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Chapter 493: Became A Joke

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Shi Xuexin was caught in her own trap.

She wrapped herself up in that circle and turned around, blaming others for not letting her out.

A day and night of recording ended.

Shi Xuexin did not appear again.

When they left, Old Master Li brought a few villagers with him and brought over chicken, duck, fish, fresh fruits, and so on for the guests and staff.

Even Wen Wang, who was the most difficult to deal with, accepted it readily and put it into the trunk of the nanny van with great care.

Xia Peifeng smiled and said, “Grandpa Li, Ill come over to try your new watermelon during the summer break.

You cant reject me.”

“Of course youre welcome.” Old Master Li smiled.

“When the time comes, I welcome everyone back.”

Shen Xinghe said, “Then I will take Grandpa Li seriously.”

“Im just afraid that you wont come back.

Look at the rich yields in the fields.

Now that the young people are slowly returning, its best that you drive the largest car back.

Otherwise, Im afraid you wont be able to store the new breed.” Old Master Li smiled magnanimously.

After the episode of Come to My Home ended, Shi Jin and the Li family had gained enough attention.

Most of the comments on the trending topics were related to Old Master Li.

# Want to eat Grandpa Lis watermelon #

# I want to eat the corn developed by Grandpa Li #

# I want to eat roast whole lamb #

# Old Master Lis Identity #

# Please treat Shi Jin well, otherwise she will go back and inherit a billion yuan of fertile land #

Shi Xuexin, on the other hand, received the biggest scolding in history.

The fans she just gained all left, expressing that they would never be fans of such ingrates again.

The name of the ingrate followed closely behind her name.

The viewership ratings for this show had also reached the peak of all the episodes.

It was ten times higher than the previous episode of the concert with the highest viewership ratings.

Shi Jin did not go back with the rest.

Instead, she stayed behind to celebrate Old Master Lis birthday.

Shi Xuexin returned to the Shi family with a pale face.

Yu Xiuhua originally didnt pay much attention to the program and was playing mahjong with a few rich and powerful ladies.

When she heard that Shi Xuexin had gone to the countryside, Madam Chen, who was sitting opposite her, could not help but say, “That must be tough, right Its such a cold day.

If you cant eat or sleep well, will you catch a cold”

“What can we do Thats Shi Jins house.” Yu Xiuhua pouted.

“Arent you concerned about Xuexin”

“It just so happens that theres a premium episode.

Lets watch it together.

Speaking of which, its really strange.

Why did Shi Jin have to pick a mountain ditch to record a show It made me lose interest in watching this episode, even with Lin Yao there,” said Mrs.


Madam Huang looked down on Yu Xiuhua and pursed her lips.

“Xuexin hasnt been back for so many years.

No matter what, she should go back and take a look.”

As she spoke, Madam Li opened the premium episode.

“Xuexin has become more beautiful.” Madam Chen smiled as she spoke.

“I hate this countryside.

Its not attractive at all.” Madam Li shook her head.

Madam Huang said, “Dont say that.

It has been developing well all these years.”

As the four of them played mahjong and watched TV, Madam Chen said, “But, Madam Shi, you have to be careful.

Dont let your poor relatives get involved with you.

Itll be so annoying.”

“Thats right, Im also afraid of this.” Yu Xiuhua made a disgusted expression.

The four of them looked at each other casually.

Suddenly, Madam Huang said, “Did you see that The Li family doesnt seem like an ordinary rural family.”

“Impossible.” When Yu Xiuhua picked up Shi Xuexin, she had gone to Taizhou Town once.

It didnt look like a good place.

She quickly glanced at the television and realized that the comments had already blurred the show.

It turned out that everyone was currently discussing the identity of the math teacher and Old Master Li.

This episode was a highlighted episode.

In other words, many people already knew of their identities and came to watch it again.

Madam Huang switched off the bullet screen and saw Shi Xuexin standing there with a pale face.

There was a close-up shot.

Madam Huang smiled and said, “So this is the identity of the Li family.

I knew it.

When Xuexin came back, her upbringing and manner of speech were really not for show.

It turns out that they had nurtured her for so many years.”

Madam Li and Madam Chen revealed slightly embarrassed expressions.

Madam Huang didnt have a good relationship with Yu Xiuhua to begin with, so when she saw the situation, she smiled again.

“No wonder when Xuexin just came back, those teachers and the rest all said that she had outstanding talent.

Now that I think about it, she doesnt have any talent, its all because her previous teachers taught her well.”

“Stop talking!” Yu Xiuhua was frustrated.

Initially, she had wanted to see the Li family make a fool of themselves, but in the end, Shi Xuexin became the joke instead.

The entire Shi family became a joke.

“Whats there not to say” Madam Huang picked up her bag.

“Some people are stupid.

They tried their best to cut ties with the Li family years ago.

If it were me, I would put effort into building a good relationship with Shi Jin and her family.

Come to think of it, even without Shi Jins background, cant you have gotten along well with Shi Jin After all, she was your daughter who youve raised for twelve years.”

After Madam Huang finished mocking her, she walked out gracefully.

Yu Xiuhua was so angry that she wanted to rush forward to find trouble, but after considering the current situation of the Shi family, she could only forget about it.

Madam Chen and Madam Li also picked up their bags and left.

When they left, Shi Xuexin was walking into the house.

When Shi Xuexin saw their eyes, she understood everything.

She knew that she had become a joke in the eyes of everyone and had been reduced to a state where everyone looked down on her.

She bit her lip hard, knowing that she was at the end of her rope.

“Mother.” When she saw Yu Xiuhua, her voice was hoarse and unpleasant to hear.

For a moment, Yu Xiuhua didnt know what to say.

Shi Xuexins expression also showed that everything that happened on the show was not baseless.

She waved her hand.

“Go rest.”

Shi Xuexin walked upstairs gloomily.

Yu Xiuhua caressed her stomach.

She knew that she could no longer count on Shi Xuexin.

Right now, the only hope of the Shi family was Old Master Shi.

He was the only one who had the money and connections to support the Shi family.

However, Old Master Shi would not do such things for Shi Xuexin.

She could no longer rely on Shi Xuexin.

Shi Jin stayed in Taizhou Town to celebrate Old Master Lis birthday.

His birthday was the next day, so at night, Shi Jin followed Grandpa Wang to check if the household supplies were ready.

There were already villagers who sent food and necessities over.

Grandpa Wang remembered Old Master Lis words and accepted the gifts.

However, he remembered who sent them clearly.

“Shi Jin, your grandfather refused to accept their gifts in the past, but they insisted on giving it to us.

We had no choice, but to accept it first..

In the future, we will use other methods to repay them.”

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