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Chapter 491: Acting Too Much

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Compared to her life in the Shi family, these items and Old Master Lis efforts could be said to have been prepared with love for Shi Xuexin.

Of course, Shi Jin had never denied Old Master Shis love for her.

However, Shi Xuexin still wanted to use her grandfather to gain everyones sympathy.

Her acting was too much.

Shi Xuexin brought everyone to see the car she took when they were young.

Lin Yao was stunned when he saw the car.

Shi Xuexin said, “When I was young, I never sat in a new car before.

I always took this car to school.

However, even if I was laughed at by my classmates, I didnt mind.

I was going to school, not to show off my car.”

“Are you serious, Xuexin” Lin Yao asked.

“Its true.

Ive never felt inferior or regretful just because my material conditions are worse than others, and Ive never resented anything either.

I only envy my two older brothers for going to school in the city but Ive never hated them, because Grandpa treats me really well.”

Lin Yao understood what she was implying.

He scoffed and said, “I see.”

Wen Wang also gradually understood and shook his head lightly.

Shi Xuexin was still showing off, but Shen Xinghe was impatient.

He immediately said, “Ive seen this car in a car magazine before.

Its an antique car.

Not only is it expensive, but the most important thing is that its safety is the best.

Many people have bought it to pick up and send their children to school.

The value of this car is about… seven digits and above.”

Shi Xuexin was surprised.

“How is that possible”

She looked down on Shen Xinghe and naturally did not think that he knew anything about cars.

“You have never driven a car before, how would you know its price”

“Just because I dont have a car doesnt mean I cant look at cars.

Im already saving up to buy a car.

Although I cant afford this car, it doesnt stop me from studying it in magazines.”

“Impossible!” Shi Xuexin hated this car to the core.

It was not western at all.

How could it be a luxury car

“Impossible Just look,” Shen Xinghe said.

“Go ahead and search for yourself.

Ive forgotten what car it is.”

Lin Yao and Wen Wang did not speak anymore.

Xia Peifeng did not say anything either.

The director and cameraman also gradually realized that the situation was different from what Shi Xuexin had said.

From the beginning, everything Shi Xuexin said did not seem to be the case.

At first, everyone believed her and pitied her, but gradually, they realized that she was exaggerating.

Shi Xuexin immediately shook her head and rebutted, “Thats impossible.

Shen Xinghe, dont spout nonsense.

The school I attended when I was young was average, and the tutor hired for me was average as well.

How could this car be the luxury car you mentioned”

Just then, a car drove over.

The production team said to Shi Jin, “Shi Jin, is there a guest”

Only then did Shi Jin remember that it was Old Master Lis birthday tomorrow.

Many people from the countryside would come to visit one day in advance, and she had almost forgotten about this.

She said, “Ill go take a look.”

“Can the cameraman follow you” the director asked.

“Sure.” Before Shi Jin returned, Old Master Li had already greeted the villagers.

No one minded.

Wen Wang and Lin Yao did not want to stay with Shi Xuexin anymore.

They followed Shi Jins footsteps and walked over.

It was a plain-looking middle-aged man wearing glasses.

He looked familiar too, but no one could remember where they had seen him or who he was.

Shi Jin recognized him immediately and greeted, “Teacher Tian!”

Teacher Tian held the vegetables in his hand.

“Im here to visit Old Master Li.

I didnt expect you to be here.

Is Xuexin here too”

When Shi Xuexin saw her childhood math teacher, she could not help snorting in her heart.

Didnt these people not believe her Didnt they think that she was deliberately trying to scare them

She immediately said, “Teacher Tian, thank you for coming to tutor me when I was young.

Although my math results are average, I still miss you.”

Bullet screen: “He doesnt look like a good math teacher.”

“Shi Xuexin has indeed suffered.”

“If she suffered, why would she be taking such a good car to school”

“Wait, did you notice that Teacher Tian looks familiar”

Lin Yao was the first to recognize Teacher Tian.

He said, “Teacher Tian, are you the mathematician who helped everyone solve the problem in the previous 6G technology field”

Teacher Tian adjusted his glasses.

“Thats the collective credit of everyone.

I was just in a more advantageous position.”

The comments exploded.

“So he is really Tian Qihao, the one who conquered 6G technology and created the Industrial Revolution!”

“I searched him up, hes a mathematician!”

“He was Shi Xuexins math tutor!”

“Shi Xuexins math tutor is a great mathematician and the leader of new technology!”

“Is this Shi Xuexins so-called poor education”

“I just want to ask, who exactly is Grandpa Li”

At that moment, Shi Xuexins face was filled with a myriad of emotions.

The feeling of being slapped in the face was painful and ruthless.

There was also a hint of frustration and disbelief.

Tian Qihao said to Shi Jin, “Wheres Elder Li”

“He might have gone to help the villagers see the new seedlings.

Teacher Tian, do you want to sit down for a while”

“No, Im just bringing some vegetables over.

These are the new dishes that the team over there has experimented on.

Lets bring them over for Elder Li to appraise.

Im still busy, so Ill come back tomorrow.”

Shi Jin did not ask him to stay and Tian Qihao left hurriedly.

Lin Yao came back to his senses and asked, “Shi Jin, what exactly is Grandpa Li doing here”

“Nurturing new seedlings, raising students, planting fruit trees, and some research,” Shi Jin said simply.

“Taizhou Town produces Chinese medicine ingredients and fresh fruits now.

Fish and pork can also be supplied to the city and its neighbors.”

After saying that, she glanced at Shi Xuexin before retracting her gaze.

Lin Yao thought for a moment and said, “Shi Jin, the Chinese painting hanging in Shi Xuexins room seems to be the work of the Chinese painter, Lin Kang.

Is it real”

Actually, he could tell the moment he went in.

It was just that he wasnt sure at that time and didnt ask.

“That should be the case.

Master Lin was the teacher that Grandpa hired for Shi Xuexin to teach her Chinese arts.

Its normal for his works to be at home.”

Shi Xuexin was completely flustered.

“What did you say”

“I said that Master Lins works are hanging in your room.”

Shi Xuexins face turned pale.

Was Master Lin actually Lin Kang Was it that Lin Kang

Her Chinese Arts teacher was Liu Xueyuan, and Lin Kang was Liu Xueyuans senior.

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