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The contestants who came in the last eight had one chance to remain on the program.

So Deng Yufei had to work hard and stay on the program.

For now, she did not have the time to come in between Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan.

If she did not perform well enough, Fu Xiuyuan would not look at her at all with or without Shi Jin.

She could not allow herself to get eliminated pathetically.

The second chance was an important opportunity for all the people on the elimination list, so everyone had to be careful.

Based on the competition rules, the last eight contestants could select any singer who was in the safe zone to battle solo.

If the contestants in the elimination zone won, they would get to trade places with their opponent from the safe zone.

However, they would get completely struck off the program if they lost.

After the contestants from the safe zone ended up in the elimination zone, they had one chance to battle a contestant in the safe zone as well.

If they succeeded in surpassing their opponent, they could trade places.

Same went, they would get eliminated completely if they lost this time.

Eight contestants would definitely get eliminated from the program.

The people in the safe zone were only temporarily safe so to speak.

Although it was going to be a solo battle, Gu Qinghua stayed by Shi Jins side and shared the results of her practicing.

“Shi Jin, how does this line sound to you”

Shi Jin lowered her head and shared her comments with Gu Qinghua.

The other contestants pursed their lips in contempt when they walked past Shi Jin.

Just like Chu Lings anti-fans, most of the contestants felt resentful of Shi Jins unexpected win.

Shi Jin was undedicated and lazy.

How could a contestant like her rise through the ranks and come in third

Deng Yongjian had told them Shi Jin could get so far because she had a powerful backer! Who on earth was so blind to support her

Shi Jin did not care about their rude stares.

Instead, she focused on discussing music with Gu Qinghua.

All the participants of the program wanted to come in as the champion.

Even slightly less talented contestants did their best in the hope of paving a career for themselves.

Since none of them were Mother Theresa, no one could be bothered being nice to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin and Gu Qinghua were talking when Shi Jins phone rang.

She picked it up right away.


Im on my way out!”

She told Gu Qinghua she had to leave, took leave for the day, and left immediately.

Everyone watched in disdain as she walked out.

She anxiously got into Fu Xiuyuans car when she got out.

Fu Heyan had gotten into a traffic accident and her hand was hurt!

Shi Jin did not get into a heated argument in this life and make Fu Heyan drive out in the middle of a storm to talk her into coming home, but Fu Heyan still ended hurting her hand!

Shi Jin was dreadfully worried about her condition.

She glanced sideways at Fu Xiuyuan to see him pursing his lips so tightly that even his chin was stiff.

He was clearly stressed out about his sisters condition.

She held Fu Xiuyuans hand firmly as she whispered, “She will be fine.”

Even though her words sounded gentle, she sounded confident and determined.

Fu Xiuyuans tense face finally eased up a little.

By the time they made it to the hospital, the doctors had just performed an operation on Fu Heyan and she was resting in the hospital ward.

Her husband, Qin Sinian, was with her.

She had already regained consciousness and cried until her eyes were swollen as she stammered, “Sinian… Give it to me straight.

Will I ever be able to play the piano again”

Qin Sinian adjusted his spectacles and did his best to sound calm.

“The doctor is hopeful, but you need to spend some time recuperating and cant get agitated.”

She did not believe him.

She faintly heard the doctors saying her tendon was damaged when she was sent for operation.

And she was keenly aware of what that meant even if no one told her.

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