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Chapter 490: Life Has Been Changed

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The vegetables were all freshly picked from the fields, and the aroma wafted through the air.

Shi Jin had prepared a lot and took into account everyone in the production team.

This was the first time the entire production team had smelled such fragrant food and everyone was looking forward to eating.

After dinner, Shi Xuexin asked with a smile, “Grandpa, Ill bring everyone tomorrow to appreciate the places I lived in when I was young and the places I went.”

“No problem.” Old Master Li looked at her deeply and did not reject her.

At the same time, he shook his head inwardly.

If she was really a good child, the Li family might as well give her a hand, but from her performance, there was really no need for that.

During the night break, Shi Xuexin read the comments online.

People had many doubts about her now.

Many people suspected that she had no feelings for Old Master Li at all.

Things were not like she described.

She clutched her phone angrily.

What did these people know

Wasnt it normal for her to have no feelings for Old Master Li How did he treat her Who knew about the pain she had suffered when she was young Why was it that her two brothers could go to the big city to receive education and she could not get anything

The next morning Shi Jin woke up early.

She went to a corner of the courtyard to water the plants that her grandfather had planted.

Shen Xinghe also got up and followed behind her.

“Sis, what can I do”

“If you want to help, go help Grandpa Wang make breakfast.”

“Okay!” Shen Xinghe was happy to help.

As he washed his hands, he said, “This is really a paradise on earth.

If I live here, I will definitely live a long life.”

“If you dont live here, youll still live a long life.”

Shen Xinghe smiled and went to help.

Everyone gradually got up.

Lin Yao stretched and said, “Its so comfortable.

The countryside is really quiet and the air is fresh.”

“Thats right.

Its rare that I dont have insomnia,” said Xia Peifeng.

“Usually, Im a night owl.”

Wen Wang was in a good mood.

“Yes, I woke up naturally today.”

Shi Jin took a look at her grandfathers greenhouse.

Of course, there were all kinds of expensive flowers and plants here, including precious tonics.

Sleeping here was like using all these medicines to nourish ones body.

It was difficult to even lose sleep.

After breakfast, it was Shi Xuexins turn to perform.

She smiled and said, “Ill show you my old room and my car.

I wonder if my room is still there.”

“Its still there,” Grandpa Wang said and took out a bunch of keys.

“Let me bring you there.”

The fans were already preparing to watch Shi Xuexins miserable childhood.

They were even prepared to cry.

Grandpa Wang took the lead and opened her room.

“Everything here is still the same as when you left.

Its been almost ten years and nothing has been touched.”

Shi Xuexin did not deny that either.

What entered everyones sight was a large and spacious room with a neatly made bed.

Everything was similar to what she remembered.

Chinese paintings hung on the walls, and there was a piano and violin in the corner.

Xia Peifeng spoke first.

“Xuexin, youve been living well since you were young.”

“Ah, is that so” This was not what Shi Xuexin wanted to hear.

“Of course.

Do you know when I got my first guitar When I was twenty! That was about ten years ago! And the only time I could use the piano was at school.”

Xia Peifengs background was average, but it was definitely not bad either.

Since he had said so, it was obvious that Shi Xuexins childhood was very different from what everyone had imagined.

Lin Yao also smiled and said, “The first time I had a piano was when I was seventeen or eighteen.

Xuexin, when did you start learning piano”

Grandpa Wang said, “When she was about three years old, Old Master Li prepared a piano and violin for Xuexin and hired a teacher.”

Wen Wang touched the violin and said enviously, “This violin is not bad.”

He had many violins and was very professional in this area.

If he said that it was not bad, then it was definitely not bad.

Shi Xuexin was a little flustered.

“I didnt really learn it well when I was young because the teachers were all teachers from the town.

The teachers back then were pretty average.”

Grandpa Wang wanted to say something but hesitated.

The camera was not aimed at him, so no one saw his expression.

Lin Yao agreed and said, “Thats true.

In many small places, the teachers qualifications are not good.”

“Xuexin was still a little delayed.” Wen Wang was very disappointed with her previously, but he felt that his words were very fair and impartial.

“If she had received systematic education earlier, her development would definitely have been better.”

The bullet screen said, “Yeah, if Xuexin lived in the Shi family, would she be learning from Elder Zhu”

“Shi Jin still took a lot of advantage.”

“Two peoples lives have been exchanged.

Thats impossible to fix.”

Shi Xuexin said softly, “My initiation was indeed not very good.

Back then, there were many things that I did not learn very well.

Back then, there were indeed no good teachers in the town.

However, you cant blame Grandpa.

Back then, this was the only condition in this place.

I dont blame anyone.”

Lin Yao comforted him.

“Its alright.

Youre learning from a good teacher now.

Youre still young.

Theres still a chance.”

Wen Wang added, “The past is the past.

Dont think too much.”

“I didnt think too much about it.

I know that Grandpa and the Li family have tried their best.

I dont blame anyone.” Her words sounded very pitiful.

Seeing her like this, Lin Yao and Wen Wang continued to comfort her.

Shen Xinghe added.

“Your life is up to you, not the heavens.

Arent you fine now”

As everyone spoke, Wen Wang saw a Chinese painting hanging on the wall and was a little surprised.

“That is…”

Grandpa Wang was about to say something when Shi Xuexin spoke.

“Its just a random painting.”

Wen Wang did not say anything else.

The cameraman gave the Chinese painting a shot and did not bother about it anymore.

The comments were filled with heartache for Shi Xuexin.

Xia Peifeng also saw the decorations and various items in her room.

They looked elegant and refined.

They were of good quality and did not seem to be crudely made.

However, Shi Xuexin was immersed in self-pity.

She was still reminiscing about her difficult childhood, so he did not say anything.

Grandpa Wang kept shaking his head.

Shi Jin also stood at the side with an indifferent expression and remained silent.

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