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“Alright, since you didnt do it on purpose, no matter who asks you, just insist that it was an accident caused by a slip of the hand.

The police will naturally investigate her injury.”

She was worried that Boss Xiang would cause trouble for Shen Xinghe.

However, if it was a slip of the hand, Shen Xinghe would have no responsibility.

If it wasnt for Shen Xinghe, the potion would have splashed on her face.

The director also felt a lingering fear.

He went up to check on Shi Jins condition and only felt relieved when he saw that her skin was unharmed.

He promised Shi Jin, “Shi Jin, dont worry.

I will definitely cooperate with them to find out the truth.”

Everyone in the props team was trembling in fear.

There was a problem with the props that they made.

They didnt know how much they would be implicated, nor did they know if Boss Xiang would find trouble with them.

The news from the hospital quickly came back.

“There is a high percentage of chemicals in the prop medicine that is very corrosive to the skin.”

The props team was completely dumbfounded.

“We really didnt do it!”

They were afraid that Shi Jin would have something against them because of this.

“Whether you have or not, the police will give you justice.

If you have not done it, then just do your own thing.” Shi Jins expression was calm.

However, her words made the props team feel more at ease.

Yes, the police would not let such a person off.

Instead of worrying, they might as well do their own things.

The rest began discussing in low voices.

“I heard that Shi Xuexins left cheek has been corroded and disfigured.”

“Could it be Shen Xinghes doing After all, they have a long history.”

Naturally, Shen Xinghe was brought over for investigation.

Shi Jin instructed Yao Jiahong to bring his lawyer and bodyguards over to accompany Shen Xinghe.

Naturally, they could not film todays scenes.

When they heard that Shi Xuexin had already been disfigured, the producer immediately arranged for people to visit her at the hospital while further reducing her scenes.

The scenes of the two female leads were now all about the single female lead.

The good thing was that the screenwriter was very capable.

Under such circumstances, the screenwriter was able to turn the tide and ensure the integrity of the story.

When Shi Jin walked out of the set, she saw Fu Xiuyuans car parked in the car park.

He was leaning against the car door and making a call.

The moment she appeared, his gaze shifted over and he put the phone away.

His expression was relaxed and relieved.

The filming didnt take long today, but Shi Jin was exhausted.

However, when she walked to his side, her fatigue disappeared.

“Lets go home,” Fu Xiuyuan held her hand and said softly.

“I want to go to the hospital first,” said Shi Jin.

Fu Xiuyuan did not object.

He would accompany her wherever she went.

When they arrived at the hospital, there was an endless stream of people from the production team who came to offer their condolences.

However, no one saw Shi Xuexin, they were all chased out by her manager.

When the manager saw Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan appear, her expression turned ugly.

She said, “Xuexin said she wont see anyone.”

Fu Xiuyuan looked up and sized up the manager coldly.

Under his gaze, for some reason, the managers aura weakened and could not help, but move aside to let Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan enter.

The manager consoled herself.

This was a hospital.

Shi Jin would not do anything rash.

Shi Jin walked in.

Shi Xuexin was throwing things.

Her face was wrapped in gauze and bleeding profusely.

Although she couldnt see how she was injured, it was obvious that it wasnt a light injury.

The skin on the face was the hardest to heal.

It was obvious that Shi Xuexins face was completely ruined.

A shard of the mirror landed by Shi Jins feet, splashing a pile of tiny fragments.

Shi Jin did not even blink.

However, Fu Xiuyuans movement of turning his body included her in his protection.

Shi Xuexins eyes were revealed.

They were bloodshot and looked terrifying.

“Shi Jin, youre satisfied now! Youve made me like this, and now youre satisfied!” Shi Xuexins voice had long lost its usual gentleness and propriety.

It had turned hysterical and was as manic as a female beast.

“What do I have to be satisfied with Your face cant even compare to one ten-thousandth of mine.

What does it matter if your face gets hurt or not”

Upon hearing Shi Jins words, Shi Xuexin burst out laughing maniacally.

“Hahahaha, youre lying! If you dont care, why would you let Shen Xinghe splash water on me Youre just jealous! You just want to occupy all the high ground in front of me! Shi Jin, admit it, you did this to me on purpose! You came here to see me suffer!”

She rushed over, but was kicked to the ground by Fu Xiuyuan.

Her hands were riddled with scars and looked ghastly.

She lay on the ground, her entire face covered in tears and saliva.

It was a horrible sight.

“Indeed, I came to see you on purpose.

I also wanted to help you recall a small story from a few years ago.” Shi Jin curled his scarlet lips and said calmly, “A few years ago, a vicious young lady placed a sponge toy with a sharp blade and instigated her friends to attack another person.

They all thought that it was impossible for a sponge toy to injure someone.

At most, it would only humiliate the other party.

However, they never expected that someone had already put a blade in it, causing a long scar to appear on the face of the person they humiliated.”

Shi Xuexin had obviously forgotten about this matter.

She suddenly raised her head and looked at Shi Jin.

Thats right, there was a long scar on Shi Jins face back then.

It ran across her face and was extremely ugly.

Shi Jin smiled and said, “You remember now Its good that you remember now.

At that time, I was injured and my face was covered in blood.

What did you say You said that your friends were careless and were only joking with me.

I was overreacting and accidentally touched a blade, injuring myself.

Then, everyone believed what you said and felt that I was really insensible.

I couldnt even take a joke so I ended up like this.

Those friends that you instigated and made use of were just casually reprimanded by their parents.

As for you, your mother did not even say anything harsh to you.

Do you still think that you are innocent ”

Shi Xuexin glared at Shi Jin.

“So So youre satisfied now that Im injured”

“I am very satisfied.

Do I have to feel sorry for you What right do you have to make me feel sorry for you” Shi Jins words were cold and emotionless.

Shi Xuexins hands were filled with broken glass and her entire body was in pain..

She did not know what was more painful as her entire body was numb.

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