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Chapter 494: Did You Splash Her On Purpose

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Grandpa Wang smiled and said, “But in my opinion, Old Master Li has already given everything back to them.

This place has long become a rich and fertile field, becoming everyones real home.”

Shi Jin looked into the distance and said with a smile, “What grandpa did was very noble.”

“Of course.” Grandpa Wang lit a cigarette and started smoking.

Amidst the smoke, Shi Jin saw a familiar car driving towards them.

Grandpa Wang stood up and Shi Jin had already strode over.

The car stopped in front of her and Fu Xiuyuans handsome face appeared.

Shi Jin smiled in surprise.

“Didnt you just go back”

“Its grandpas birthday tomorrow.

Im here to celebrate with him.

Ill bring you home too.” Fu Xiuyuan got out of the car and walked to Shi Jins side.

Old Master Lis laughter could be heard from behind.

“Oh, you.

You were afraid that I would keep Shi Jin longer, so you couldnt wait to pick her up.”

Fu Xiuyuan didnt deny it and said with a faint smile, “Its mainly to celebrate Grandfathers birthday.”

“Hahaha.” Old Master Li laughed.

“Lets go in first.”

After Old Master Lis birthday, Shi Jin did not stay for long and rushed back to the capital with Fu Xiuyuan.

Shi Jin went to the set and a car followed behind her.

She turned back to have a look.

Fu Xiuyuan said softly, “Ive arranged four bodyguards for you.

Im worried about Shi Xuexin being on set.”

Shi Jin nodded gently.


“If anything happens with Shi Xuexin…”

“I understand, Ill tell you.

Dont worry, with her level, she wont be able to touch me.”

Fu Xiuyuan placed his hand on her hair and smiled slightly.

Shi Xuexin had also arrived at the set.

As soon as she entered the set, she was told that her scenes were once again reduced.

“Theres no reason why.

The screenwriter has gained more and better inspiration for the role of Shi Jin and has already obtained the approval of the entire production team,” the assistant director told her.

“So now, we have added some of her scenes.”

In other words, the unimportant scenes would be reduced.

All of this had happened because of the live broadcast.

As Shi Xuexins reputation plummeted, the screenwriters ideas followed the trend.

Shi Jin only found out about this after entering the set.

She briefly looked at the script and felt that there was nothing wrong with it.

She replied, “Okay.”

When she sat down to do her makeup, Zhu Junrong sent her a message.

“Shi Jin, dont you have a violin you need to fix Do you need me to inform your eldest senior brother”

“No need, Elder Zhu.

I dont have a violin to fix.”

Wen Wangs violin naturally had nothing to do with her.

Zhu Junrong didnt insist and casually chatted with her about the shoot.

“When are you free Come with me for more tours and meet more people.”

Shi Jin agreed to everything.

Shi Xuexin returned to her dressing room.

Her assistant was gone, and the makeup artist was putting on makeup for the others and told her to wait.

She pinched her palms and walked to the props team.

“Miss Shi.” The props team knew that there was a power behind her, so their tone was very polite.

Turning around, the props team discussed in a low voice, “In a while, this bottle will be splashed on Shi Jins face, and it needs to look like its bubbling and hurting Shi Jins face.

Mixing detergent with beer will do.

As for the wound, it will be done with post-production special effects and makeup.”

“Alright, Ill do it now.”

“Did you tell Shi Jin Is she allergic to anything”

“Shi Jin said it was okay.”

Everyone busied themselves with their work.

After they were done, they placed the prop potion aside.

Shi Xuexin had already retreated and no one noticed her.

A moment later, she was back.

When no one was looking, she poured the chemical cleaning products she had gotten from the cleaner into the potion and shook it.

Then she glanced around and stepped back.

This time, it was her and Shen Xinghes scene.

Shen Xinghes role was to pour the potion on her face.

After Shi Xuexins scenes were reduced, there were no more scenes for her today, but she didnt leave.

Instead, she stayed by the directors side and waited for the scene to start.

Her expression was calm, but her hands were clenched tightly, betraying her true emotions.

Shi Jin felt strange when she saw her standing near her.

Another actor said, “I heard from Shi Xuexin that shes staying to watch everyones scenes.

It seems like she knows how to work hard now.”

Shi Jin did not think that she had such intentions, but filming was about to start, so she didnt think too much about it.

Shen Xinghe quickly got into character.

Holding the bottle of medicine, he shouted angrily, “Demoness, I will enforce justice on behalf of the heavens today!”

Next, Shi Jin made a defensive move.

However, Shen Xinghe was highly skilled and had come prepared.

Therefore, more than half of it landed on her face.

Just as Shi Jin was about to cover herself, Shen Xinghe raised his hand and poured the potion on Shi Xuexins face.

The turn of events was too sudden.

Shi Xuexin covered her face with her hands and let out a scream!

Shen Xinghe did it on purpose, so the potion sprayed on Shi Xuexins face.

Everyone was also stunned.

Someone shouted, “Quickly bring some water over.”

“Dont worry, Miss Shi.

This is the detergent mixed with beer.

Its a little uncomfortable, but itll be fine after washing it.

There wont be any big problems.”

Shen Xinghe quickly said, “Im sorry, my hands shook.”

No one had time to blame Shen Xinghe as they helped Shi Xuexin up.

Her screams were a little scary and shrill.

The first person who went up to wash her face was shocked to find that her skin was swollen and festering.

“This is…”

“Send me to the hospital!” Shi Xuexins voice was shrill and miserable.

Everyone also realized that something was wrong.

Someone immediately called the emergency number.

The props team was shocked.

“Whats going on”

“Leave the medicine for inspection.”

“Send her to the hospital immediately! Bring these props with you!”

The director was also very angry.

“Deal with it immediately!”

Only then did Shen Xinghe realize that the matter had blown up.

He waved his hand.

“I didnt do it on purpose…”

Shi Jin stood at the side and took in everything.

If the medicine was splashed on her face, the consequences would be similar.

She pulled Shen Xinghe aside.

“You splashed her on purpose”

“I did it on purpose, but I did not know that the chemicals inside could cause such serious injury.” Shen Xinghe immediately told her the truth..

“I saw her sneakily putting something inside the potion, so I wanted to teach her a lesson and let her experience the consequences herself.

I also did not know what was inside…”

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