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Chapter 489: How Many True Feelings Are There

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Xia Peifeng immediately raised his hands in surrender.

“Ill drink it myself.

Ill drink it myself.”

Wen Wang and Lin Yao also smiled and said, “Alright, lets all drink tea.”

“If you guys have no health issues, you can drink it.

As long as Grandpa doesnt drink it.” Shi Jin was very tolerant towards everyone.

Only then did Shi Xuexin interject.

“Grandpa, I brought you some gifts.

It just so happens to be a few bottles of wine.

Now that Shi Jin has said so, Im embarrassed to take them out.”

“Then dont take it out.

Grandfather has been sober for fifteen years,” Shi Jin said calmly.

She really hadnt noticed that.

“Im sorry.”

The comments: “Shi Jin looks so cute when she explodes!”

“Xia Peifengs surrender is also very innocent.”

“Shi Xuexin doesnt even know that Grandpa doesnt drink”

“Speaking of which, isnt Shi Jin a little too unreasonable”

“Whats so unreasonable about that My grandfather also has high blood sugar.

Once, he was happy and drank a little more.

That night, he entered the ICU.

Theres nothing wrong with being cautious.”

“So how many true feelings does Shi Xuexin have”

Old Master Li was happy to be under Shi Jins control.

He rebuked her.

“Sigh, every time you call, you tell me not to drink.

All you do is feed me tea, and you still want to make me drink tea now”

He thought of something and said, “Ill deliver this rickshaw to Uncle Li next door.

You guys sit for a while.

Ill be back soon.”

Xia Peifeng immediately said, “Grandpa Li, Ill go with you.”

“Okay, come up and sit tight.” Old Master Li drove the rickshaw out skillfully.

Shi Xuexin took out various kinds of food from her bag and placed them on the table.

“When I came from home, I brought a lot of delicious food.

Im just afraid that theres not much good food in this village.

Everyone, dont stand on ceremony and just eat.”

The cooked food that she had brought was rich and delicious.

It was distributed to everyone in the production team.

Lin Yao thought for a moment and took it, but did not eat it.

“Shi Jin, have some too,” said Shi Xuexin.

Shi Jin said calmly, “You can keep it for yourself.

Im afraid you wont have enough.”

“Then Ill call Shen Xinghe over to eat,” said Shi Xuexin.

“No need, you can eat by yourself.” Shen Xinghes voice came from inside.

Shi Jin also went to the kitchen to help with the dishes.

Shen Xinghe learned how to make roasted chicken from Grandpa Wang and happily started to serve the dishes.

The smell made people drool.

Shi Jin was also busy serving the dishes.

The fans did not expect her to have such a side to her and watched with relish.

Soon, Shen Xinghe and Grandpa Wang walked over with a huge wooden frame.

An overbearing fragrance wafted over.

“Roasted sweet potatoes!”

As Shen Xinghe announced the dishes one after another, everyones saliva was about to drip out.

Shi Xuexin was distributing the braised beef that she had brought for everyone.

Her hands were frozen in place.

The staff sniffed and quickly swallowed his saliva.

He still had to work.

Shen Xinghe put down the roasted whole goat and said to him, “Shi Jin said that she would save a roasted whole goat for you guys.

When you guys are done filming, it will be cooked.

It will be an authentic mountain goat.

The meat is fresh and delicious.

Its excellent!”

Everyone nodded while drooling.

Everyone put down the food they had obtained from Shi Xuexin and waited to eat the roasted goat.

Shi Xuexin felt extremely awkward as she sat on the side with her things.

The live comments: “What was Shi Xuexin thinking”

“Maybe she lived here when she was young and really lacked clothes and food”

“The development of the village is very different now.

She hasnt been back for a long time.”

“Everyone, stop talking.

Xuexin is meticulous.

Shes worried that everyone wont be full.

Its always good to be prepared, right”

The dishes were served, but Old Master Li and Xia Peifeng were not back yet.

Lin Yao said casually to Shi Xuexin, “Xuexin, give Grandpa a call and ask him where he is.

Should someone go pick him up”

“Alright.” Shi Xuexin took out her cell phone.

The cameraman quickly faced her, wanting to record this scene.

However, she felt awkward the next second.

Shi Xuexin held onto her phone and could not find Old Master Lis number.

She had already deleted his contact number.

She immediately tried to enter the number, but after thinking for a while, she realized that after entering 1, she could not remember any other numbers.

The cameraman also noticed something and quickly moved the camera away, but the sharp-eyed audience had already seen it.

“Shi Xuexin actually doesnt have Old Master Lis phone number”

“Didnt she say that she missed Grandpa”

“She hasnt seen Old Master Li in years, and she doesnt even have his number”

“What about Wechat Theres always WeChat, right”

In reality, Shi Xuexin did not even have his WeChat.

Lin Yao helped to salvage the situation and gave Xia Peifeng a call.

“Grandpa Li and I are taking a walk back.

Well be right back.”

The reason why Xia Peifeng and Old Master Li were walking so slowly was because they were forced to stuff a lot of things into their pockets.

“Grandpa Li, the people here are really simple.”

“Hahaha, yes.” Old Master Li laughed.

“We cant even carry all the things that they gave us.

Sigh, didnt they say that there are very few young people in the countryside now”

“Young people are lacking because they feel that there is no chance for development now, but if they are given the opportunity to display their strengths, there will naturally be quite a lot.”

Old Master Li put down his things and pointed in a direction.

“That side is near the water.

In the past two years, we have been developing the fishing industry vigorously.

There are already quite a number of students from the Agricultural University who have returned.

This side is raising pigs and sheep, and they are about to leave the pen.

Also, over there, our newly developed orange, peaches, and apple varieties have succeeded again.

Not only are the fruits large, but they are also sweet.

The output has also improved greatly from previous years.

Everyones hard work has paid off.

With a goal in mind, naturally, the young people will return.”

The cameraman followed them and followed the direction Old Master Li pointed.

He hurriedly grabbed some shots.

They didnt manage to capture any animals, but they managed to capture quite a number of fruit.

The large fruit looked especially good.

Xia Peifeng was inspired by Old Master Lis emotions.

He could not help looking around.

“Grandpa Li, you really understand everything.”

Old Master Li smiled.

“Of course.

Now that the young people are willing to come back and there are young teachers in the school, its more convenient for the children to go to school.”

When Old Master Li and Xia Peifeng came back, Xia Peifeng, who was carrying corn and fruits, couldnt care less about his image.

He sat on the chair and poured himself some tea.

“Youre not even as good as Grandpa Li.” After Lin Yao said that, he went to help Old Master Li take the corn and staggered.

Everyone could not help laughing.

Even the director couldnt help saying, “Grandpa Li is still as strong as ever.”

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