu Xiuyuans straight shoulders slowly relaxed.

His fingers curled and clenched tightly around his leg before he slowly regained his senses.

The sparks in his heart started to burn, filling his heart to the brim.

His fingers slowly wrapped around her shoulders as he said in a low and powerful voice, “Shi Jin, I love you.”

Shi Xuexins apology was posted on Weibo.

Not only did she admit that she had added something in the potion to teach Shi Jin a lesson, but she also mentioned what she had done to her in the past, causing a scar to appear on her face.

She had no choice, but to say it.

It was the lesser of two evils.

By saying it, she would be criticized by everyone and lose her social status, but if she didnt say it, she would lose her looks, Boss Xiangs trust, and her ability to rely on her looks in the future.

She had to say it.

Shen Xinghe was respectfully escorted out by the police.

The crew and props team heaved a huge sigh of relief.

If the stalemate continued, both work and career would be affected.

Shi Xuexins prediction was right.

Everyones criticism of her was so intense they almost ran out of words to scold her with.

It had only been a few days since the fair, rich, and beautiful woman had been reduced to this state.

Now, when she was mentioned, not only did she have the reputation of aningrate, but it was also accompanied byvicious,despicable andcorrupted morals.

Shi Jins fans were also very fearful and requested to punish Shi Xuexin severely.

“Thank you, Shen Xinghe, for not letting this potion splash on our daughters face.”

“Shi Xuexin deserved it.”

“The wicked will be punished by the wicked.

Shi Xuexin, get out of the production team.”

“Who still dares to work with her”

“So she was also the one who caused the injury on Shi Jins face in the past.

Thank God she has recovered.”

“Thats right.

Its hard to imagine the grievances Shi Jin suffered in the Shi family.”

“When I heard the name Shi Xuexin, I wanted to vomit.”

Shi Qing slapped Yu Xiuhuas face.

“You told me that Shi Jins face was injured by accident, so thats how it is”

Yu Xiuhua covered her face.

“I only heard it from them.

I wasnt there.”

“Youre really… vicious!”

“Im vicious How badly could Shijins face have been injured There isnt even a scar now, which means there isnt much of a problem! Xuexin has already been punished.

What else do you want me to do”

“I dont have a daughter like that!”

Yu Xiuhua wanted to continue, but Shi Qing said coldly, “If you continue to defend her, we can only end here.”

Yu Xiuhua gritted her teeth and said, “Im already pregnant, do you not even want the son in my stomach”

Shi Qing was stunned.

The couple was almost 50 years old, and Yu Xiuhua was actually pregnant

Yuxiu Hua said in a low voice, “I know that Xuexin is already like that, but in such a huge Shi family, its impossible for there to be no successor and no one to manage it in the future.


After Shi Xuexin revealed these two matters publicly, Shen Shuangnan directly requested to terminate the contract with her on the production team of “Love of a Lifetime.” The final scenes could no longer be kept, and all the scenes had already been cut.

The female artiste who had replaced her had quickly entered the production team to make up for her losses.

Not only had Shi Xuexin been replaced, she had to bear the losses and compensate the production team.

Even Boss Xiang had nothing to say.

For the sake of Boss Xiang, the production team had done all they could for her.

This time, they really could not protect her anymore.

“Come to My Home” had also issued an urgent notice, claiming that they would no longer work with Shi Xuexin.

They would no longer use Shi Xuexin on any future episodes.

In the programs that had already been recorded, the number of scenes would be greatly reduced.

They would definitely not allow such a scum of society to come out and pollute everyones vision.

Yao Jiahong summarized the information to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin glanced at it and said, “Leave it at that.

I have nothing to say.”

“Shi Xuexin called a few times.

Do you want to answer” Yao Jiahong asked.

Shi Jin had blacklisted Shi Xuexin long ago.

Shi Xuexin couldnt get through to her, so she could only call Yao Jiahong.

Shi Jin reached out.

“Give it to me.”

Yao Jiahong hurriedly passed his phone over.

Shi Jin then turned on the speaker mode and placed the phone on the table.

Shi Xuexins anxious voice was heard.

“Shi Jin, why didnt you answer my calls”

“If I didnt answer your call, who are you talking to right now”

“Shi Jin, you promised me last time that you would help me treat the injuries on my face as long as I announced what I had done to the public.

Now that Ive announced everything, where are your medicines and the doctor”

Shi Xuexins voice was hurried and sharp.

Shi Jin leaned lazily against the back of the chair and said, “When did I agree to treat you”

“Shi Jin, you!” Shi Xuexins shrill voice was heard.

“You went back on your words! You said that as long as I…”

“What promise did I make”

Shi Xuexin was shocked by Shi Jins question.

She recalled that Shi Jin had indeed never promised to treat her injuries.

Shi Jin just said that her own face had been cured and used it as bait to lure Shi Xuexin in.

She rushed out anxiously to clarify the situation and publicly apologize.

However, when she thought about it carefully, Shi Jin did not mention anything about treating her.

“Shi Jin, you tricked me! How dare you trick me!”

“Why wouldnt I dare to” Shi Jins voice was cold and lazy.

The sun shone on her shoulders and she was enveloped in gentleness and gold.

Shi Xuexins sharp curses and frantic smashing sounds came from the other end.

Yao Jiahong took a step forward and took his phone.

He was about to press the end call button.

Shi Jin said, “Let me say one last thing to her.”

Yao Jiahong put down his phone.

Shi Xuexin also heard the commotion and was filled with hope once again.

Shi Jins voice was calm.

“Oh, right.

I forgot to mention that I do have medicine.”

“Give it to me! Give it to me! Shi Jin, give it to me.

Ill promise you anything!”

Shi Xuexin was like a person on the brink of death, grasping at the last straw of hope.

She had to grab hold of everything now.

She had to save herself.

“That sort of medicine is extremely effective.

It can allow one to not leave a single scar on their face.

Even the most serious injuries can be healed.”

“Shi Jin, what exactly do you want”

“Unfortunately, that kind of medicine only works on knife wounds.

It has no effect on the damage caused by chemicals.

If only you were injured by a knife…”

“Shi Jin, you tricked me! Shi Jin…” Shi Xuexins shrill voice sounded.

At the same time, Yao Jiahong had already hung up.

Shi Jin looked out of the window and saw Fu Xiuyuan walking over.

She felt his hands on her shoulders and felt his warmth through her clothes..

Shi Jin felt at ease.

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