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Chapter 496: What Do You Want Me To Do

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Fu Xiuyuans heart was gripped tightly as well.

Shi Jin had never mentioned the injury on her face, nor did she mention the pain or the discomfort.

Now that he knew the whole story, he realized that she had suffered far more than he had imagined.

His eyes were bloodshot and pained as he looked at Shi Xuexin with murderous eyes.

Sensing his hostility and killing intent, Shi Xuexin kept retreating.

She was afraid.

His gaze and aura were even more ferocious than a fiend from hell.

It made her feel as though her throat was being strangled, as though it could be snapped at any moment.

Shi Jin also sensed Fu Xiuyuans emotions, so she grabbed his hand.

Fu Xiuyuan turned around.

When he looked at Shi Jin, his eyes were filled with gentleness and love.

“Ill settle my own matters.” Shi Jins voice was firm.

At that moment, Fu Xiuyuans murderous intent intensified.

She said in a low voice, “I know you can help me, but I still want to solve it myself.”

Fu Xiuyuans eyes gradually dimmed and he didnt continue forward.

Shi Jin walked forward calmly.

“Not only am I not sorry, but Im also very pleased.

Do you know that youve put a lot of things in this potion Its enough to disfigure someone.

However, fortunately, someone poured it on your face.

Shen Xinghe did not know anything, he only knew that she had done something to the potion.

In the end, the one who would suffer the consequences was herself.

Isnt it very similar to that grand occasion back then How is it Does it feel great to be abandoned by everyone after being injured”

Shi Xuexin bit her lip hard.

“My advertisements are gone.

My scenes are gone.

I have nothing left.

You dont have to tell me about it.”

“How can I not tell you specifically I still have to tell you that the doctor said that your face can no longer be restored.

It will only leave scars crisscrossing all over.” Shi Jin smiled and said, “Even the best surgeons cant do anything about these scars.”

“What are you trying to do” Shi Xuexin asked, shivering when she heard those words.

Shi Jins tone was calm, but the pressure was tightly wrapped around Shi Xuexin.

“What youre going through now is similar to what I went through back then.

There are still so many people visiting you now.

What are you worried about with such a good doctor treating you”

Shi Xuexin covered her face.

“Heh, didnt you say that no matter how good a doctor is, they cant treat disfiguration”

“Even my face can be cured.

You can do the same.” Shi Jins face was smooth and flawless.

Her standing there was the best proof.

She didnt need any extra words to give people hope.

Shi Xuexins eyes lit up.

“Shi Jin, what do you want me to do What exactly do you want me to do”

“Tell everyone what you have done,” Shi Jin said calmly.

Shi Xuexin immediately sat back down.


Her reputation had already hit rock bottom.

How was she going to survive after this Was she really going to be hated by everyone

Shi Jin whispered to Fu Xiuyuan, “Lets go.”

The two of them left together, their footsteps firm.

Just as Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan were about to leave the door, Shi Xuexin snapped out of her daze and asked loudly, “Shi Jin, if I tell the truth and apologize, can you really help me”

“The choice is in your hands,” Shi Jin said without turning back.

She disappeared quickly.

Shi Xuexin collapsed into a pile of trash once again.

At the side, Shi Xuexins manager, who had heard the whole story, looked at Shi Xuexin differently now.

She had always thought that Shi Xuexin was really a generous young lady.

Her relationship with Boss Xiang was just a matter of love, and outsiders had no say in it.

Only now did she realize that she was such a person.

Even the potion was her own doing.

“Shi Xuexin, I think Shi Jins suggestion is very correct.

Youd better confess openly.

That way, you can save your face.”

When Shi Jin returned to the car, she was really tired.

She rubbed her brows.

Fu Xiuyuan reached out and pulled her into his arms.

“Rest for a while.”

“Mm.” She leaned into Fu Xiuyuans arms, as if she had found a safe harbor to lean on.

That sense of security surrounded and drowned her, gradually easing her nerves.

A moment later, she fell asleep.

Sensing that her fingers were slightly numb, Shi Jin moved her body and realized that she was still in Fu Xiuyuans arms.

“What time is it” Shi Jin asked softly.

It was only after she asked that she realized that the neon lights outside the window were already flashing.

It had been at least a few hours since she left the hospital.

Fu Xiuyuan maintained this position and hugged her.

Even though she was sleeping, her fingers were still a little numb.

Fu Xiuyuan was enduring the pressure from her in this position, so he was probably feeling even worse.

Fu Xiuyuan lowered his eyes, his gaze filled with love and cherish.

“Do you still want to sleep for a while”

“Ive slept enough.” Shi Jin sat up straight.

“Then its almost time to eat.” Fu Xiuyuan took off his jacket, draped it over her shoulders, and got out of the car with her.

When Shi Jin got out of the car, her legs went soft and she staggered.

It turned out that her legs were a little numb too.

She didnt notice it just now.

Fortunately, Fu Xiuyuan was around her and had already noticed her movements.

He reached out and picked her up bridal style.

She was indeed a little tired, so she snuggled into Fu Xiuyuans embrace with ease and let him carry her into Orchid Pavilion.

When she heard Butler Chens voice, Shi Jin struggled to get down.

“Send dinner to the room.” Fu Xiuyuan held her tightly and instructed Butler Chen.

Shi Jin could almost hear Butler Chens kind laughter.

She felt that her reputation would be ruined here.

On the other hand, Fu Xiuyuans emotions did not fluctuate much as he steadily carried her upstairs.

Shi Jins mind was in a whirl.

In this life, she had always felt that she was the one healing Fu Xiuyuan, but now that she thought about it, it had always been Fu Xiuyuan healing her.

In front of every major accident and every time she was mentally exhausted, he would be by her side supporting her.

She might not need to rely on anyone, but with Fu Xiuyuan by her side, the meaning was completely different.

Back in the room, Fu Xiuyuan placed her on the bed.

He was about to get up when Shi Jin wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her face on his shoulder.

Fu Xiuyuan bent down slightly to accommodate her movements.

This was the first time she had used such words.

Shi Jin was very sure that her current feelings were not reliance or repayment for his kindness in her previous life.

She had unknowingly accepted this mans existence and importance in her life..

She was sincerely putting him into the future of her life.

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