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Chapter 492: Without These, She Was Nothing

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Even though they were about the same age, age wasnt the most important thing in the art world.

Lin Kang had been famous for a longer time than Liu Xueyuan, and he had long crushed Liu Xueyuan in terms of reputation.

She had never expected that her initial Chinese Art teacher would be Lin Kang.

At that moment, everyone had completely understood.

They could not help looking at Shi Xuexin with mixed emotions.

Wen Wang kept shaking his head in his heart.

This time, he was completely disappointed in Shi Xuexin.

After the camera gave Shi Xuexin a close-up shot, it stopped showing her.

At this moment, the bullet screen was also buzzing.

“So Shi Xuexins mathematics teacher is a great mathematician and technology expert, Tian Qihao”

“Her Chinese Art teacher is Lin Kang”

“I dare say that the teachers that Elder Li hired for her are all top-notch! Its just that we still dont know who they are!”

“You can tell from the piano and violin in her room that Old Master Li has always treated her well.”

“Yet she said that she had learned everything from the Shi family.

If not for the enlightenment in Taizhou Town, she would not have achieved anything even if she returned to the Shi family.”

“She always thought that she was smart, but she didnt know that without these enlightenments, she was nothing!”

The director went to find Grandpa Wang privately to understand the situation.

Grandpa Wang sat there and said indifferently, “Thats not all.

Her piano teacher was Song Huaixian, and her violin teacher was Zhu Junrong.

The other subjects were all taught by Elder Li.

Usually, Elder Li would personally lead her and teach her word by word.

However, she was always depressed.

I dont know what she was thinking…”

When Grandpa Wang said this, his tone was filled with complaints.

“Old Master Li had sacrificed so much.

After Shi Xuexin returned, she cut off all contact with Old Master Li and avoided him.

Now, she even slandered the Li family for dragging her down back then, causing her to not have a better life.”

Grandpa Wang had wanted to say this for a long time.

Now, he could spit it out easily.

“If it wasnt for the initiation education she received here back then, how could she have become so outstanding Everything she looked down on was the foundation for her future development.

“Especially her violin and piano.

From what I heard, ever since she returned to the Shi family, she has only regressed and hasnt made any progress.

She can even be praised because of Song Huaixian and Zhu Junrongs shadows in her playing style.

Director, youve seen it yourself.

When has Old Li ever mistreated her”

The director was shocked when he heard the names that were like thunderclaps.

He immediately asked, “So, Elder Li…”

He already had an answer in his heart.

He immediately got someone to find an uncommon high-grade book and flipped to the first page.

As expected, Elder Lis name was first.

Physicist, biologist, agronomist, academician of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

He had rejected European and American invitations more than fifty years ago to stay in China.

More than twenty years ago, because of the countrys backwardness, he had been leading his students to do research and support agriculture.

Although he was only living in Taizhou Town, besides his proud students, there were also many top talents in various industries surrounding him.

In this courtyard, it could truly be said that there was no such thing as a free lunch.

It was obvious that Song Huaixian, Zhu Junrong, and company were only willing to teach Shi Xuexin because of him.

However, these precious talents from various industries were not particular about their food and clothing.

They looked very ordinary, which was why Shi Xuexin treated them as dispensable country teachers.

In reality, they only spent the time that other people spent eating and dressing up on their professional knowledge.

After the director interviewed Grandpa Wang and found out about Elder Lis identity, the entire program team quickly spread the news.

Lin Yao nodded.

“Thats right.

When I first saw Elder Li, I already felt that he wasnt an ordinary person.”

The rest of them had already had a premonition.

When they saw Shi Xuexins room, when they saw all her decorations and items, when they saw the old car.

Everyone did not dare to speak loudly in front of Old Master Li.

When they could not help being cautious in front of him, everyone had a premonition.

However, the director confirmed this premonition for everyone.

Because everyone was only discussing in low voices, the audience and fans watching the live broadcast did not fully confirm Elder Lis identity.

However, this did not stop people from searching for the truth based on clues.

Then, everyone exploded.

“Oh my god, Elder Lis identity shocked my entire family!”

“I always thought that Best Actor Li and Shi Jin came from mediocre backgrounds.

In the end, they completely crushed Shi Xuexin, okay”

“How could Shi Xuexin have the audacity to send out that kind of statement, saying that she had learned all sorts of things through her own hard work.

Now, it seems that she was able to get into Imperial Capital University because of Elder Lis teachings!”

“Shi Jin is the one who suffered.

Although the Shi family is indeed rich, how can these teachers be hired with money”

“How are these just teachers This is a top tier enlightenment group, a King Bomb level.”

“If my daughter had lived in her own family since she was young, she would have exploded a long time ago.

She is the one who has been suffering, okay”

“And you saw it.

Shi Xuexin really did not come back to visit Old Master Li after she left.”

“Shi Xuexin is really stupid.

She really doesnt know what she has gotten or what value she has!”

“Ha, lets just call this episodeExposing Shi Xuexin!”

Wen Wang and Lin Yao were discussing something in low voices.

And Shen Xinghe was asking Shi Jin all sorts of questions.

“My head hurts a little.

I need to go to my room.” Shi Xuexin immediately exited the live stream and walked towards a room at the side.

She rushed into the washroom and vomited violently.

She vomited until she had almost nothing left, even her gallbladder was empty.

She clenched her fists.

Other than regret, her heart was filled with hatred.

She hated Old Master Li for never mentioning this to her.

She hated Grandpa Wang and the others for only looking at her as if she was a joke.

They had never reminded her that the Li family had such a deep background.

She hated them for hiding everything from her and treating her like a joke.

However, she forgot that after she returned to the Shi family, Old Master Li would visit her every year and send her things every year.

Not only did she not meet him, but she even encouraged Shi Jin to not take those things either.

She even hid it from Shi Jin and returned everything to Old Master Li.

The hurt she gave was far greater than Old Master Lis kindness.

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